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  2. It's the flux capacitor, you won't be able to get to 88mph if you remove it.
  3. It’s called the Body Control Module and is a rear antenna as part of the I-key system developed by continental: https://fccid.io/ANATEL/04069-14-02149/Manual-_BCM_CMF1_01/31A92369-CA00-4E4F-9CF1-0814A1F8B079/PDF
  4. Eastern here as well, hard to spot you with the number plate covered up XD
  5. melbourne. eastern. there's another white megane near me place.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Thanks all! @RSky I'm not too sure regarding Oyster/Lunar Grey, they do look very similar to me, but someone else may know this info.
  8. Nice, is there any difference with Oyster Grey and Lunar grey though? I seem to see a lot more Oyster Grey's in Europe rather than in Oz, unless it's just a difference in name alone?
  9. Welcome and congrats on the purchase!
  10. Last week
  11. Welcome Nice looking car ! 👍
  12. Hey folks, I'm Dan and I thought I'll introduce myself on the forums as I recently bought the below car from sdubs: Coming from an EP82 Starlet (back in the day) that torque steered like crazy, and an Evo 7 (still have it but the Megane is replacing this), the Megane is such a well balanced car that's amazingly fun to drive! It doesn't suffer from a traction issues or torque steer like my old FWD Starlet did, and the Megane will hopefully attract less police attention than the Evo. Hoping to get to meet some of you at a Sydney meet up some time. Cheers!
  13. Proximity locking sensor, you have the sensor but not the locking system, some models only. Came on the rear harness... leave it there
  14. That's guys I was thinking of removing it but not anymore.
  15. Central locking pickup. It's radio frequency. you can't get line of site to a satellite under the rear seats / carpet / spare tyre tray. Cheers Justin
  16. is GPS sat nav antenna Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. I initially thought TPMS receiver as well but my car (Clio III) has the thingamajig but no TPMS. Nor do any Clio IIIs as far as I know. I reckon receiver for the keyless has got to be right. There's got to be one inside the cabin somewhere and centrally located makes more sense than buried under the dash. Alternative long-shot could be a lateral g-sensor for the stability control. But the mounting is a bit flimsy for what would need to be a calibrated component.
  18. One of the worlds great mysteries, I was initially under the impression this was the receiver for the tpms sensors. It's is also commonly linked as being a "GPS antenna" but I think (pretty sure) it's actually for the key less entry system.
  19. Hey guys I was move my back seats and carpet on my Renault Megane RS265 and found this, I tried googling it but didn't find anything in English. Anyone know what this is for exactly?
  20. Which side of Victoria you on?
  21. do u guys do track day? i'm in victoria.
  22. The torsion beam is already a rear anti-roll bar. It's physically attached to both wheels, and lifts the outside wheel in response to the inside wheel lifting and so on (with respect to whatever the torsional stiffness of the beam is). Standard rollbars have bushings to pivot in their mounting to the body, just like the bushings the torsion beam is mounted on. So stiffening the torsion beam is indeed increasing the rear roll stiffness. (besides swaybars are more for tuning balance by transferring load diagonally to the other end of the car, and hence a bigger rear swaybar reducing rear grip and increasing front grip for more oversteer).
  23. Nice car to start with - enjoy!
  24. Nice one. Post up a pic.
  25. Earlier
  26. Hi guys.. Allan here. Nice to meet you all. how u guys doing? My first RS275 and first Renault ever. Hadnt drove any manual cars in 4 years and now getting the hang of it. Awesome car but couldnt drive much due to the lockdown.
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