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Not new but absent for a while


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Thought I'd stick my nose in again and see who's about still :) 

I'm now in a 265 Cup, having moved on from an LY Clio IV 200 Cup, a 225 Ph1, and a BO 182 Cup. 


The family truck is a GT220, and I've an older toy in the garage too for those who are into vintage Renault. 


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Hey Mikeee, welcome back - I walk past your cars pretty regularly so am just around the corner from you. 265 sounds very nice, mid box chop?

I was the very loud silver 225 Cup a little while back. It’s now sold and you’ll see me in an Evora instead 😊

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about time we saw the mush and the hat around here again dear friend !!

welcome back - we need a Designated Grown Up like you here to supervise the Play Pen

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20 minutes ago, Dave200 said:

Welcome back! How do you find the gt220?

I frequently receive tales from my girl of annoyed BMW and Audi drivers who have no idea what it is.

It's fun. Would be better with an LSD, and the perfohub, but it's fun.

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