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ozRS Country Bakery Run - Sun Nov 15th - VIC - See Social Events section for details/RSVP

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    Is the Tapatalk working again yet?
  4. Hey guys / gals just wondering who the best Megane tuner is in Melbourne, any help would be much appreciated thanks
  5. I wonder if it's in iPhone thing then? On a MacBook I can quote (see this example) and edit. There are three dots on the posted date line, click on that for edit and other options. Can you see the three dots? Prior to ace's departure, I believe he edited all of his Member's Ride posts with a dot.
  6. Last week
  7. Yep +1 for the Alcantara upholstery it’s much nicer than leather and easy to clean.
  8. The only lingering compliant I have is the cup holders in the EDC version - they will just hold a can once you're past 2/3's through drinking it. Apart from that no issues, the ride is firm at low speed - but its not enough to make me wish I had of bought the softer version. I'm further very optimistic on the long term wear of the alcantara upholstery. Mine still looks like new, feels like new, and is much easier to clean than leather. In comparison my wife got a new X4M four months ago, and I can already see the creases starting in the side bolsters of the drivers seat - even though I'm g
  9. Yeah reviewers are... Often unique. You need to find what car reviewers are most like you. I tend to agree with that Harry bloke from carfection, and another guy who I think was on the same channel. From what I remember they commented on, and then dismissed any issues with the ride quality. Others complain about things like the audio control stalk and lack of cup holders. The control stalk is awesome, and, well if the car's great I couldn't care less about where to put cups. I think the main issue is that the sport is stupidly comfortable, and the cup is what I expect from a hot h
  10. I owned a 265 Megane a few years ago, and the main reason I sold it was the ride being too firm for daily driving.....in my opinion. If there was a non-cup back then, I would've bought that instead. But that's just my preference, I'm probably older than you and I don't know much about the IV, but imagine it'd be similar. If you plan to track the car, the cup would be a good option, if you want a bit more comfort, I'd go the Sport.
  11. As most prospective buyers, I drove both Cup and Sport to decide. I wanted the LSD so was looking to get the Cup, but the ride was too firm for me. I bought the Sport. It really is up to you to decide which you prefer the feel of. As speedfiend says, the OEM tyres are awful. I was getting terrible axle tramp and feared it was the lack of LSD. Changed tyres to Goodyear Asymmetric 5's. Axle tramp gone and nicer drive. YMMV
  12. Thanks for your reply! good to hear about the tires as well!
  13. No problem, if you can’t get a test drive there’s a few forum members in Queensland who might take you for a ride. I’d be happy to but Unfortunately I’m a long way from Brisbane.
  14. Hi mate. I probably would’ve considered the Cup with the diff, but I needed an auto for the wife and at the time that combo wasn’t available. The suspension tune on these cars is amazing. It’s hard to believe it rides so well on 19s. I have read that the French engineers are surprised we buy Cup cars for the road - and in previous tests the Sport was preferred to the Cup. Ive spanked our Sport pretty hard and it’s bloody good - BUT - the original S001s suck big time. They ruin the car. Once I changed to Michelin PS4S, the car was so much better! No more axle tramp or wheel spin.
  15. Thanks abb6027 for you detailed reply, it is highly appreciated! It is great to hear your experience not only about how it rides but also your impressions on quality and reliability. It is incredible the amount of negative feedback I have received from people that have never owned one. I think it is a beautiful car that is built to perform! I wish I could test drive both and decide what I like, I had the impression that with the limited stock in town it would be difficult to do. I think it is a great suggestion, I will do my homework, check all the cars available in the area and go
  16. Hi Ernie, welcome to the forum! I own a 2019 RS 280 cup and I specifically bought it for the differential and firmer suspension. I think it comes down to what your personal preference is regarding the suspension as I like my cars to ride firmly and this car is no exception. The diff for me makes a big difference through the corners. Suspension wise I think you would mainly notice it when your cruising around town. It can be a bit jiggly but once you’re up to faster speeds it seems to smooth out the bumps pretty well in my opinion. We bought ours and drove it to Tasmania and we were
  17. Hi! I realized early this week that one of the dealers in my area received a new Megane RS so I decided to stop by and check it out. I walked out of the dealer very impressed with the car and now I am seriously considering buying one within the next couple of weeks. It is a totally different animal in person! I did some research and I read a lot about how bad the ride quality is in the Cup when compared with the Sport version. I was wondering if you could please share your thoughts about both models, I am trying to decide which one to buy and see if the limited slip different
  18. Yes, Rob, once you get out of the bottleneck that is Albion Park, it's pretty good. Couple of nice passes around here as well
  19. Awesome purchase !!! You’ve got some great roads near Shellarba 👍
  20. I'd suggest hitting the follow button in the for sale thread to get notifications on new post, good luck with the hunt on your new 225
  21. Welcome to ozRS! Good to have another Meg 2 on board. VIC Bakery Run for RS owners next month if you want to get out and meet a few of the locals. Details in the Social Events section.
  22. What chuck means is ya have to send a few photos of urself.
  23. Hey OZRS members, I signed up here recently and just wanted to say hi to everyone. im in the market for a Megane 225 spots cup. Cheers
  24. This happened to me this week too even though I hardly use the door handles. I had the bottom bit come loose and the plastic break away on the handle where two bolts midway up are mounted to the inner door. I was lucky I didn’t break the door card itself. I decided I was redoing every bolt on the door and then the passanger door as a preventative measure before it broke. it came out well at the end of the day and is much stronger now. 5m bolts and washers everywhere but the bottom and the bottom 8m bolt I took a lot of pictures to help others but didn’t realise
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    No news from Tapatalk. They say they are 'working on the required changes to the application'.... History would suggest these things take time for Tapatalk
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