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  2. Out of the three tires I ran, the original Michelin PS2, Bridgestone RE003 and the PS4, the PS4 was undoubtedly the best in terms of road handling especially in the wet, good durability (30k+ km) and priced reasonably at well under $300 each. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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  4. That's a sport chassis, not cup. 2019 not 2018. But I think you got the Bose bit right though.
  5. http://www.peterwarren.com.au/all-stock/view/2019_Renault_Megane_BFB_Rs_Sport_Orange_Tonic_6_Speed_Manual_Hatchback/20453476/?fbclid=IwAR3Dioe48oVM_xk3tDFgWA8MyQt67fZREkVf7UXcinMsC7wVyFXWFYCP0K0
  6. From the RS Megane forum... I've always used PIAA Extreme White bulbs on my non-xenon cars, yes they're pricey but you get what you pay for and they effectively produce 110W but only draw 55W (or whatever the numbers are) through the loom so it doesn’t burn anything out. They're as close to xenons as possible on a normal bulb. Anyone tried PIAA? https://rsmegane.com/threads/headlight-bulbs.13410/
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  8. Priorities have changed and I'm on a lookout for a 2018 RS 280 with Cup Pack & Bose. Prefer demo or used due to $$$
  9. I'm in the same boat. Trying to find a 2018 Megane RS 280 with the cup pack & bose but no luck (not within my budget).
  10. Sold whilst making enquiry 😥😥
  11. @chris043 Thank for your advice ,i already bought a red one , because it is cheap a lot ,it like yellow one is 18000aud and kms more than red one. red one just 14500 aud and also it is low kms than yellow one, both have 18 " wheels rim.
  12. Try changing the gearbox oil, I just recently changed mine, gear shift feels better especially during the first 5 mins in the morning (I left for work at 5am, and it has been around 8-11 C lately at that time)
  13. Nice car mate.. Is there any description in the Owners Handbook and Service Books saying what the model is?
  14. Send the VIN to Renault Aus and they should be able to confirm the version
  15. Most likely with those wheels, cloth standard seats, but you never know given how confusing the nomenclature of that generation of Megane!
  16. Will dig up the receipt and PM you
  17. Awesome car. White with black looks really good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. The RS alloy nob was 1 of the 1st mods I did and love it. Gives a bit of weight to the action and moves through the gate better. Just have to remember to put the towel over it when parked. QLD sun turns that thing into a branding iron. haha. What was the instaled cost if I may ask?
  19. I've been running it for about 2 months now (installed by RenoTech) and overall I'm pretty pleased. Shifting quickly from 2nd to 3rd is particularly satisfying! The only negative is that the shift action is slightly heavier - you need to be slightly forceful at times, but the shift feels clean and precise. I have the RS metal gear knob which probably adds a bit of weight to the shifts too. At first I was a little disappointed, as the gearbox still does feel a bit stiff/heavy, particularly when cold. While the shifts are shorter it doesn't completely solve what I didn't like about the gearbox in the first place. But I think overall it definitely feels better so I'm pleased that I had it done. And it feels absolutely awesome on track. 👍
  20. How did the short shifter turn out mate? Worth getting...
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