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  1. actually not a bad idea...We have a base model Cerato for family duties. The GT is a good bit of kit. Well sorted handling, multi-link rear end. Getting good numbers out of the engine too, 200kw is easy with a tune. There is a good array of Whiteline suspension bits for the Hyundai/Kia products as well as coilovers etc - https://www.ngarage.com.au/
  2. I have a feeling it is my old one… is the C L I O debadged at the back?
  3. I saw the mature lady owner and thought nothing of it but there can't be many black 200 cup trophees around the inner west...I was wondering if it was my old one.
  4. Renotech if in Sydney. spareto sell the Denso compressor much cheaper than local
  5. Dave200

    Bonjour all

    Its all in the name, the mk3 was called the Cup Trophee instead of Trophy for some reason 😕
  6. Dave200

    Bonjour all

    I think he is reffering to the mk3. I don't believe the mk4 came in Cup Trophee trim
  7. Welcome back! How do you find the gt220?
  8. We appreciate the effort Paul, let us know if you need help at all
  9. There also appears to be a problem with committing changes such as saving a comment, sending a DM or creating a thread. It either errors out or doesn't advise of the action completion and ends up creating multiple copies as can be seen with this thread appearing 3 times in the forum.
  10. there is something wrong with the layout post-upgrade. This is the same on Safari and Chrome on an iPhone XR. some channels are unreadable and there is no longer a way to see most recent comments within a threaD the updates button in the user menu is hidden behind the menu’s close button. it is currently unusable.
  11. Yes its a sticker. Keen to see what the kick plates look like on yours gents? Is the Renault Sport lettering design the same or is it more like the design in the original post picture above?
  12. Errrrm, really?! Can you provide a pic?
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