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  2. I have a Cup, and live in a semi rural area. Nothing wrong with the ride height at all
  3. Yeah, I thought thats why the Trophy wouldn't be good for me, however I do like the black rims on the Cup (I won't get myself to buy after market, I always like to keep cars OG). I may opt for the Sport with the extra packs, unfortunately I won't get time to visit the dealerships until the first week of october. Im literally tied up for the next 10 days or so. I gotta say, I will miss my Colt Cabrio Turbo though, specially in the weather we are starting to get. I always put the top down as much as I can. I'll miss that. I'll always believe the car's characteristics work best with the roof down.
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  5. The engine mounts wear out after about 50k and cause lots of harshness, not to mention sloppy handling. So definitely worth checking. The exhaust comes stock with resonator and muffler (or back box), which makes the car very quiet. Many people get rid of one or the other, my personal preference is to keep the resonator which gives you the turbo whistle, though others would vouch for keeping the muffler instead to avoid any drone. A piece of straight pipe can be welded in for the removed component, I think people here have got it done at exhaust places for around $100-120. My original system rusted out so I replaced it with a ktec 70mm cat back. It’s LOUD but sounds incredible.
  6. I got a sport with r link and pearl white paint for $31k ish back in February. I specifically wanted the r link for Android auto. I can't see the point of a cup up here given the only difference is lower, stiffer suspension. I have scraped mine once but was going way too fast for the obstacle. I had an R53 Mini Cooper S before the Clio and it was first or second gear over speedbumps so getting away from that is great. I would occasionally scrape going over ruts in the highway up here too. James
  7. Well that is the advise I am looking for right there !! Thanks @hamstrung Not sure about the engine mounts, will have to take a look. "Cut the backbox" Do you mean disconnect the exhaust at the entry to the rear box? the straight pipe?
  8. Yes, Ive seen 2, 1x Red and a couple of white RS Sport (1 white is cup), advertised for under 29K. The RS Sports have the added leather and Sound upgrade packs. The cup No packs just std. Just wondering if the cup is much better than the RS Sport. As in which is the overall best choice, the Sport with the extras or the Cup for pretty much the same price...? Also some have had 5 year warranty (from registration date for ex demos) and others only the std 3 years, what's the go with that?
  9. benzino

    New GT 220 owner

    Thanks! Any suggestions? Parts of france are no longer operating.

    New GT 220 owner

    Nice GT220! As for the best place to get parts - buy the time you factor in shipping, it can be just as cheap buying locally.
  11. benzino

    New GT 220 owner

    Good news everyone! Renault Australia has informed me that the timing service is optional and only needs completion if deemed necessary! (/sarcasm off) unfortunately they declined to put that into writing. I can't believe the lack of knowledge that exists in their corporate structure - as the consumer, I shouldn't have to argue with the manufacturer that my car actually has a belt and not the chain you keep insisting it has... Now I find out that my local renault dealer is leaving at the end of the month, so it looks like I will be doing the service myself! Is ktec still the best place to buy the kits?
  12. Welcome! Looks like a neat example. If you haven’t already, you can cut the backbox for a nice noise with pops and bangs (although beware the drone at 70 in third). And hopefully you have nice fresh engine mounts?
  13. If you can buy a near new or demo Cup for $27K to $29K as you mention I would go for it before they run out. All cars, especially European, depreciate like crazy for the first few years and the RS Clios are no worse than others in this regard. You will enjoy the RS Clio Cup much more than a Mazda 3 hatch in my view.
  14. Yes, Ive seen the launch video, looks nice not very much different (Shorter though), I think launch prices will be way out of my budget for an RS. I don't want to spend more than 30K. I am only looking at them because they are currently new/ex demo for under 29K. Otherwise Ill just get a Mazda 3 Hatch (again I was waiting for the sky active X engine, unfortunately that hasn't come to OZ yet).
  15. He was looking at all sorts, luckily for him it was about what he liked more than what it costs... really. Looked at VW Golf R also. I believe he got the BM for around mid 40K, so not brand new. I looked at them too and got it right out of my mind when I saw the price!
  16. Surprised your mate was cross shopping a M140i with a Clio since the M140i costs like 3x more. I paid 22k for my sport model with only 4000kms on it. Wasn't a demo either, RS models depreciate heaps.
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  18. Wait for the new car late next year...
  19. Given the car has been out of production for over a year now, I would grab whatever you can find
  20. Hi all, not so long term reader but definitely newbie member. Just wanted to know what prices are being achieved for the now 'on run out' 2018 Clio RS Sport, Cup, Trophy. A friend of mine nearly bought one with under 50Km on odometer (ex demo officially, but really brand new), with Leather and sound upgrade 'cup' for $26K. In Melbourne's eastish area... however he opted for the BMW 140 M, found the Clio a little too small and he always wanted a 140M. After discussing with him who did extensive research and doing some my self, I think the cup is the model I would enjoy. I've seen some good prices for ex demos with similar Ks for 27 to 29K. Anyone here bought one recently for a really good price?
  21. Hi All, As a new owner of my first renault sport I thought i'd join up to the forum to learn a bit more about the car and get some experienced advice along the way Only owned it for 5 days and absolutely love it Recently sold my GSXR 1000 and decided i wanted a sporty car that could make me laugh my head off like the bike did and test drove a RS250 Cup and loved it but then this came along and it ticked all the boxes! It came with an RSTuner so looking to have a play with that in the near future
  22. Would you be so kind and tell us who they are, looking at getting my rs250 trophee modded and maybe the wifes rs200 edc clio cheers
  23. Hi All, Common fault on the Megane III rs250, 1 - Check Hardware/ Replace 2 - If she's still reading high/low/high incorrectly its likely a fault with the ECU - This can be "wiped" from the cars brain for around $120
  24. Prick of a spot, I went to pull mine out yesterday seeing as the previous owner had a recipt for install but not parts, could undo the bottom of it but nowhere near the top - ended up getting the 02 fault wiped (sensor is hardware only) and an ECU tune, cost to wipe the rear o2 from the ECU would be about $120 AUD, but they threw it in for free with the tune
  25. Two euro tuning specialists up here in Gold Coast/Brisbane who have worked on many Megane RS's stated so from all their tuning and testing.
  26. Hey @Themis, which specialists are you referring to?
  27. I have a 265 cup which I am getting a custom downpipe, sports cat, non-resonated catback with a smaller sports muffler.
  28. If you actually speak with megane/euro exhaust/tune specialists they say the main restriction is actually the downpipe and cat, not reso+muffler. So best bet is to get downpipe and sports cat.
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