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  1. Welcome back! It’s just like you never left!
  2. Moosey


    Try the N in lower case. And welcome back!
  3. Thanks for the feedback, and the support!!
  4. No stress, mate. Latest batch have gone in the post today. Essential services 👍
  5. Welcome @piro25 great looking RS!
  6. Plenty of Clio 2 fans here to push you in that direction, especially as you’re coming from a Mini background 👍
  7. Moosey


    Hi and welcome. were you looking at a generic one, or something branded? Probably best to ask this question in the Megane 3 tech section.
  8. Check out the Social Events section. The SEQ guys are pretty active socially.
  9. More stickers now in the mail. Enjoy and thanks people 🤟
  10. Moosey

    New RS300 Trophy

    Congrats and welcome!
  11. Welcome to ozRS! The Sydney guys do a fairly regular pizza night in Naremburn. There’s a thread in the Social Events section.
  12. Welcome to ozRS, @woosh great story about Hertz. Maybe someone should run a poll in the Meg 3 section. Would be interesting to see the results. Stickers can be purchased through the Store tab at the bottom of the main forum banner 👍
  13. Another batch is now in the post, guys. Enjoy and thanks again 🇫🇷
  14. Good to hear @Christhehunter !!! Thanks for the pics, guys. We’ve had a bit of a run on sticker purchases this week, probably as a result of your pics 👍 As a result, I’ll send another batch out this weekend, so place your order via the Store if you want one on your car next week.
  15. Looks epic, @chrisbest0000 !!! Thanks again for the purchase!
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