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  1. Just buy one - as matt says - then SWMBO forgets and buy another better investment than super and way more fun along life’s rich journey PH 1 yellow PH 1 silver PH 1 V6 silver PH 2 track car PH 2 black PH 3 Demon when too many clios is not enough
  2. rob 240

    What a car!

    What’s FB ? 🤷‍♂️ Is that the annoying thing run by that clown out of USA that’s hard to read and doesn’t flow ? 😀
  3. Pics or Ban 👍👍👍
  4. CEVA CEVA CEVA Oi Oi Oi . Always . Prix car not as good - their sydney outer west depots are close by and the CEVA pickup is always better SWMBO got her mini roadster via an online broker who was cheaper and it was a disaster . Some backyard operator who took nearly three weeks from Melbourne to sydney and no response to enquiry until I called and said I’d be at their depot at Wollongong the next morning to pick it up and forget the home delivery - mysteriously we got a call that it would be home delivered the next day . Clearly they didn’t want any refund our way we use CEVA fo
  5. Welcome !!! res delete ADO8R for road / track we use them at lemons 🍋 and got 540 laps flat out on the clio and they grip grip grip and have plenty more life . Not a fan of Japanese tyres generally but these are excellent
  6. rob 240


    Congratulations and great choice
  7. rob 240

    JDM to RS265

    Ps you don’t need to modify an RS as they get it right out if the factory ! 😱✅
  8. rob 240

    JDM to RS265

    Congratulations and a big welcome !!!! Enjoy and get into it As they say in the classics JDM are nice but RS are fabulous 👍👍👍
  9. about time we saw the mush and the hat around here again dear friend !! welcome back - we need a Designated Grown Up like you here to supervise the Play Pen
  10. Awesome purchase !!! You’ve got some great roads near Shellarba 👍
  11. interesting - not the first time i've heard this
  12. Yellow cars are faster The science is settled A great colour choice for safety as well
  13. no more lurking pics or it ain't happening
  14. Congratulations! Welcome
  15. Isnt that what Peter Brock did to piss Holden off ? 😃
  16. Best model the 808 and LY too I had one - fabulous car
  17. rob 240

    RS300 Trophy

    Huge congratulations! Great choice and as they say / pics or it didn’t happen
  18. Our uk family were car dealers and sold SAABS in the north of England from their introduction way way back till they sold the business in late 90s . fortunately they missed the GM bad times and sold real SAABS - the early ones were bullet proof my dad and older brother drove 99s and 900s here and have very fond memories of them
  19. Wonderful backstory and fabulous you’ve discovered motor sport at such a young age - big big welcome and look forward to hearing about your exploits 👍
  20. Big welcome Lloyd - great choice ! enjoy the driving and the banter around here
  21. Fabulous choice ! And price
  22. welcome !!! this is a great place and there's some great events. we don't take ourselves too seriously either. just don't mention the word 'Toy*ta' here. it's led to all sorts of issues amongst friends.
  23. Centre res delete courtesy of the same amazing crew IMG_4205.mov
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