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  1. I don't think you need to track your car to get a sense of how it feels in this regard. But it all comes down to personal preference, some enjoy the nimble smaller Clio's when others the larger Meganes with turbo's. On the point of the thread as to which is the best, there's one major problem. The Clio ll & lll and Megane lll only come as a two door which most don't like as its not practicable with kids and hence not an option when wanting to also be able to track it. This leaves the Megane ll & IV as four doors as an option. The IV's would perhaps be to expensive as a toy f
  2. I just hate the auto and more so when I want to drop it into 2nd to rev the shit out of it and it won’t let you, just wish they had release a manual. On saying that, it would still be about the same size and weight of a Meg ll and not as enjoyable as a 182
  3. 1 White hail damaged from qld I sold to my nephew as his first car 2 LY front damaged that I fixed and son now owns 3 LY rear damaged to fix 2 4 Black, bought first week of Jan and flipped back at auctions for easy profit 5 White stat write-off from water, undamaged otherwise waiting for an easy fix car to use it’s parts or just part out, or perfect as a trial manual conversion car undecided still so it’s sitting at my ol’mans along with a Meg lll wagon parts car that I’ll either part out or do a clone RS 265 wagon.
  4. They get knocked for a reason as that auto is shite. Ive bought five and would only ever keep one if I could cheaply do a manual conversion.
  5. Do you think you’re covered for an engine replacement because it’ll be a massive hit to your pocket with second hand engines quoted at $3500 then labour on top ?
  6. Oh yeah, and I hope these higher prices stay a little longer as I’ve got my 175 at Greys that should be listed Monday and my 200 got towed away today and should be listed Monday week at Pickles. So keep the money rolling.
  7. Speaking from the other side, my son sold his 182 Cup last night that he had advertised for $7500 and he was getting low ball offers of $5, 5.5 & 6K. A fair few buyers out there think they can low ball at present, dreamers.
  8. How’d I make this list ? We only own 11 Renaults in this house hold at present. Ok 9 of the 11 are in my name.
  9. Hi mate,

    I will need complete combination switch with indicator and light stalks for 2015 Clio. I'm not sure but I guess that it should be the same as 2014.

    How much would you ask for it, sent to Sydney.

    kind regards


    1. 63x1092


      My towie has some prob’s getting down, so it’ll be at least a couple weeks until I start stripping if I do

  10. Not when you can fill the truck coming east against an empty truck going west where you pay extra for the empty spots.
  11. On a positive, just get a Clio ll 182 Cup and waste your money on upgrades.
  12. Or perhaps that less cars go west so may not be fully loaded where as coming east they are always maxed out
  13. 63x1092

    Bonjour all

    Clio lV 200 Cup Trophy became the Cup Premium or vice versa, not to get confused with the lV 220 Trophy or lll 200 Cup Trophy but the best is still the 182 Trophy.
  14. 63x1092

    Bonjour all

    I've also toyed the idea of a RS 200 but have sold two on as I'm old and really enjoy having a clutch and gear stick. Mind you, my oldest got rid of his frb 182 Cup for LY 200 Cup Prem I sold him but missed his 182 so bought another one a couple months back. He was gonna sell the 200 but after driving the 182 home realised he actually preferred the 200 with all the modern car luxuries and will sell the 182 instead, kids. I'd get a 200 if I could do a manual conversion but as an auto, no way.
  15. Show us the rest of the collection, even the new addition to the Renault family with its little mate.
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