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  1. Let me check and see what we still have floating about.
  2. And replied to I’ll get a batch out and into the post this weekend from recent purchases.
  3. Get the IT guy to fix it, @Matt205 !!!
  4. Welcome. Great spec, the Gordini!
  5. Further update, we have over the weekend removed the 2018 tags from user profiles.. and we plan to do the same for the 2019 tags at the end of March. So now is your opportunity to jump in and support for 2021. In light of recent happenings on social media platforms, one thing that we can be confident in is that whatever is on ozRS is not under the control or whim of a third party. Of course this independence comes with an operating cost - software, development/admin, domain name registration, database storage, etc. The admin team has managed to retain free access to ozRS for all since its inc
  6. That's awesome, @BNothling !!! Ignore the PM that I just sent
  7. New supporter tag is now available for purchase via the Site Store. Thanks to those who have purchased already!!
  8. Found my perfect RS after just one quick drive, back in 2004. And I still have it 😈
  9. OK team, latest batch of stickers is in the post and on their way to purchasers. Thanks again and please PM me if you don’t see yours within 7 days 👌
  10. Have had a couple of people advise that they haven't received theirs now. Will resend in the next batch which goes this week.
  11. I've owned both 197 and 200. They're both fantastic drives on both road and track. Highly recommended.
  12. We've actually been working on this for a January '21 kickoff. The plugin that was used for the site was no longer compatible with the latest upgrade, so we've sourced a new one. It looks like this is now installed (as the tags are now back). Stay tuned for the new tag (which is ready to go) to hit the store.
  13. Thanks all. More stickers will go in the post later this week.
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