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  1. These are a performance bargain right now pic them up for next to nothing relatively to other competitors.
  2. Just buy it before it’s too late
  3. Gambit

    Coming home...

    Great review and impressions there. Fantastic 👍 really good to hear first hand your experiences with all three.
  4. Gambit

    Coming home...

    Interested to hear your opinions/review of all three as a comparison piece? What are they like to live with from meg 3, to golf r to meg 4, which is the better handling, which has the better stick shift, how is the space between golf r and meg 4 etc? Meg 3 or Meg 4 cup which suspension setup do you prefer?
  5. Start a charity fundraiser drive day? how does the car drive ?
  6. Hi Gambit,

    Noticed that you're online and a Clio 2 owner like me.

    My Clio 2  has a faulty camshaft dephaser solenoid valve. Oil is bleeding up through the sensor socket. The oil makes it over to the headers where it's a fire risk and a headache for me as the fumes get into the cabin.

    I'm hoping you or somebody else out there has a spare in good condition?




    1. Gambit


      Hi Jim, 

      I had a spare VCT solenoid alas no longer :(


      you will need this:



      Rocker cam sensor seal o-ring Part # 7700106385

      Hope that helps !

    2. Gambit


      But you will also need a new solenoid. 

  7. Gambit

    Hello! Clio 2 PH1

    I have been pulling apart a Clio II engine loom and all I can say is that the wiring, terminals and plug connectors are all of very low quality combined with the fact the looms are over 15years old there are going to be issues associated with earthing to ground from many contact points. Check all your grounds and give them a good clean would be a start.
  8. Gambit

    New Clio 182 owner

    All this is true and correct 👍
  9. I’d say that is a very good price ! I’d be snapping that up fixing it and then knowing it had been done right !
  10. Agree with the above. It really depends how cheap you get the car. Get a specialist to do it and i'd say that list of things to do would cost $2k~ to sort out, parts and labour. You'll just have to price that into total cost of purchase. Having said that once that's sorted it would be a lovely car.
  11. Gambit

    Hello! Clio 2 PH1

    Yes it might be the immobilizer , usually the transponder in the key fob plays up.
  12. Well done and congrats! Now how does it drive compared to the internet reviews?
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