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  1. I've owned both 197 and 200. They're both fantastic drives on both road and track. Highly recommended.
  2. We've actually been working on this for a January '21 kickoff. The plugin that was used for the site was no longer compatible with the latest upgrade, so we've sourced a new one. It looks like this is now installed (as the tags are now back). Stay tuned for the new tag (which is ready to go) to hit the store.
  3. Thanks all. More stickers will go in the post later this week.
  4. Welcome, Aidan. That’s a mighty fine first car indeed. And in the right colour too 💛
  5. Moosey


    Yep welcome. Nice pickup with the A&D 👏
  6. Nice looking RS, Chris! Welcome to ozRS 😎
  7. Moosey


    IPS doesn’t currently have this feature, although it has been long requested on the Invision users forum. From what I can work out, the interface with IOS phone is the roadblock. There is a solution for Android but iPS won’t put something in place until such time that both platforms are covered.. so that leaves something like email push notifications for now, if you follow a topic on ozRS you can receive this. I believe you can get these through something like the GMail App. In the meantime we’ll keep on Tapatalk for an update.
  8. Moosey


    Yes the mobile version of the forum is pretty good these days. From what I understand the value of Tapa is when you use several forums and can flick between them via the interface.
  9. Moosey


    It’s pretty disappointing really, as we know how many of you rely on Tapa for forum use. We’ll keep pushing for an outcome.
  10. Last batch of stickers for the year are now on their way to new owners. Thanks to everyone who has supported the site through sticker purchasers in 2020!!!
  11. Moosey


    @PaulD followed this up again last week, and got radio silence..
  12. Moosey

    Bonjour all

    Welcome @Renuckle great to have you finally on ozRS after so many years behind an RS wheel 👍
  13. Moosey

    Clio 3 Rs 20

    Massive thread dig 😝
  14. Moosey

    Finally an RS newb!

    Nice pickup. Welcome to ozRS!
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