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  1. rob 240

    JDM to RS265

    Ps you don’t need to modify an RS as they get it right out if the factory ! 😱✅
  2. rob 240

    JDM to RS265

    Congratulations and a big welcome !!!! Enjoy and get into it As they say in the classics JDM are nice but RS are fabulous 👍👍👍
  3. here starts the ROAST 1] serious gearbox issues 2] boring 3] you'll have to wear your cap backwards 4] Golfs are like A Holes - everyone has one and they stink 5] did we mention boring , unreliable gearbox's , they don't go around corners and they're common ? That Is All 😁
  4. about time we saw the mush and the hat around here again dear friend !! welcome back - we need a Designated Grown Up like you here to supervise the Play Pen
  5. Awesome purchase !!! You’ve got some great roads near Shellarba 👍
  6. interesting - not the first time i've heard this
  7. Yellow cars are faster The science is settled A great colour choice for safety as well
  8. no more lurking pics or it ain't happening
  9. Congratulations! Welcome
  10. Isnt that what Peter Brock did to piss Holden off ? 😃
  11. Best model the 808 and LY too I had one - fabulous car
  12. rob 240

    RS300 Trophy

    Huge congratulations! Great choice and as they say / pics or it didn’t happen
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