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  1. We ended up getting 55k out of the RE003s on the GT220...probably another 10k until the markers but they were borderline dangerous in the wet so got them changed.
  2. All good mate. I read your post and had a panic attack myself 😂
  3. This is incorrect. Timing belt is due every 100,000km, not 60. the 60k service is coolant, brake fluid and spark plugs.
  4. Because they keep a lot of nasty stuff out of the air we breathe, namely NOx which is not nice at all. EPA and NSWPol have been doing roadside tests in Sydney suburbs over the past few years where engineers will visually inspect cars and also test emissions. Its an easy high 4 figure fine for deleting a cat.
  5. Dave200

    Hey everyone

    Those wheels will look great on your Clio
  6. that definitely has the lsd
  7. I have been trying to say this across different threads for some time. especially the east coast, by and large all petrol comes from the same storage tanks at the distribution centres. Places on the south coast such as some parts of VIC and SA however do have fuel from Altona Mobil still produced and refined locally which is a point of differentiation over other states. WA also has the Kwinana refinery owned by BP.
  8. Dave200

    New GT 220 owner

    Stay away from Renault dealers...
  9. Dave200

    New GT 220 owner

    Congrats and welcome!
  10. She is a dirty little whore 😅
  11. #60 - Iceberg Silver - dave200, Central Coast NSW September 2018 (ex-stoogey, Sydney May 2018 (ex-jamesdub, Sydney, ex-jimtron4000, Melbourne ex bblues00 Melbourne, ex-bgo172 For Sale Melbourne VIC 25/1/14)
  12. Nah I think that award goes to mine, #60 😂
  13. Delete the centre resonator for more noise and pops!
  14. Dave200

    Hello! Clio 2 PH1

    I also had a persistent poor starting issue, moreso when engine was cold. I fixed this by removing the ICV (idle control valve) and soaking the nipple and spring mechanism with carb cleaner. I then re-lubed those areas using a dry lube spray. It now starts first time every time. I also thought the crank angle sensor was to blame but this didn't help me.
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