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    So, she’s all registered in my name, belt, water pump, dephaser, aux belt etc all sorted and four new RE003’s fitted (tyres were fine, but old). I’ve also removed the seat spacers, replaces all orange indicator bulbs and ordered a new gear knob cover. She’s running great! Engine, gearbox, clutch, suspension etc all feels really tight. You were all, of course, right about the windows. Quick touch is auto - completely opposite to every other car I have ever owned! Planning on an alignment and full suspension check over this week. Taken her for a couple of quick runs now the belts are done, but looking forward to finding the time for a proper run into the hills. She feels nice and nimble and should be a fun little beast. Two surprises thus far - the steering rack must be quite slow (you need to turn the wheel about twice as far as our 308 GTi) and the suspension is quite stiff (as expected with a cup) but there is a reasonable amount of body roll. In comparison, fast Peugeot’s I’ve owned in the past are generally quite compliant, but stay very flat around the bends. Not sure whether a rear sway bar is the way to go. Might get a bit more seat time first. Gave her a good detail today. She’s in bloody good condition for her age. Couple of pics below:
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    You’d be crazy to modify something so good from the factory, wouldn’t you? No...wait... As you were.
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    Hello everyone, new owner to the Renault game. I have just got myself a 2014 Clio IV RS 200 with the CUP pack in LY. I have owned the car for about 2 weeks now, love it to bits. Always puts a grin on my face when I get behind the wheel! So far the mods I have done to it is center res and secondary cat delete. This was then replaced with a 3" power bomb. I have gotten the panel filter replaced with a high flow k&n filter aswell. Also currently own a '92 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR Vspec II. This is a great community and I enjoy acquiring more knowledge through the tech discussions regarding these awesome Renos! Hope to be joining the monthly meets in the future 👍🏽 Cheers Ron
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    It is a megane RS 280 Auto with standard interior
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    Nice choice! I'm a new member to the liquid yellow club as of the weekend.
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    We should keep a tally of ex Clio II owners regretting their decisions to move on.
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    Hi all, I recently about 4 weeks ago picked up my new car a Mint condition 2012 Megane RS250 with barely 50,000 kms on it. Since then I've gotten really comfortable and familiar in the car and am now looking at some mods for it. The first 2 things I'm looking at doing are replacing the Intake with something that will give me more of those awesome turbo noises and the other being an exhaust. Just wondering what intake and exhaust systems other people use . I will be looking at getting some sort of tune\re map at some point later on down the track. Open to all and any feedback. Cheers Tom.
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    Hi All i recently picked up my new pride and joy a 2012 Megane RS250 with 50,000 kms on it. Have been driving the car daily for about the last 2 months and absolutely loving it. I think I'm about ready to start modifying it and was just wondering what other people have started off with apart form a stereo of course. Looking to do an exhaust of some description and also and intake for more turbo noise and also in preparation for a tune\remap. Looking for and open to any suggestions about parts and also where to get any work done located in Melbourne preferably west side or CBD. Thanks In advanced.
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    Hi Guys I had a Quote from Renault for a new door card at $1350 10 week wait plus labour!🤨Decided to have a go myself and sorted it stronger than original in 45 minutes . I used some washers and new bolts and hate to admit it , one zip tie! The door card itself is very strong so I drilled a tiny set of holes in it and zip tied the upper right side of the handle where it was all broken . Everything is neat and handle cover fits on top. Good as new and saved $1350.
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    G'day everyone, As the name suggests, after making my way through a 306 GTi 6 and Clio 172 Phase 2 I finally bought my teenage dream car: a silver 350Z. As much as I've enjoyed owning the Zed I've decided I'm definitely more of a hot hatch man: revving out the Clio was a joy the big GT can't match. I'm therefore looking to get back into the French game either with a NA Clio 200 or a Meg 250/265 Cup Trophee. Unfortunately due to plummeting resale value on the Zed my budget is around $16k. If anyone has a well cared for car they're looking to pass on, or is interested in swapping out for something a little more Japanese, let me know! Chris
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    hi everyone . i just took delivery of a megane 280rs in tonic orange.Absolutely love it.im originally from Argentina and my dad used to own a brand new coupe fuego many years ago
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    Seems to be working now mate. Thanks heaps.
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    You could try and make your own ITG style Cold air intake feed like I did. (I've got spare parts to make the piping that I could make up and sell to you if you were interested), all you'd need to do it source your own pod filter.
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    Pioneer ND-PS1 reversing sensor kit fitted.
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    After my initial purchase I was thinking about modifying mine, but have elected not to, unless I experience component failure I almost certainly won’t. Modifying is almost always a personal taste, purpose, use and return on investment should always be at the forefront of decision making. I agree that a set of decent rubber and sorting out your brakes will almost certainly reward the right driver with the best bang for buck, and anything else (for other than track use) really has limited value on the road 😉 There are plenty of tuning options and then suspension set up and handling modifications that are all valid in their own rights, but they can run up some serious dollars. Stop and think about what you want from the car and if it really warrants or will reward you for the effort and money. in stock form my car still fails to put a smile on my face and I know there are faster, better and maybe even cheaper options out there, but I also know that they are nowhere near as visceral or rewarding to drive. Eventually I’ll look towards a Lotus for my bit of fun on the side, once children and finances are better sorted 🤪
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    Spent a bit of time on her this arvo. After having a better look around now, she’s def in great condition, especially the paint. Sticky centre console, steering wheel and worn gear knob plastic top need to be sorted though. Did the exhaust bracket mod / fix, refitted the number plates which were both slightly offset (playing with my OCD), touched up some of the little chips (got some titanium paint mixed up), and fitted the Phillips invisible rear indicator bulbs so the ugly orange globes aren’t visible. Is the bonnet literally the heaviest bonnet in the history of the World? It’s pretty small, why is it so heavy! All the effort with plastic guards etc and the bonnet weighs a tonne!
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    https://www.short-shifters.com/pk4018-shift.html I used this one but got it from Ktec. If you do get it and are installing yourself, just be wary when removing and installing the roll pin. (While this may not make much sense now), Instructions say you need large pliers to reinstall. However in my experience, you will also need a pair of vice grips so you can adjust the leverage point easily and nudge the roll pin pack in slowly. Also, note there is a smaller roll pin within the large one. These have to be separated installed separately, one at a time - the pin will get stuck otherwise.
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    I installed it. Its not an easy job to do, undoing the bolts that join it to the turbo was a pain. You will need a hoist to do this. The bolt closest to the ground can only be accessed from under the car and I could only turn it one flat at a time with an open ended spanner - you cannot get a socket in there. Full exhaust system and sport CAT took me about 4 hours to do with a buddy helping.
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    Hes probably talking about Milltek, scorpion and Ktec products..
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