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  1. Delete the centre resonator for more noise and pops!
  2. Dave200

    Hello! Clio 2 PH1

    I also had a persistent poor starting issue, moreso when engine was cold. I fixed this by removing the ICV (idle control valve) and soaking the nipple and spring mechanism with carb cleaner. I then re-lubed those areas using a dry lube spray. It now starts first time every time. I also thought the crank angle sensor was to blame but this didn't help me.
  3. Dave200

    Hello! Clio 2 PH1

    New key for your VIN from France is about $300, then about $80 for a dealer to code it. Its not too bad cost wise
  4. Congrats Mouse, assuming wagon? Low K's!
  5. sorry mate I don't have a premium, no rear view camera. Yes the keys are a bit funny with interference. Mine doesn't work if its up against my phone.
  6. Congrats on the pick up 1. Brakes shouldnt be spongy, they usually have good feel. Check rotor and pad condition and fluid level 3. Its likely the t piece in the bonnet for the jet has cracked/eroded from heat. Can you hear the pump?
  7. I wonder if that is because of the RS front hubs? My GT doesnt have the fancy perfohub setup
  8. Shorter bolts? I dont recall seeing shorter bolts with my spare...damn
  9. Safetyman has covered most of it, only thing i can add is that the stock spare wheel doesnt fir on the front hubs, it doesn’t clear the brake calliper. I had a string of warranty-related issues a couple of years back, clutch cylinders and shoddy dealer repair work but touchwood its been reliable since then. Approaching 100k KM now
  10. Shoulda looked at the GT220
  11. Congrats, looks great! I would also be looking at new tyres because they are at least 5-6 years old and definitely past their best
  12. Dave200

    Megane Gt

    What about the GT220? You get the RS engine but in a more practical hatch or wagon...
  13. Dave200

    GT220 Premium

    Sorry for the threadbump. For wagon/GT220 owners, does changing the headunit to a Megane RS unit fix the tweeter issue?
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