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  1. Looks so good! How are you finding the recaro seats btw?
  2. Very good points, all of which are lacking in the Renault Sport product right now, especially on points 1 & 3.
  3. Looks like admin can see it! Anyway i have unhidden it for you.
  4. I think the editor times out and cache is cleared from your browser?
  5. Great to see you around these parts again!!
  6. Congrats again Lee and such an awesome car!
  7. I’m lucky enough to own and drive both cars pictured above. Without doubt the Clio II is one of the best hot hatches of the modern and classic era. They are an endearing, connected and analogue drivers cars. That connects you to the road and maximizes that experience ten fold over a Clio iv 200. Mark my words in a number of year the Clio II will be highly sought after and finding good ones will be like looking for a needle in a hay stack. They are the lowest price point now, grab one now and look after it for many years to come before it too late. Search every motoring article you like and th
  8. I can confirm they are indeed different. The later model megane brembos have larger pistons than the earlier models. They have the exact same bolt spacing so can be mounted interchangeably, however the later models are slightly wider and thus you will need more wheel offset to avoid wheel contact to inner rim.
  9. I unfortunately have first hand experience using one and works a treat ! To me it's more a neutral clean soap smell with no fragrance. When you open the windows and let it air out the smell complete disappears.
  10. No that i'd know but most people who upgrade the Ohlins seem to go for the AST's and they rave about them, cheaper than a brand new set of Ohlins from Renault too.
  11. Damn you i was so tempted by that car, you scored a bargain deal on both counts, lucky you !
  12. An amazing story and a real testament to your character and perseverance in life, nothing but kudos to what you have been through and what you'll continue to achieve. Also great choice of first car, no doubt you'll enjoy every minute of it.
  13. These are a performance bargain right now pic them up for next to nothing relatively to other competitors.
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