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  1. Excuse my layer of dust... bloody lockdown!
  2. DrMat


    Cheers guys! Even more in love with it with a new set of Michelin PS4's on it now!
  3. DrMat


    Hey gang, After lurking and posting for the past few years, seriously looking for a Clio RS for the past 18 months, personal issues blocking purchases, and then even finding the ONE, missing out on it but then it came back around....I FINALLY got the one I wanted. It was love at first sight and lust at first drive! Very low km A&D, Akra system, KTR intake, KTR engine mounts, lowered, swaybars and strut brace, and it did have a harness bar and harnesses which have come out for the time being. MAP holder arriving, new boots tomorrow and then some window tint.
  4. Take delivery of a very nice RS200 next week hopefully!
  5. Hey stranger @griffyn! Long time no see mate. You're coming back and i'm about to enter the fold / cult!
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