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    Dear Members, Hello, As I write I have yet to collect my brand new 2019 Megane RS Cup Auto in white. I am very excited to be owning my first Renualt. I am very keen to learn more about this product from owners and hope to add my thoughts and feedback over time. I have owned a VW Golf GTD which I enjoyed but never a real sports hatch. It was close and the new Hyundai i30 Fastback N almost had me but, I kept coming back to the Megane after watching many reviews and taking a demo for good drive. Anyhow. Hello, and I'll see you in the Threads. Safe Roads Lloyd.
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    Hi all. Thought I'd join up for all the useful info. We were searching for something like a secondhand Skoda hatch for my wife and I as a runaround. We got messed around by a dishonest seller and had a wasted 5hr round trip. I started looking at other sensible options like the VW Polo and Mazda 2/3. So logically we bought a Renault Clio RS200 Cup Trophy 🤣 Picked it up last month in Sydney. Red. 2014 model. 34,000kms. Have a 2018 vw passat wagon as a daily, so this is now my fun weekend car. I've had a Citroen DS3, Audi s3 and Golf R in my car history but this is just next level fun. Oh. Wanna know the best bit? I paid $9,500 for it.
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    Hello Folks, Collected my new car today. Totally smitten. 14 klms at collection and ran up to 262 klms today. 1000 klms will come up pretty quick. Loads to learn with the settings. Fun Fun Fun. I have plans to attend the Renault Round up at Carribean Gardens on Feb 16th. I hope to meet some drivers, share stories and check eacj others cars. Cheers & Safe Travels.
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    Title says it all. Knew very little about the Megane, until a good mate got a 250. Head was very quickly turned and I decided that I had to have a 265. Picked this one up a fortnight ago, and haven't regretted it for a second. Nice drive from Albury to Melbourne to properly acquaint myself with the car after buying
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    Hi there! Just bought my first French car a few days before Christmas! 2006 Megane Sport 225 in Burnt Orange. I've been competing in the TSD class at Targa in the Elise and I'm absolutely hooked on Tarmac Rally! But the plan is to step up to GT Sports Trophy in 2021 and I really don't want to fit a roll cage into the Lotus. The goal was to find a car with the same fun factor, but that'll also be more practical to use with a roll cage and has a reliable drivetrain. Rob240 convinced me I couldn't go wrong with a Renault Sport. 🤣 It's not currently registered and there are a few small jobs to be done before I take it for a blue slip. First task was to charge the battery as it'd been sitting for almost six months. Of course, after getting it off the trailer and parked up safely the bonnet then refused to open! This was probably my fault for sitting the jump-battery on the point where the bonnet release cable joins! The link had separated. All fixed now after some reading online. Next step is to revert the BOV back to a diverter and fix the passenger side headlight. Plan is to use it for commuting for at least six months or so to shake it down and get a feel for the car. If all goes well then I'll start stripping it down to be built up as the red headed step-child of Black Betty. 😀 Any advice on the best way to get hold of the workshop manuals is greatly appreciated! I've spent some time searching around but a lot of the links seem to be for other models or no longer working... Happy to buy them if someone can recommend a reputable source.
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    OK. 1. Don't go into a stealership saying 'i want that car' 2. Do go into a stealership saying 'i want that car for $xxk but i'm also cross-shopping against a GTi / R / ST / STi ' etc...etc... DO NOT APPEAR over eager. 3. Find a stealership that has the actual car you want. They will be MUCH more eager to sell at a good price than a stealer who has to order it 4. What colour do you want (this relates to 3 above)? 5. What build date do you want? Remember that a late 2018 build is about to turn two years old. That is a strong lever you have. 6. Do shop interstate. I just got my RS for about 8k less than my state were prepared to go. It took me a 2 day round trip, which was actually very nice, a bit more paperwork, but a great saving. Good luck
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    Just to clarify, 95 is “OK” — what Renault is saying is that 95 is the minimum octane rating fuel you should use in your RS, not that is “the recommended” or “the best”, just that it is the minimum. Whether you use “the minimum” recommended octane rating in your car is entirely a matter for you and the way you use your car. Equally, you can choose to use a higher octane rating fuel (98 in Australia) in your RS because the car is tuned to yield the higher power and lower pollution such fuel enables — hence, this use might be described as “more efficient”. Talk to any reputable tuner, and they will confirm more power is produced by an RS on 98 octane fuel; if you are not interested in pure power, remember this can equally be reflected through great efficiency as better fuel economy. A separate issue, as this thread discussed at the beginning, is the quality of Australian fuels, and whether there is much, if any, difference between brands. The ‘detuning’ of certain Euro cars’ outputs due to the stated reason of Australia’s poor fuel quality might also give RS owners cause to consider whether 95 might actually be adequate to meet “the minimum” fuel octane for Renault’s performance-oriented RS engines. For all the above reasons, I use 98 as an exercise of both educated judgement and free choice!
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    Hello Moosey, 3 Days in and I'm lovin it. I will round out the first 1000 klms very soon as I drive heaps up and down to work. Motoring Journo's have knocked the 4Control but I think it works well and the paddle heights are perfect for my smaller hands if you use the 10 to 2 position on the wheel. All the fit and finsish was excellent and the car was presented fabulousley by the dealer. I have had the car detailed inside and out. I chose the Hydro Protektiv product. Time will tell if it lives up to thier claims. More to come as I drive it further and move past the run in phase. Cheers & Safe Roads all.
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    Not sure what's upset you so much. In general, this thread is discussing fuels, with a reference to the Renault 'recommended' 95. There is a lot of BS out there that 98 is 'better' than 95, or 'i get better mpg or acceleration when using 98 over 95'. Surely by discussing (for example) my 3000km run on 98 vs my next 3000km run on 95, has some validity? I am actually trying to show that the recommended 95 is recommended for a reason. ie people shouldn't waste their money on 98 in the RS280 engine. If this topic doesn't interest you ravnj023, then don't read it.
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    Finally got to take my new baby out for a proper drive today after four months in storage. Was definitely worth the wait! The grip from the LSD on corner exit is phenomenal. I was a little worried driving around town that I'd bought the wrong car but I can safely say after today that I'm hooked. Absolute animal. If only it had a hydraulic rack...
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    Hi all, A soon to be new owner of an RS280 Sport. Black, 2018 Demo model EDC gearbox with the Bose upgrade. I was looking at most of the hot hatches, drove the RS 280 and fell in love. Such a nice car. This will be the first front wheel drive performance car I've had, and it's one hell of an upgrade from my dodgy ass JK Jeep (I'll never deal with Jeep again, long story). I pick it up later this week, until now, here is a dodgy phone pic at the dealer attached.
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    Thanks guys. Really appreciate the passionate support. Will get onto this task.
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    Advo, I can oblige with a ride through the hills (or similar). Send me a PM to arrange.
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    No worries, will try and speak with Gus or Cory tomorrow am.
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    G'Day Folks, Dealer called its ready. Rego gets done on Monday. I collect it early Tuesday morn. A nice leasurley drive back from Geelong to the Sth East burbs.
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    Cheers mate. When we ordered the Trophy off Ben at Brighton then had to cancel due to the move to Brisbane I think he said Crick's do all the deliverys for the Alpine when they send them Nth. I didn't get a name to deal with. I have been to Metro to get wiper blades and walked around looking at stock for around 15 min and noone came out. As I was leaving I walked past the Hyundai part of the dealer and checked out the i30N. Within seconds a Salepserson was straight onto me and I couldn't get rid of him. haha
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    Yep Gus was great for me when I bought my Clio. He owns a Meg and knows the brand well. I did most of the work over the phone, then put my personalised plates in a bag and caught the train down to collect the car. Gus picked me up from a local train station and had everything ready for me when I arrived. Although the car had been sitting a while and the battery was flat so I had to wait while they got a new one delivered and installed. Then all the warning lights were on because the battery had been removed so I got a demo RS280 to go to a restaurant while they dropped the car off at the service department to be reset. Then they drove my car to the restaurant for me. James
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    Dont do it, one drive through the hills and you will be hooked
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    For anyone looking to buy the oil filter cup wrenches, be aware that the silver coloured ones you can get from china for $5-10 are too big. Even though they are listed as 76mm, they are actually 80mm. After getting the refund, I bought one of the Selta branded tools off ebay. I can confirm that they are a perfect fit.
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    Morning All, I've been lurking for a while without posting... Back in September i picked up an '07 225 Cup in silver. After a short search it was apparent that there's not exactly gob loads of good ones available and i was very happy with the one that i found (although i really wanted a blood orange or LY, possibly even blue - the silver has grown on me though!) This one had clearly been well taken care of mechanically, had a full service history (but was overdue for cam belt) and mildly upgraded audio. It's a DD for the wife and a bit of fun for me on the weekend. I'll start another thread on it to document the journey from here 😉
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    Gee, I wish I was young and delusional like you again, but only so I could drink like I used to and be able to recover and keep drinking the next day, especially during the Xmas holiday period. Being older can be a bitch sometimes.
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    This is turning into a joke, I hope ppl from other car scenes don't ever read this thread, it's embarrassment for the Renault scene. Most car scenes argue about tuners or aftermarket brands. Here we are in ozRENAULTSPORT talking about 95 and 98 are the same🤯🤯🤯🤪🤪🤣
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    I thought I was following you this afternoon along Canberra Ave back towards Manuka, but now I see you still have Vic plates. I was following a “YJx xxx” ACT black and white plated, near identical car (I was in my Pug 308 GTi) They do look good in grey, as@jsr’s T-R really shows
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    No, but love it there. Particularly Christchurch. Our next overseas trip I want to go, but the kids are still so small it's going to be a while before we brave traveling with them!
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    Will dig up the receipt and PM you
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    I recall it all now — thought you were going to buy it??!! So, I’m guessing you didn’t do an inspection? (You have a PM [emoji6])
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    The car was a driving instructor's vehicle if modified like that.... Actually, I do remember a Clio around town which was used as one - perhaps this is the car!
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    The fuel economy is pretty average. I daily drive mine with fairly free flowing traffic and some high speed freeway stuff and usually get around 9 l/100km. I used to get around 6.5 out of my ancient Mirage doing the same trip. Out of the city it struggles to get into the high 7's.
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    I hope you came back via the Reefton Spur....
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    Hello, I did my research and found the Cup variant auto for my liking and profile. Good all round fun and firm enough for drives in the hills. Don't let the reviewers bios you to take a softer sports option. End of month or end of year is good. Good deals now as 2018 models are still around new and 2019 will need to move to make way for any upgardes next year. No new variant on the horizen except the Trophy. Buy now and enjoy now. You can wait forever and debate over $$$. Great advice in here. weigh it all up; and dive right in. I pick up my new 2019 Cup in 2 weeks. Cheers and Safe Roads
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    no one here is going to talk you out of it
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    Hi All Odd that I joined 2 years ago, got side tracked, totalled my RS265 2 weeks ago, and of course replaced it with a Trophy RS275!!! Rico
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    We should keep a tally of ex Clio II owners regretting their decisions to move on.
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