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    First of all, thank you for all for this knowledge database that i can spend day after day reading and learning about my new purchase As some of you know, i recently purchased a Renault Clio 172 (2001) from a forum member, so recent, i am still awaiting its arrival, this car has the sole purpose of putting a smile on my face. let me rewind In 2016 i was in a dark place, i had a 1 year old and a bad homelife, things where just difficult, work, baby, work, baby...that was it..... so my wife and I took some time apart, and i bought a 1998 GC8 WRX with intentions of tracking it, I was always good on the racing simulator (iRacing / Forza etc), i have mutliple state champion trophys for 10th scale RC offroad racing and i have been into slot cars since i could walk (so much so i have a 4 lane MDF routed track in my garage at home) I saw a video on YouTube from MotiveDVD (Andrew Hawkins) about how to track your car and i was instantly hooked Being able to see someone do what i wanted to do was exactly what i needed. On my very first track day down at wakefield (1:18 something) i ran into the creator of this video and decided to go over and have a chat....things went well I spent the next few years working part time at his events (GTR Festival, Cootamundra drag battle, powercruise) and along the way meeting some of the people i had looked up to on YouTube (Being in I.T this was my "out" when i got sick of fixing stupid issues) When i Purchased Rally Sprinting Here is a photo with the very car behind why i was doing what i was doing (Andrew was also my Co-Pilot for the Rally) On the day it did the gearbox down at Marulan I came home and instead of fixing her, i had an offer from someone who had seen it at the track, so i let her go, the platform was becoming collectors and i didn't have STi money A few weeks later i found this A mr2 Spyder on a wrecking yard, and i thought challenge accepted, i had 3 months till the Rally Sprint started up and i was keen to learn Found a Hard Top up in QLD (epic roadtrip with my Dad), a MRS wing as well as coilovers and she was fun....but too slow... and the sequential was soo lazy, all revs no movement... I made a lot of contacts and now friends in the Spyder community but everything pointed to put a 2zzge from a celica and a 6 speed in it...... So...i found a Celica With an Event just around the Corner, i thought, ill run the celica, then transport the engine and gearbox over the Christmas Break......But what happened, the Celica Killed it! it was a perfect car for the event!, so the Spyder got sold to a young P- Plater who still loves the car Can you see a trend here? all these adventures!! John Bowe Kyle from 1320 (we worked together for a week) many many drinks Mechanical Stig (Benny) from Might Car Mods (now BCW) Andrew Hawkins - Motive DVD, the video that started it all... But what happened when i sold the Celica..... The adventure stopped..... As of yesterday....the Adventure resumes... -Reedy
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    Hi, My name is Ariel I'm from NZ ( Auckland) Just recently bought a Clio RS Ph1 as a do up Project Photos as how stands today. Hope we guys enjoy my journey with this little car. Cheers
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    After owning the 265 for just over a week, i am not disappointed, Apologies if anyone in Melbourne sees me going ballistic p.s...I still have the 182
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    G'day Team, Bought a 275 cup premium, have never owned a Renault before or anything French so definitely some 'niggles' to get used to. My plan with the car is to use it just for weekend blasts, I have a boring daily for the commute to the office. Am planning on doing some light track days with it also (I'm in Melbourne so COVID permitting). Anything I should do to the car right now? I have just over the weekend updated the FANTASTIC...(ha) R-Link software via USB, but any other advice on small upgrades would be great! When I go for track days, plan will be just pads, fluid maybe braided lines if I can be bothered but not really going for lap records just for the fun. Any advice is welcome! Cheers, Toby
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    In my experience, driving like a dick in a poorly maintained car makes you a far more likely target. And then once the door opens, attitude has a significant impact.
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    Hello all! I'm a fresh newbie to the world of renault. My Liquid yellow Clio rs200 is my first car and I'm so proud to be able to say that. I saved for ages to buy this car as I loved the unique feel to renault and I didn't want to end up like every other P plater driving a golf GTI or Silvia. So far love the car and everything about it, defiantly loving the renault community to! I know you probably get this question allllot as with all forums but what would all you clio owners recommend as a go to first mod for a completely stock 2015 clio rs200? I've got a budget of around 1.5k to start myself off. Thank you for any replies sent through, I'm looking forward to working on the clio!
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    Yes, they supply the Clio williams, Clio2 Ph1 and Ph2 172 and some V6. after that it became to expensive for Renault to import cars to Argentina. so all Renault are Brazil/ Argentina made or Re badge Dacias. this was my old Clio in Argentina, was just a 1.6 engine but a fun car.
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    IMO: 172 - cheap, great fun, great for modifying into a car you want. 182 Cup - not cheap, best left as is out of the box save for intake/exhaust (for this noise in particular). 197 - bit of a pig, too sluggish. Owned one briefly, then later had one in my yard for 6 months when a mate went overseas, wasn't too sad to see it go. 200 Cup (Clio 3) - the best of the breed. Nothing will beat a 200 Cup. I can still vividly remember the 15 minutes I drove it up Old Pac 5 years ago. I still want one.
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    wasn't it like that when you bought it?
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    Hi guys.. Allan here. Nice to meet you all. how u guys doing? My first RS275 and first Renault ever. Hadnt drove any manual cars in 4 years and now getting the hang of it. Awesome car but couldnt drive much due to the lockdown.
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    Got a 2015 RS 265 (only 17 500km on the clock) about 2 weeks ago.... Love it. 😃
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    The 18-19 thing is a pet peev of mine, frankly if you're that soft buy a Camry....😉 There is a small trade off in ride quality but a much bigger benefit in steering feel and accuracy on proper tyres. Don't get me started about morons who fit 17's or crap tyres, saving money on tyres is NOT a thing on a performance car. I actually went from 18's to 19's and would never go back.
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    By the way, if anyone's interested in some light reading while in Lockdown, I did come across Bauer media have a lot of their mags available to read online, including 25years of Wheels magazine scanned and indexed, and has beauties like this... Here's the link which should get you started, or if this is too small to read on here. https://bauer-archive.x-cago.net/WHL/article/WHL-20110201-01104001/RENAULT-Megane-RS-250.html?
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    I’m lucky enough to own and drive both cars pictured above. Without doubt the Clio II is one of the best hot hatches of the modern and classic era. They are an endearing, connected and analogue drivers cars. That connects you to the road and maximizes that experience ten fold over a Clio iv 200. Mark my words in a number of year the Clio II will be highly sought after and finding good ones will be like looking for a needle in a hay stack. They are the lowest price point now, grab one now and look after it for many years to come before it too late. Search every motoring article you like and there is unanimous agreement to what makes these cars so great.
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    Hello Gang, Just a quick heads up on my new profile name of HomerRS. It was MM-RS250 but with the new addition to the family and numbers not adding up it was time for a change of name. Homer has long been my nickname and as Michelle isn't really into the social aspect of RS ownership I have given myself the privilege of public relations officer. And on the Gram I have 2 accounts for personal use Homer972 and for the toys HomerHSV. So it was an easy choice of HomerRS for the OzRenaultSport forum 😎
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    I just picked up my new (to me) Renault Megane 250 extreme blue from Oscar. He's done a great job with the mods and now I get to have the fun of getting to know the car.
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    Hey all, Just thought I'd say hello. I'm not totally new to the forum, but haven't been active in almost 8 years. A few years back I parted ways with my black 172. When I recently went looking for a cheap run about, I found myself trawling through all the possible options for a sub 5k manual that I'd want to drive, and alas I wound up back ogling 172s and 182s as I had a decade earlier. So it looks like I'm back in the market for a clio when a decent example pops up in QLD (unless a bargain ignis sport appears first ...). Cheers, Martin
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    Trying to give the Clio 4 guys a chance before the 2s brigade pile in...(me included)
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    The cops will see the LY colour before they hear it in RACE mode!!
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    Maximum you can go to without rubbing is 225/40 18, not the 235/40 you mentioned. The handling doesn't alter to unusable, if anything it provides a better compromise as a daily driver with some additional suppleness and the "stretch" is removed from the rim. Also, the cost is greatly reduced. I have pirelli p zeros at the moment in the 225/40 18 and they performed quite well on the skid pan recently and didn't scrub the edges off as expected. And +1 here for driver training as the driver is always the biggest hurdle with a cars performance. There's plenty of fun stuff to be had out there off the street that will improve your skills, get the maximum out of your car and allow you to keep your licence when you're on it [emoji6] Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    FWIW In early March (pre-shutdown) I went to melbourne with the intention of getting a late model Clio RS. I live in SA. I had driven a Clio RS in SA but at the time not much about and didn't see any Meg3's here. prior to that I had been checking some other cars with the 86 being just one. When in Melb I drove a 2016 Meg3 and it was fantastic. I had not done as much research on the Meg3 as the Clio and learnt some quick lessons. 57000km and almost 4 years old - I could go on, but: Some of the above and what you are looking for is noted in my other posts. Yes, the belt is expensive, but in reality owning any car with a belt is expensive. I had a Magna that was $900+ each time it needed changing. What I like is the exclusive nature of the Meg3. On your next drive to work count the number of 86's you will see, WRX's too. If you see a Meg3 RS is will be rare. It is my only car and I don't drive it every day, but when I do I am smiling. Only you can make the decision on the best car as you, but for me the bang for buck with the Meg3 RS fits the bill for me. It feels raw and is not a vanilla car. Even driving around town I keep more focused on the drive than with any previous car. As a bonus for me the fine lady loves being driven around in it too.
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    And here I thought woosh meant me! Haha (mine was sold though)
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    No much done to the 135i just a good clean and wheels, now the resources are going to the Clio. http:// http:// http:// http:// Cheers
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    Thanks for the welcome, I wish I can say is up to my standards, but just need work to be done to make it look as close to new. The good thing is complete standard and nothing missing. The car is NZ new, but I hadn't fine any plaque or nothing so I don't think that the ph1 in NZ had been a special edition with number. Maybe I'm wrong, But happy that I found one with less than 200000km Sorry I only have one picture of the engine. Probably later on the week I will start a Project threat of the car + a couple pics of my past cars in NZ and Argentina. Cheers!
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    Choice as! (sorry, couldn't help myself)
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    Thanks all for your kind replies, have now taken delivery and starting to make changes to the car to suit the more track day life this car is set for AGI 4point cage will be going in shortly, i actually spent the day removing everything behind the front seats to the boot lid I saw a youtube video "172 B road blaster" and like how the inside of the car looks when given a spray to match the exterior The car was provided with a massive service and upgrade history ($32,000) since 2007 (of what i could find) 3 owners before me CatCams (438) with Uprated valve springs give the car a unique sound when idling (with intake) The front end has a Quaife Torsen diff (interesting the difference between torsen and LSD) you can feel it through the steering wheel when you hit a corner hard and lose grip It also appears to have an aftermarket shifter (not a PMS) but definitely not one that is 200,000kms old I am currently battling a airbag/service light, it appears to be passenger seat, does the resistor trick work on these ECUs (3.9 ohms) from memory And am looking for a boss kit and OMP suede wheel in the near future as like many I am not a fan of the original wheel If anyone in Sydney does Skid pan days or track days in the near future, please send me a message, im keen to find a group to hit the tracks with Thanks Reedy
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    Hi Guys I'm new here and this is my 1st post ever on any car website like this and I need some help. I have a Renault Clio RS 220 trophy and wanted to get some mods done to it, I was looking at the Koya exhaust pack from race specs it will come with a 3 inch down pipe , the exhaust kit , tuning and dino which will cost about $2450 then apparently I have to buy a new intercooler for the car to support these Mods which will set me back another $1500 fitted and then to top it off I could get a ITG intake $650 fitted close to $4500 total. Any ideas or suggestions that you guys could help me with please , I really like my car and I really wanna do some work and just need any help or tips would be so much appreciated. Thank you.
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    Get the pro-alloy intercooler setup (includes both hot and cold side piping up to the throttle body), will work extremely well with the dump pipe change out and custom map. The itg intake is handy in the last thousand RPM, the stock airbox will become a restriction. The motor should from 162kw up to over 190kw.
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    Hello and welcome! We always appreciate pics by the way. But yes, what you describe sounds pretty good. Hybrid turbo would also be a good idea, as I had a stock 200, then bought a forum member's modified one, and the difference is night and day. But I reckon what you describe is enough; unless you think you'll be wanting more, then do it all at once, and save yourself another tune and dyno time!
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    I've got the moonroof as well. Its not something I was chasing when I purchased but I wouldn't trade it now. It's quite a bit nicer with the shade open. I've also got standard cloth seats which are great and very supportive, you don't slip nearly as much as in the leather ones. I was hunting a set of Recaros for a while but the idea of squeezing into them every day after trying them was too much for me. The 19" Steevs look rubbish but that's a personal preference, Diamond cut and black wheels look like they've come straight from Bob Jane.
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    @RSky welcome to the awesomeness that is RenaultSport. The easiest way to answer your questions and I'm sure a nice fellow owner might offer once all is settled down there is go for a drive in a 3. They can be very addictive. We just upgraded without even looking at other brands. We have had our 250 Cup Trophee for 8 years now and it is an amazing bit of kit. For the money you can get into a 2nd hand variant nothing comes close for fun factor and community love. We regularly drove the 8 hours up to Parkes in ours and it was never a task or arrive being sore from the Recaro leather seats. And yes mate they are the real deal. Top quality leather. Look online and see how much 2nd hand leather Recaro CS seats still fetch.
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    On a comparison and I won’t comment because I’m biased even though I’m still driving 3 ll’s and two lV’s at present. I made my 20 year old son drive the lV last week and he had it in Sport mode and was left disappointed. He floored it off the lights turning right and down the on ramp onto the freeway. Yes it was quick and we both looked at his speed just before he had to merge and he’d hit 118 already but you didn’t even feel like you were doing that speed. His comment was, “wow 118 already and no driver engagement at all compared to the 182, I don’t think I’ll keep this car long.”
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    I wouldn't even worry about it mate. Get the chop and just enjoy the aural pleasure. I've had it done for 8 years and driven across 3 states and never had a problem. Plus I've never seen or heard of any other RS owner being spoken to about it.
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    Cairnsy is right.......Just keep 'the foot off it' and keep an 'eye out' for the 'red and blue'. The red and Blue know him quite well
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    From memory, the aural difference was only apparent when in sport. Normal was exactly the same at idle. And in Sport, idle sound level was like any VW GTI. Even stopping for an rbt stop I think if you came in there at full noise, then yes you'd be looked at but more for the attitude than the actual sound level of the car.
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    I'm with Shannon's, I made full disclosure when I had the older Clio IV with res delete and the Megane with the same. They noted it and didn't seem to mind. As for inspections I don't think you'll have an issue; mine were too new to have those inspections required so I can't comment from first hand experience.
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    You'll have no issues at all I reckon. Keep it in normal mode driving past/into RBTs and it's pretty quiet. Some think it's not loud enough!
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    Suggest front camber bolts with 2 degrees negative camber and 1mm toe out. Also rear anti-roll bar set on soft.
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    I just got some RS4 4 for 3, waiting to go on the car after AD08R wear out. Where are you located? Happy to meet up and show you mine, a beautifully modified car (by the previous owner). Grteat box oil changes as well.
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    Glad to have the car in the hands of another enthusiast! Enjoy mate
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    No stress, mate. Latest batch have gone in the post today. Essential services 👍
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    Looks great ! love the colors and design. just bought myself a sticker! New to the RS crew
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