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  1. 63x1092

    Clio Sport 182 Cup

    No, that looks normal, all sticky and shity looking.
  2. As I said on AF, yes. The grill is correct to
  3. Just note, if paying for belts and rear wheel bearing and was quoted $1200 perhaps ad $1200 or more if it’s the clutch bearing when you ad in clutch and the rest of it You could be out $3K to $4K to get right and with cost of $3500 you’re hitting $7.5K.
  4. Depending on the cars price these items could make the purchase a little expensive if you’re paying a mechanic to fix them. Different story if it was cheap and you’re doing your own work. Going by that list of items it looks like the service history isn’t the best and typically one would say walk away, but the outside looks clean in the photo you posted above. So cheap means crap body or mechanicals and a clean and good service history go for top dollar and not knowing your budget what advise do we give. Buy the best car your budget allows? This could be the one, but only you know if it’s so.
  5. Don’t forget to come to the 2’s on 2’s Clio ll meet on the 2nd of Feb. The first "2's on 2's" annual Clio ll meet in Melbourne open to all 172 ph1, 172 ph2, 182, 182 Cup, 182 Trophy and V6 is on Saturday 2/2/19 at 5:00pm , Yarra Bend, Loop Picnic Area. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Loop+Picnic+Area+and+Playground/@-37.7987676,145.0093195,17.83z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x6ad643a6799a6425:0xe773dcfdc350067b!8m2!3d-37.7987578!4d145.0104701 It is the opposite side of the Yarra from Studley Park and entrance is obtained from the north side of the Eastern Fwy. At this point we will be meeting here, bringing some snags, steaks and drinks and talking Clio ll's for a couple of hours. It is a family friendly venue for kids or dogs with the playground next to the bbq area as well as the walking paths and foot bridge over the Yarra to Studley Park. We will be going for a cruise after we finish up here for those who wish to come for an easy drive somewhere beach side.
  6. 1. Could be bearings or old crap tyres. 2. Could be the rear muffler mounts. 3. Just drive it and see what his mechanic says to see when their due. A/C is also a common fault, and the auto wipers give me the shits, you’ll learn to live with them
  7. Go get a clapped out 1.4 or 172 for a $1000 to $2000 and trash it for three months. Learning how to change gears and not ride clutch. Should work out cheaper than doing a gearbox or a clutch change in the first three months of your 265
  8. I dislike them because they aren’t a Clio ll, and if you’re surprised how fun a Clio lV is wait until you jump into a 172 or 182
  9. I thought the same as you and got a four door 225 Cup. In the end though, I still drive my 182 Cups and the Mrs claimed the 225 as I prefer the Clio over the Meg.
  10. I don’t know which is better or worse when you’re middle aged and you’ve got the oldies on AF and the young ones on ozrs?
  11. I've been told to move one on but I haven't put it on the open market yet. Don't know if it would suit your needs as a hail damaged car that's mechanically A1.
  12. 2005 182 Cups rare ? You gotta know where to look, I got four up here in east side of Melb. When are you next up from Geelong way?
  13. AF can be useful at times and a pain, though in ain’t easy with modern day Renault’s.
  14. A F1 is only frb and are numbered to 30. My understanding is that the LE came out in only frb & bo and weren’t numbered. Both the F1 and LE typically came with strips. Though you can still get a 182 in frb that is a normal Cup and a non cup, bo I’m not sure about.
  15. So he’s asking 11K, good luck to him. No one on here would pay that much for that car. But, let’s say his Mrs says ‘sell your car’ so he puts a silly figure knowing it won’t sell and he’ll keep it, or he puts a high price waiting for a silly bugger to pay it, and waits a while and drops a K and a K and a K and eventually comes down enough that someone pops on it. It happened to me, my sons 182 Cup frb was quoted as a F1 with a asking of $7500 or $7900, no one looked at it until it came down to $6K and then at $5K it fell into my price bracket. I drove my F1 there to look at it and the first thing I said was “mate this is a F1, look at the number out of 30, yours ain’t a F1.” So I ended up paying the price I wanted nothing near what he’d asked.
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