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    Hi All, As a new owner of my first renault sport I thought i'd join up to the forum to learn a bit more about the car and get some experienced advice along the way Only owned it for 5 days and absolutely love it Recently sold my GSXR 1000 and decided i wanted a sporty car that could make me laugh my head off like the bike did and test drove a RS250 Cup and loved it but then this came along and it ticked all the boxes! It came with an RSTuner so looking to have a play with that in the near future
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    Thanks guys! Actually not my first Clio, I owne a mkII RS back in 2002 when they where new! Happy to be back on board the frogmobile!
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    Hi from Sydney! Just bought a stock black 265 Trophy+ today (halves with a mate), it was love at 1st drive. Looking forward to setting this up for bandit runs in the rural areas and track days. See you on the road ... 🚗💨
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    Hi all First time posting here! Looking forward to learning more about the local community!
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    Given the car has been out of production for over a year now, I would grab whatever you can find
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    Stay away from Renault dealers...
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    I would say you're right... Pretty hopeless.
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    Thanks Dave!! I am coming from a modified 2003 Astra turbo (same username if there is anyone on here from Opelaus).
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    Congrats and welcome!
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    The trick with eGo is to specify pickup or delivery to or from a depot, with depot-to-depot being cheapest.
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    Cheers guys, they came up quiet expensive to perth. Surprisingly even couriers please was cheaper.
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    +1 for e-go. Cheap and quick.
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    Definitely 2nd, as you say 1st will give wheel spin and it will be a very quick shift to 2nd. If you think that the clutch can handle it, a bit of left foot braking and try to spool the turbo for better launch. I am sure with the torque that your motor has it will go hard from 50 kph.😁
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    I was hoping you wouldn't notice. So your shudder might be from the previous owner not using a clutch properly or not bedding in a clutch in adequately. It shouldn't shudder. So back to the hijack...going by some test runs, 2nd will be the go. 1st is too much wheel spin and 3rd has too much lag to overcome. Watching a few YouTube videos, most WRXs & EVOs change to 2nd prior to the green light whereas the bigger capacity and bigger HP cars go from 1st. Now I need to think about tyre pressures and suspension settings.
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    Second for sure! Yours might even be better off in third. Let us know how you go.
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    Very nice! Looks like you have my car's twin!
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    One attempts to be doing 50km/h but some seem to be doing 10km/h faster/slower. You’re meant to be level when you cross the line. I guess I need to work out what RPM I’m at for either gear at 50km/h. I’ve got about 100Nm more now at 3,000RPM so 2nd may work. I’ll probably end up trying both on the night.
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    I took delivery of Phase 1 #38 today. The plan is to give the car a massive tidy up and maybe some mods in the future, I am actually physically handicapped and legally cannot drive the car on the road as such I am a little hesitant to throw money at mods I may not get to enjoy haha
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