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    Hi Everyone, As the title says my wife and I picked up a megane rs 280 cup to replace her 11 year old golf V R32 today. We have never owned a Renault before and the quality seems pretty good compared to the golf and bmw I have. The megane is amazing to drive the harder you drive it the better it is. It’s a big call for me but I think it may be more fun than my 1M. Renault have done an amazing job with this car and so glad we got the cup pack, the suspension is very smooth at speed and the diff just pulls the car tighter into the corner. Just wow ! It’s a very good car for the money I think and if what the reviewers say about the civic type R is true it must be some car by comparison. Still fiddling with all the settings on the megane but so far so good. In its natural habitat
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    Eventually stopped raining here and got a couple of snaps of my new lovely. Looks great in the sun and is going very well.
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    Hi All! Just wanted to say hi (new member).. just picked up my Megane RS 280 last night and completely in love (obviously)
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    Previously owned the megane 275 premium and last year traded it in for a Golf R. Last week I swapped the Golf for a megane 280 RS cup. For me the Golf is an awesome car but not as engaging as the megane. And how I missed a gear stick!
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    Hi all, A soon to be new owner of an RS280 Sport. Black, 2018 Demo model EDC gearbox with the Bose upgrade. I was looking at most of the hot hatches, drove the RS 280 and fell in love. Such a nice car. This will be the first front wheel drive performance car I've had, and it's one hell of an upgrade from my dodgy ass JK Jeep (I'll never deal with Jeep again, long story). I pick it up later this week, until now, here is a dodgy phone pic at the dealer attached.
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    Hi Fellas, Finally signed up and been a Clio Gordini owner for 1.5 years. Live in Perth WA. Clio is one of the best fun cars I've owned and funny enough has the lowest BHP & torque compared to previous cars. Had 2 Golf GTI's previously and still own a Golf R Wolfsburg Wagon (Wife Drives that). The Clio get's under your skin way more... Compete in Autokhana series in Perth called Red Mist. The Clio can rub shoulders with the best on the 160mtr skid pan. Taken the Clio on barbs are few times before and going to the Renault Perth Track Day at Barbs Dec 19. Good friend of mine just picked up a Angel & Demon in matt Red and has imported it from NSW. I think the Clio got under his skin too as he just had to have one! Peace Out! Philly.
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    Hi all, just recently joined and posted a pic of our Megane GT. Well I'd been looking to add another Renault and was considering either a weekend car (RS265) or a run to work car that's a bit fun. I know, I went the boring way and ended up with a 2017 RS200 Sport. I'm sure a RS265 can be used daily, but I knew if I went that way, I'd tire of driving a manual daily. Too old (and lazy) and can't be bothered changing gears anymore. Anyway, I'm happy with the choice, just needs a few small mods to sharpen it up, wheels to start with.
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    Just don’t mention OZRS sent you.
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    Hi everyone, car nut potentially returning to the fold. I've had a 172 and R27 before as well as MX5's, E36 M3 and currently a Lotus Elise Sport 220. I'll see a few of you at this week's track day and have done quite a few myself over the years, I've even driven on Spa Francorchamps and Nordshleife (twice, first time in a Clio, second time in a Megane) and a 90's series Williams F1 on Hungaroring So yes I have feet in both camps a bit like @rob 240 and currently hunting around for a S3 Clio for my partner's son to learn to drive / do track days with as I know the community is simlar to the Lotus guys full of car nuts and those that love to drive. P.S I'm also a photographer https://www.lalentephotography.com/photography-galleries/cars/
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    Hi guys, my name is Rene and I come from Zagreb, Croatia. I own a Clio 197 (turbocharged, not a Meglio) & a Megane 265 Cup (with 20T hybrid setup). A couple of existing members recommended me this forum due to the fact we make uprated ball joints for the RS Clio mk3 and Megane Mk3/4. Also, we make lightweight crankshaft pulleys for the RS Megane mk2/3, Clio Mk2/3. Cheers!
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    Just a note on this. I’m very skeptical there is much, if any, difference between fuels in Australia. As you will have seen or read in the news, Australia has a very high dependence on imported refined fuels and a corresponding low fuel reserve (c.23 days). These are (correctly) regarded by the fuel companies operating in Australia as a commodity, and thus purchased (against a spec) based on price. Yes, once here, they may include some additives, but there is no guarantee the Shell, BP, Mobil, Caltex.... 98 you buy today is from the same refinery source as last month. A bigger issue is the lower quality specifications for our fuels, which can especially affect European motors tuned for higher quality fuels. It’s all a bit of a scandal, really — another fundamental failure in Australia’s energy policy....but I will stop the rant right there.
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    Yes it is, and I pick it up in about an hour.
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    You can't go wrong with any RS cars. It'll come down to what you prefer and budget. If absolute best lap times matter, go the Meg 3. For some NA goodness, a Clio 172/182 or 197/200. For paddles a Clio 4.
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    Also replaced the aging one on the 265
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    Greetings, Literally just bought this car https://www.autotrader.com.au/car/10577478/renault/megane/nsw/warwick-farm/hatchback 😁 Picking it up in 10 days or so - I have to drive from Melbourne to Sydney to do the trade-in, but it'll be worth it ! I'm an ex-Pommie and have always been a fan of the fast Frenchies. Looked at the 308 GTi, but the dash and steering wheel was all wrong for me. Jumped into a Megane 280 and felt immediately at home. Can't wait to collect the thing. Hopefully I'll post some pics in the next few weeks. Yes it's stock, yes it's grey, but IT'S MINE....MINE..... mwah ha ha ha
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    Hi all, I found this on the interweb. A bible for all this tools Renault says you will need. If you can't build it or improvise then you will need to order it from your favourite supplier of Renault genuine parts. Nick at Pure Motorsport also sent me the same pdf so you know its legit. I am doing a JC5 rebuild and need the 5th gear puller it is a must according to Nick and I agree. Hope this helps others. RENAULT SPECIAL TOOLS.pdf
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    Hi all, I've had a Megane GT for a couple of years now, so thought I'd join in the forum fun. The GT is the first Renault I've had and it's a great car. I'm in the process of adding to the garage but can't make my mind up. I have my eye on a 2013 RS265 Redbull RB8 but can't decide if I like the 2013 front end. The thing is I don't actually dislike, I just think I like the 2014-on front more. I know it's a personal thing, but others thoughts on the pre 2014 front? Here's a pic of my current ride..
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    It feels like summer in Zagreb so we took the Raptor to work today. [emoji41]
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    Had mine done at Underground Performance. Baseline run was 167kw at the wheels, and Alex managed to up that to 184kw at the wheels. A lot of members on here have used E-Tuners as well.
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    Hey Paul, good to see you here! This looks interesting: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/mawson/cars-vans-utes/renault-megane-f1-team-r26/1232817662 See you Friday! Alex
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    Meg 3 275 can be a bit stiff for daily use, but supposed to be the best track day Meg 3 with it's added benefits. Akra exhaust, suede Recaro's/steering wheel, stiffer suspension revision. Regardless any Meg 3 is special on track and the engine has been turbo'd by Renault since 2004 so a properly strong engine too for track day use. Test drive either a Clio or Meg 3 and you'll experience the RS pedigree. I went for the Meg 3 only because I wanted more POWAHHH, coming from a Civic Type R.
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    Just make sure they've the holograms and aren't only white stripes. Just to let you know. My source is currently on vacation. So I won't get an answer from him for about the next two weeks. Tell me if you're sourcing from somewhere else in the meantime, please.
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    Get the Clio tuned, hit sport mode and hang on
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    Nice to see somebody from Hrvatska over here, welcome.
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    Welcome Rene! I hope we can meet up when I go to Croatia next year.
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    Good thanks. Overnighted in wodonga, so the longest day was wodonga to Sydney and back. 1100 km. But the first half was looking forward to the rs, and the second half was driving the beast, so not all bad I spent a fair while listening to the radio about the plight of the farmers in NSW that are struggling through the drought. Not really aware of it coming from Vic. There I am wondering about my new Euro play thing, when people are struggling, really struggling with just surviving. I need to do something to help them. Not sure what, but I will do something.
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    Ownership of a Trophy-R entitles one to quite astounding changes of mind🤯 😉😂
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