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  1. Gambit

    Hello! Clio 2 PH1

    I have been pulling apart a Clio II engine loom and all I can say is that the wiring, terminals and plug connectors are all of very low quality combined with the fact the looms are over 15years old there are going to be issues associated with earthing to ground from many contact points. Check all your grounds and give them a good clean would be a start.
  2. Gambit

    New Clio 182 owner

    All this is true and correct 👍
  3. I’d say that is a very good price ! I’d be snapping that up fixing it and then knowing it had been done right !
  4. Agree with the above. It really depends how cheap you get the car. Get a specialist to do it and i'd say that list of things to do would cost $2k~ to sort out, parts and labour. You'll just have to price that into total cost of purchase. Having said that once that's sorted it would be a lovely car.
  5. Gambit

    Hello! Clio 2 PH1

    Yes it might be the immobilizer , usually the transponder in the key fob plays up.
  6. Well done and congrats! Now how does it drive compared to the internet reviews?
  7. Good to hear makes a difference to have a positive buying experience.
  8. Congrats!! Which dealership was it through?
  9. That’s a long list of repairs and a hefty bill of parts and labor to fix. Seems to be a bit hit and miss with the Clio IIs now that they are getting a bit older. Previous years you would be able to pick up a minter with low kms but now the good ones are getting harder and harder to find. Which may translate to higher prices for those that are looked after by enthusiast.
  10. I think they are headed for Noojee , better be quick though !
  11. To throw more confusion my LEBO came without stripes 😂
  12. Memories and stories like that Mase! Hence why I could have purchased a Megane 275 trophy or trophy-r at a stretch but decided to keep to what I know and love and thats the penultimate n/a FF hatch hatch of Renault , it’s Clio II
  13. Nice work. Suggest a down pipe and cat back with a front mount inter cooler and intake with a remap too! 👍
  14. Here are the files on Project X
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