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    I just picked up a new RS300 Trophy, on Friday. I haven't driven it too far yet, given the circumstances. Still playing around withe all the settings in the R-Link -2 , still trying to find the RS Monitor software.... my most recent car were tuned VAG products, so its a bit of a change, looking forward to some track days, once its been run in.
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    I joined some time ago on the hunt for a Clio, and now that I got a Clio and fully registered in NSW, thought I might as well throw in a newbie post. Since six weeks old, I had been diagnosed with Haemophilia; a rare bleeding disorder that prevented my blood from proper clotting without treatment. Most of my life has been within the walls of the hospital and with many bruises and bleeds all throughout my body. There's so much that's happened during my first 14 years that its pretty much impossible to list it in this one post (You'll be able to read it all in the link at the bottom to our website). So you might think then, that I would have picked up a passion for something calm and less intense. Instead, I found the most entertaining discipline of motorsports, and I've been a fan since the age of 7/9 (Can't remember exactly oops😆). It started with the odd Wii or PS3 racing game, then eventually moving to a Logitech G27 steering wheel on Gran Turismo 5 (Btw nice to see this forum had a GT5 Nurburgring leaderboard going once upon a time 😀). I slowly learned the basics of driving every day after school, almost all self taught, from trying to skid in an AE86 to figuring out the heel-toe in a 600hp R34. By 2016, I moved over to the PC and got into more advanced racing and into a range of racing leagues on Assetto Corsa, and eventually I was actually finding myself fighting near the front of the field! This was all while at the risk of bleeds and being admitted to hospital on an average of every two weeks. The next couple years would see me working my way through high school and learning the dark art of motorsports through simracing, videos, articles and lots more, hoping one day I could work in this field as a driver and/or engineer. By 2018, I had gone onto a study trial of a drug called Hemlibra, and since then my treatment for Haemophilia had never been more effective. This is what opened the doors for me to finally enter what I loved for real. October 2018 would mark my very first taste of motorsport, when I completed Level 1 and 2 of the Riccardo’s Racers program in my first ever time driving, and setting the fastest motokhana time in (of all things) mum’s Mazda 3! An effort she luckily approved of very much, considering the great amount of knowledge and experience I got from the program. A year later, I would be completing Level 3 of the program at Luddenham Raceway, again going tremendously well, but also still in the Mazda 3. With mum considering what my next couple years could look like, it was time to address the elephant in the room (somewhat literally considering the weight 😄), hence the introduction of our own 2010 Renault Sport Clio Cup Trophee. 70,000km on the clock, equipped with the cup chassis, Recaro seats and much more. Overall I’ve really enjoyed it and I haven’t even gotten into the driver’s seat yet! Sticks to the road real nice, cup suspension keeps the car really nice and flat. Not all perfect initially as it had the pesky crack in the exhaust manifold, but now all good and welded up by Renotech. Next up to do is is strut top mounts, either down the route of OE replacement or adjustable tops. Then some point after that, pads will need changing and potentially front discs, so again an option between straight replace or upgrade. Cloth Recaros also have the signature hole in the base and the wheel has gone somewhat melty, so we'll need to find someone to fix those things too at some point. But overall I'm really enjoying this car so far! I'm learning a lot from my parents about owning, researching and managing every little bit about this car, and over time I hope it can really help me make my first steps towards independent driving and make the transition from virtual racing to reality. (This is my story that summarises my life with Haemophilia from birth until now, in much more detail than what is described in this post. It can be read here: https://www.theredtrail.org/stories/jaydens-life-before-and-after-hemlibra/)
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    Hey all, I am pretty damn excited! Just put deposit down on a Diamond Black 2014 Megane RS Cup Premium with only 25,000kms! Checked it out and test drove it yesterday and it was mint so a deal was done! I live on the GC but it is out at Toowoomba. Just gotta wait for banks to open so deal can be finalised and I will go get it! it is overdue for timing belt change due to not being done and supposed to be done every 4yrs ( Or 100,000kms) but hasn’t. Any recommendations for where to get it done in the GC? Or Bris? This is the realisation of a 3 year old dream... I have wanted a Megane RS But have put off for family and responsible reasons but the time has come... well nearly 😬 Mike
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    So I bought a renault, very new to these, any chance someone could tell me a thing or two about this model, what can and cannot be done, I think its a Trophy, has leather recaro seats and is a real dream to drive!
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    Hi All, Just wanted to say hi as I've been a lurker for a while now. I've owned my RS 275 for three years now and the warranty is almost up, so I'm now starting to look at tuning. Been interesting reading all the topics you have all made, thanks for that.
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    .. well, they did the groundwork in 2016-17 to get me into an RS as a daily this year! Some pics from a few of those memorable adventures in '16/17 are below (pics stolen off e90post). The Renault reminds me a lot of my old 130i's! Already started tinkering with the new RS265 and loving it! H&R's arrive soon from Tunershop. Really appreciate being a part of an active online community for these cars.. will have to grab a sticker! - woosh
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    Or - you could do an advanced driving course and learn to drive it !!!
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    I picked up my RS265 (2013 Trophy + with under 100k's) 2 weeks ago. Love it so far. Got new belts, pumps, pulleys etc. done and went to get the centre silencer delete (amazing!) These things are used car bargains, no better car for the price IMO. It's not in the absolute best external condition, a few minor scratches and gutter rash, but means less stress at public car parks. The interior is immaculate. I'm also getting a very slight judder when coming off the clutch in first after the car has been driven for more than 30 mins. Don't know if normal but will look into it. I'm based on the Northern Beaches, noticed many, many other owners also on here. Was wondering if there are any meet up's or drive days?
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    Too soon to tell really , first impressions , as I've only done about 150kms, I'm taking it easy - the engine feels more torquey below 3,000 rpm (mine's a EDC), so I can't tell you above 3k rpm yet. Being a hatch it's certainly more practical, the seats are comfortable , but the Recaro's in the 275 look better. The ride feels about the same in inner-city Sydney. Everyone told me to be careful as the new car turns in very easily due to the 4 wheel steering, but after the S3 , I can't tell the difference yet.. The hatch does have a nice solid feel to it, but whether it feels as agile as the RS275, I can't tell you yet. The dullness and quiet , is why I no longer wanted a VAG product. I had GTI manual, then followed by the S3, both had stage 1 tuning. The S3 was extremely quick, but bugger all driving engagement , on the GTI you can't switch off the ESC totally, so even less driver engagement.
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    Isnt that what Peter Brock did to piss Holden off ? 😃
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    Hey people! I cant believe the time has come that I can finally look at getting my RS. I pretty much have settled on a RB8, 265 Trophy+ or a 275 Trophy, depending on whats available (its slim pickings atm unfortunately). Just a quick question, how much of a flag is the timing belt being overdue? Say a 2013 with 40,000km and no timing done, would that be a concern? Thanks
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    I also hired a Megane RS 265 from Hertz on the Gold Coast (I live on the GC) which helped confirm my need for one. It still took a couple more years to get around to it but it was worth the wait! Only had my 2014 265 Premium Cup for about 2 weeks but loving it as a daily so far and looking forward to the boarders opening up soon so I can get into those b roads in northern NSW as well. Anyone in this forum go for cruises in GC or Brisvegas?
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    You know how to make a whole forum cringe? My belts weren't done for 9 years and ~70,000kms and she drove fine I even had it tuned for about 10,000kms and a track day before I bit the bullet and had them done. (It was also because I had some coolings issues with it that I couldn't figure out myself) I know everyone will think I dont' take care of it but every other service in terms of filters, fluids and ignition related is done on time.
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    Yep - guilty! But I also drove one of the GTIs recently and it made me so pleased to have the Megane. The GTI was so dull and quiet. But it would be a much fairer comparison if it was manual also though.
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    Hi, welcome. A lot of us have gone with off the shelf tunes. Four of my past six Renault’s have been plug and play. No issues, despite the horror stories you’ll hear.
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    Sorry to hear. Hope the rest of the year starts looking better sooner rather than later.
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    I’ve bought both my sons a RS Clio 182 Cup. Both under $5K, so not a big hit from my pocket, and I can service their cars for them. What would I want them to buy themselves is a different proposition. As a parent you want a safe reliable car. Also not an expensive car as they are more than likely to write-off their first car. In your case, if they were to blow $10-12K on a stock Clio they may as well get a RS. Though as a first car K’s, condition isn’t as much of a concern so they may as well buy the cheapest RS (or other) when the odds are they’ll prang it anyway.
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    Welcome mate! And how exciting to be officially on the hunt. I wouldn't necessarily say it's a "concern" until it goes bang, but I'd definitely be using it as a bargaining chip, factoring it into your budget and having it done ASAP after taking delivery of the car! Good luck with the search.
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    Welcome, I also recently joined, but Hertz also got me here after a few years , and my son into Rs275 Cup Premium... it all started here
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    I picked it up from a private seller in Eastwood. They only listed it on Facebook Marketplace and just happened to stumble across it. Was originally in the market for the e92 BMW 335i but it seemed a bit too grown up for what I wanted. Rest assured, I'm a waiver!, I've already waived to two or three other RS owner (with no love back yet :p)
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    I'm pretty sure the 2014 cup premium 265 came with the steeves, and it wasn't until the premium became the 275 that they came with speedlines
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    That's great as it's booked in for a full detail and ozone treatment. I think the air con needs regassing also but apart from that it's golden ( like it's golden either way though lol )
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    Just picked up a 2018 Clio RS 200 with 20,000kms on it. A newbie to owning a Renault and was hoping to get some ideas on tunes and mods. Any info would be super helpful. Thanks.
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    Best mod, but sadly usually at the bottom of the list..... Put some decent rubber on it and enjoy it as is for a while, then figure out what you'd like to improve
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    Hi all, finally fulfilled the long urge to buy a Renault sport. Completed my apprenticeship with Renault and fell in love with these fun little cars. Couple years later and now working at Mercedes I’ve pulled the pin on a black 2001 Clio 172 phase 1 (#64). Bought it off a great guy who had planned to restore it but hadn’t been able to find the time. The overall condition of the body is rough to say the least and looks like it has enjoyed many years outside sun baking but on my short 8km drive home to where it now sits it drove like a dream. I plan on getting it to a much more acceptable condition and turn it into my daily driver so that I can retire the fuel guzzling C63 from daily use. If anyone has any history on the car or any other useful information about the phase 1’s please let me know as I’m always keen on learning more about these little weapons. Cheers and hope to see some of you out on the twisty’s soon.
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