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    RS ,Lotus , Skiing , Teddy , Annabel and Boats
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  1. rob 240

    Newbie Hello

    Big welcome Lloyd - great choice ! enjoy the driving and the banter around here
  2. rob 240

    New member. RS 200

    Fabulous choice ! And price
  3. welcome !!! this is a great place and there's some great events. we don't take ourselves too seriously either. just don't mention the word 'Toy*ta' here. it's led to all sorts of issues amongst friends.
  4. Centre res delete courtesy of the same amazing crew IMG_4205.mov
  5. Courtesy Renotech and Koya Works IMG_7568.mov
  6. My favourite mod 👍👍👍✅🤛
  7. Coming from the Jap scene , it’s all about “mods” . As mentioned above theres really no need to mod a Renault Sport as its properly set up out of the factory there’s Cup v non Cup , diff or not choices and then it’s just a matter of a tune if you really need it . Suggest get one and see if there’s any deficiencies to mod out - suspect you’ll be pretty happy just as it is . Maybe a louder exhaust ? That always helps 👍
  8. rob 240


    Pretty much what Cairnsey said 👍
  9. Welcome !! You’ll be addicted like us
  10. rob 240


    big welcome - great choice ! hope to meet up at events
  11. some vendor somewhere sells this body kit !
  12. this type of style bolts on original holes - different ones are available
  13. you'd need to drill holes for these... the lip spoilers should bolt on to the original points 👍 damn, that silver one would fit on the Lemons car ! 😎🍋
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