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ozRS Country Bakery Run - Sun Nov 15th - VIC - See Social Events section for details/RSVP


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  1. Welcome to ozRS! Good to have another Meg 2 on board. VIC Bakery Run for RS owners next month if you want to get out and meet a few of the locals. Details in the Social Events section.
  2. Clutch slave cylinder. Common issue on the previous generation Trafics.
  3. Supporter Tag updates are now WIP with @rampage working on creative. Should be ready for a changeover shortly.
  4. You should find a pinned tyre thread in the Megane 3 Technical section. I have just put Michelin PS3’s on my Clio and they’re a great allrounder for a car that doesn’t see track use.
  5. Country Bakery run planned for mid November, subject to being able to get out of Melbourne. There’s a planning thread in the Social Events section 👌
  6. Welcome to ozRS! Time for a tyre upgrade to something that will bring out the best in that chassis 👍
  7. Another batch of stickers will be posted on or before this weekend. Thanks to those who have purchased!
  8. Welcome to the forum, mate. What car did you have previous to the RS?
  9. Moosey


    Unfortunately not.. thanks for your patience.
  10. Nice mate! Welcome to ozRS! We are planning a VIC regional bakery run for next month, subject to lockdown restrictions. Details in the Social Events section. Would be great to see you and the car if you can make it
  11. Moosey


    Good to hear that all is well, guys.
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