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    Done deal! I'm now the proud new owner of this car. Thank you very much to Deb for offering her car to me in such terrific condition and the patience needed to manage an interstate purchase. The car is fantastic. I flew down to Sydney on Saturday and drove it back to Brisbane over the weekend. I'll post a more detailed introduction and review once I've spent a bit more time with the car but so far, it's just delightful. I know I'm preaching to the choir...LOL. A couple of things to do this week. I've got it booked in for a QLD roadworthy tomorrow which is necessary to change to rego over. Then the RACQ are coming around on Wednesday to repair a very minor stone chip I picked up on the windscreen near Tamworth on the drive home. It's tiny but best repaired and simple to do. This photo was taken today. I haven't even had time to wash it yet but you wouldn't know from looking at it the car had done a 1000k road trip, including several hours at night. A couple of bugs on the gloss black bumper but otherwise, it hardly shows any dirt at all.
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    Hey guys just a friendly hello. Recently picked up a 2015 Clio R.S cup premium and absolutely loving it. Looking forward to connecting with this awesome community!
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    Hi All , It's hump day and we are nearly there. For bulk of my life i was a Honda Fanatic having owned almost every Civic and an Integra , including an s2000. I was very hesitant at first to purchase a euro car primarily because of "repair costs and reliability" and because i loved the sound of the VTEC crossover and having the whole "2 cars in 1" due to the VVTL , fuel efficiency down low and when you put your foot down it came alive. What got me into the Clio was when i took off from a set of lights and i looked to my left and there was a white clio RS Sport right next to me which at the time i didn't know what it was and i was taken by surprise , at that time i was driving a civic FN2 so not fast by any means but decent for a road car. After a change in personal circumstances and after alot of research i bit the bullet and sold my civic to buy the RS , i was abit more reluctant to buy the RS after i found out the F4R engine was developed jointly by Renault and Nissan (at least what i have read) Whilst internally still struggling with the concept of me buying a clio (because Clio's are girl cars right?) i got over it and here i am. Initial Impressions: a lot more torque , now i understand why almost every car driver hates honda's , not having to wait for vtec and not having to shift so much to propel the car is a godsend , the exhaust noise is extremely addictive especially when shifting at mid-rpm's it sounds like a fighter jet breaking the sound barrier (ok a little bit of exaggeration but still amazing). but what i actually enjoy the most is going through corners and it handles almost as good as my Honda s2000 did , little to no understeer it is a literal go kart and begs to be thrown into the corners and really good grip to which i have yet to exceed the limits. I have owned the car for approximately 3 months now (driven around 2500km's) and it is surprisingly comfortable given it rides on 225/40/r18 stock which i attribute mainly to the recaro's and stiffer suspension overall , still absolutely terrible on Sydney roads but what car isn't. Negatives: random squeaks from the dash and i believe passenger seat rail , lack of armrest are annoyances but i have learned to live with them , but with this car what has truly infuriated me ALMOST to the point of me actually not buying another Renault again is simple DIY jobs like changing headlight bulbs or..as per recently whereby i was trying an LED H1 with 80w it fried a fuse (thankfully and...yeah my bad) and found out the fuse box is under the battery...AND secured by Torx Hex Key Bolts... like i have to say...what in the actual f**k were the engineers thinking when they designed this car , honestly almost drove me to madness but i got it fixed myself after a few deep breaths and patience. Besides that , it has been reliable so far , it has its quirks as does any car but most importantly it is actually really fun to drive and i have not been disappointed yet and i can't wait to see how it goes on the track in a few months time. Modifications that came with the car was some aftermarket engine mounts , a K/N Panel filter which i didn't have to buy as i am retaining the stock airbox as i believe it is one of the better setups and less attention from police is always good Modifications that i installed so far is just full scorpion exhaust system (there was no way i was going to spend $2600 on an akrapovic , at least not at this stage) , i have an oil catch can coming this weekend and a tune from Superchips AU to smooth everything out , i also have a rear wiper delete kit i need to figure out how to do (renault engineers like to make things difficult). My current dilemma is trying to find 17 inch wheels i can use my tax return dollars on to make for a comfortable ride for daily driving which seems like mission impossible because the default offset is 68 and the large brembo brake's don't help in this department. As a sidenote i currently run Castrol Edge 5w-40 (besides being Renault RN0710/RN0700 approved , one number denominates turbo and the other non turbo can't remember which) because after doing alot of real life testing i have found that it comes from a PAO ESTHER base and then its hydrocracked into a fully synthetic oil compared to say Penrite HPR-40 which is considered a group 3 oil , basically the Castrol from my experience burns alot less because its a higher quality oil and so far on the Renault i have only had to top up 400ml in my ownership. What an intro right? , guess i ultimately came here to say Hi to everyone but ended up giving a biography. Look forward to coming to a Renault meet and meeting you all and seeing your cars!
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    Others can chip in if I've forgotten anything but the only "issues" regarding reliability are: Interior door handle breaking - can be avoided or worked around and can be repaired Door lock solenoids - replaced about every 5 or so years for some but generally you get warning that it's going Oil seep from head bolts - easy fix Some broken gearbox bolts prior to 2013 (I think) but can be upgraded for under $100 Audio not the flashest but can be improved Genuine battery has an approximate life of 5 years - easy fix As you can see, they're not really "reliability" issues. More inconvenience issues. Very different to failed gearbox mechatronics units, cooked pistons etc. (VW group) There are plenty of high mileage Renaults out there, turbo and NA, and more than a few have seen hard use on the track. Some mechanics will generalise and it comes down to simple fear, ignorance and resistance to change. They only work with what they know and anything outside of that knowledge must be bad. Parts prices for general service items (oil filters, air filters, brake pads) are equivalent to Japanese parts prices. Major service items (timing belt, water pump every 4 years or 100k) will also be similar in cost when compared with Japanese. And before you're swayed that a timing chain is better than a an old fashioned timing belt, do a google search for timing chain stretch and see how many Japanese vehicles are afflicted with the problem..... Like any brand car, If you look for car with a documented service history I think you'll find yourself with a reliable long termer. Add to that a fairly level headed knowledge base on here should issues arise 😊
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    Hi Guys! Bought this about 6 months ago but hadn't got around to introducing myself and it. Came from a GTI and have been so impressed how much more fun the megane is. Keen to start modding soon. Look forward to getting to know everyone! Jamie
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    Hey all here is the newst addition to my financial mistakes fleet, a 172 phII in the almighty clearcoat peeling/faded metalic blue (rare factory option i heard) small mods include a diy air intake duct, pod filter, rs tuner (needs a retune asap), koni suspension, hektic sound system ulleh, 2 yes 2 fire extinguishers just incase habibs diy audio system catches fire or you crash and burn. Whatever is first i guess. Please say hello to Francine Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Some nice water beading on the matte paint this morning. Who would have thought 😁
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    Get a Clio ll they’re much more fun to drive, and by chance I’m selling a black one at the moment. 😉
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    G’day Just joined up after recently picking up a 250 RS. Super chuffed with the car, just need to fix the driver door (does not always unlock) and throw in a new AC compressor then it’s on the fun stuff. No idea where to start though. Also so got a service done in Hornsby by RenoTech, absolute top blokes.
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    Debatable.... They're good if you like 1990's manky interiors
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    Check out this 2012 Renault Clio Sport 200 Cup Manual MY12. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2012-Renault-Clio-Sport-200-Cup-Manual-MY12/SSE-AD-6020138 Take a punt and offer $9000 for this and mention you've seen the condition that it's currently in. It's parked two doors down from me and hasn't moved in months x is covered in leaves and dirt. The price has also been steadily dropping for the past 6 months. The paper in the window has 2 different prices to what is currently listed at. Even if you need to give it a detail and some love and it doesn't have gearbox crunch, you'll end up with a 200. Make the offer subject to the condition of the paint post car wash. If it is stained, $8000. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    Welcome! From the ph1 register: #38 - Iceberg Silver - For Sale SA 28/4/19 225K $3K, ex gezza, Bunbury (ex-silver172, ex-mercury172, ex-argy bargy NSW) For Sale WA 2/10/14 $4.8K 185K
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    I would be steering away from the mechanics and not the European cars!! I think most on this forum would agree that our cars are reliable. I have owned a renaultSport Clio 182 for 14 years and it very reliable, economical and cheap to run - and great on the race track!!!
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    If you add in DaveJay (whom I recall you bought it from?) that takes the cake. @rob 240's #46 has had 6 forum owners too! What are the plans for your beast @Touge?
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    G’day Just joined up after recently picking up a 250 RS. Super chuffed with the car, just need to fix the driver door (does not always unlock) and throw in a new AC compressor then it’s on the fun stuff. No idea where to start though. Also so got a service done in Hornsby by RenoTech, absolute top blokes.
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    you'd need to drill holes for these... the lip spoilers should bolt on to the original points 👍 damn, that silver one would fit on the Lemons car ! 😎🍋
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    That's a $100 flight these days. And you get refunded the registration that's remaining until December.
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    Love to see that it’s still going strong ( Was the most fun car I’ve ever driven at road legal speeds) enjoy it and remember preventative servicing is a must with these cars
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    This could be a really good buy. It's advertised as a 197 but it's actually a Clio 200 2010 trophy you can tell by the front bumper. It also has the much sought after Recaro's. No 197's had those except the R27. You are in Vic but you might have to travel to get the right car.Tell him you'll buy it if he ships it to Vic. I got free delivery from Perth on my white one. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/bundall/cars-vans-utes/2009-renault-clio-c85-sport-197-silver-6-speed-manual-hatchback/1216962023
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    Heya everyone, Just recently joined up (am a bit late joining but oh well, better late then never) as I recently got myself a 2013 Renault Megane RS 265 Cup also wanted to say hello as well. Moving from a 2012 Suzuki Swift Sport this car is amazing! Absolutely enjoying it! First ever proper hot hatch so still in shock honestly. Also does anyone have any tips on where to start in terms of brake pads etc? I also do want to change the headlight bulbs as well (this may sound dumb BUT I think they are halogen could be wrong but yeah, any help will be appreciated) Thanks everyone 😁
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    A grey morning in Brisbane 👽
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    someone say audio upgrade? thanks to Amplified Automotive in Epping.
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    Out in the wilds of Tasmania. who needs a 4x4.
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    Thanks Reg! , feeling the love from the community already , if i could kiss you right now i would (no homo). i am very particular at the moment haha i need to find something in black with a lip or at least with something with a lip that fits so i can get it resprayed , my other alternative if i can't run 17s with a lip is to try a new set of 18s in 225/45 but it needs to have a lip as i am trying to slap on some reflective rim tape. Heres a bonus pic , shiny!
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    Hello guys, looking to buy my first ever car. Currently driving a Toyota Yaris but it’s not mine and the Clio Sport 197 has cought my attention, but they are too damn hard to find on any car markets. I have found one on car sales and was looking for advice if it’s worth the price and aswell as what to be aware of about these cars (reliability, problems etc) here is the link to the clio from car sales: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2009-Renault-Clio-Sport-197-Manual/SSE-AD-5682898?pageSource=details&id=SSE-AD-5682898
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    Hello ozrenaultsport community, New member here from Adelaide. I'm looking for any and all information I can find about Clio Phase 1 #38 as I understand it has been owned by a few members of this forum as well as the aussiefrogs forum, including Gezza. If anyone can provide any history on this car I would be super appreciative, especially if you are a previous owner. Kind regards, Lucas
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    One elderly owner [emoji23][emoji1787][emoji23][emoji1787] Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    Hey mate, I have had the timing belt on my 265 done by the guys at Eurocare and was happy with their work. Can't talk about the others unfortunately. If you do end up getting one you should join our little community at https://www.facebook.com/groups/749569791791741/. Scott
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