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  1. Congratulations! Welcome
  2. Isnt that what Peter Brock did to piss Holden off ? 😃
  3. Best model the 808 and LY too I had one - fabulous car
  4. rob 240

    RS300 Trophy

    Huge congratulations! Great choice and as they say / pics or it didn’t happen
  5. Our uk family were car dealers and sold SAABS in the north of England from their introduction way way back till they sold the business in late 90s . fortunately they missed the GM bad times and sold real SAABS - the early ones were bullet proof my dad and older brother drove 99s and 900s here and have very fond memories of them
  6. Wonderful backstory and fabulous you’ve discovered motor sport at such a young age - big big welcome and look forward to hearing about your exploits 👍
  7. rob 240

    Newbie Hello

    Big welcome Lloyd - great choice ! enjoy the driving and the banter around here
  8. rob 240

    New member. RS 200

    Fabulous choice ! And price
  9. welcome !!! this is a great place and there's some great events. we don't take ourselves too seriously either. just don't mention the word 'Toy*ta' here. it's led to all sorts of issues amongst friends.
  10. Centre res delete courtesy of the same amazing crew IMG_4205.mov
  11. Courtesy Renotech and Koya Works IMG_7568.mov
  12. My favourite mod 👍👍👍✅🤛
  13. Coming from the Jap scene , it’s all about “mods” . As mentioned above theres really no need to mod a Renault Sport as its properly set up out of the factory there’s Cup v non Cup , diff or not choices and then it’s just a matter of a tune if you really need it . Suggest get one and see if there’s any deficiencies to mod out - suspect you’ll be pretty happy just as it is . Maybe a louder exhaust ? That always helps 👍
  14. rob 240


    Pretty much what Cairnsey said 👍
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