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  1. Show us the rest of the collection, even the new addition to the Renault family with its little mate.
  2. Your points are well noted for a Sydneysider, which Wesley also is.
  3. Car transport Express, a mate used them and he put me onto them so I’ve used them a few times and they’ve been well priced for a going complete car not so good when they quoted a damaged car Perth to Melb. My local towies have always got mates who are cheaper but I’ve never followed up on those contacts yet.
  4. From where to where ? Ive got quotes over the years and have found ceva to be a little higher priced
  5. Out of interest did Renault supply RS cars to Argentina ?
  6. Nice to have a kiwi cousin here (half my family out your way). C’mon guys this ain’t nzrs it’s ozrs
  7. Why can’t we Like just one of your pic’s.
  8. Do you mean auto or auto? As even in auto paddle shift and you try and rev it out in second and hit 100 like a 182 it still changes gears on you
  9. On a comparison and I won’t comment because I’m biased even though I’m still driving 3 ll’s and two lV’s at present. I made my 20 year old son drive the lV last week and he had it in Sport mode and was left disappointed. He floored it off the lights turning right and down the on ramp onto the freeway. Yes it was quick and we both looked at his speed just before he had to merge and he’d hit 118 already but you didn’t even feel like you were doing that speed. His comment was, “wow 118 already and no driver engagement at all compared to the 182, I don’t think I’ll keep this car long.”
  10. Depends on what you want or are willing to pay and what your budget allows. A drivable one could fall between $500 and $10,000
  11. Yesterday I drove three different RS’s that I own. Clio ll 182 Cup, Clio lV Cup Prem & Megane ll 225 Cup. They all have their pros & cons, but for some reason the Clio ll is still my favourite and if you’re coming from your small car background I’d suggest a Clio ll.
  12. The 175 Meg was legal in VIC but in the last year the 225 Cup has become legal as well for some reason. Mind you a Clio lV 220 isn’t, so go figure. Not sure what your chances are in your state but perhaps have a look at the VicRoads web site or call them to find out why they allow it now.
  13. 63x1092


    What he said. Though I take it you would have an auto only licence which would take off most RS from your list. I would do my homework on insurance for a (assumed) P plater. Compare the difference on the RS models and even a stock Clio. You may find some scary stuff. On VIC P plate approval, a 225 Cup is now legal but the 220 Clio isn’t, go figure. On the two cars listed no to both, if your are to spend that sort of cash you may as well get one with all extras (leather seats & reverse camera)
  14. I’ve bought both my sons a RS Clio 182 Cup. Both under $5K, so not a big hit from my pocket, and I can service their cars for them. What would I want them to buy themselves is a different proposition. As a parent you want a safe reliable car. Also not an expensive car as they are more than likely to write-off their first car. In your case, if they were to blow $10-12K on a stock Clio they may as well get a RS. Though as a first car K’s, condition isn’t as much of a concern so they may as well buy the cheapest RS (or other) when the odds are they’ll prang it anyway.
  15. Ok, in Brissy with 53,000
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