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  2. You're already here, go for the Megane, no regrets mate!! Don't go for a cheaper car, the Megane is the most rewarding!
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  4. The VXR is the rarest of them all and really stands out. I do like them a lot, but you have to like buttons to like the interior! Almost the opposite (not necessarily a bad thing) to the new golf!
  5. My daily Clio III has seen more track use in the last 18 months than my mostly weekend M2, despite the latter being "faster". Something about being able to drive it closer to my personal limit with confidence and knowing I could walk away and start over if I binned it. I'd still cry though.
  6. I just hate the auto and more so when I want to drop it into 2nd to rev the shit out of it and it won’t let you, just wish they had release a manual. On saying that, it would still be about the same size and weight of a Meg ll and not as enjoyable as a 182
  7. Yeah the Megane just seems to focused on the track and not enough as a daily driver for me. Im also looking at the Astra VXR (its easier to find a nice one then the Megane is) but I know parts will be hard to get for it as well. So even though the Focus is the less attractive one, it would probably be best suited as a daily and cheaper to run.
  8. Fair enough! But be warned, many ST owners complain about the lack of LSD, and when two of them drove mine on the track they regretted not buying the Meg. If you can get your hands on one that has an after market LSD you might be on to a good thing. If you get a later model the sync head unit is pretty good. The ST hero colours are pretty good, the yellow almost as good as the Renault liquid yellow.
  9. Wow. You need some form of medal! Come to think of it I'm pretty sure I've read about most of them. Strange you've never had a good auto out of all of them. I must be either oblivious or I lucked out.
  10. Ive decided to look for something else now as a few things about the car has put me off and im impatient and pretty particular in what I want and there is really nothing that ticks all my boxes in these cars. Things like door handles snapping (makes it sound like Renault skimped on a few things and seems cheap) non HID headlights (in the model I want) and everyone keeps talking about how good of a track car this is, but I just want a nice quick comfortable daily driver. Im looking at a Ford Focus ST now, seems more suited to a daily driver (doesnt look as good) but seems better overall fo
  11. Jeepers people, we seem to do such a great job of talking people out of buying these things, what a weird mob we are..... @AussieGuy go find a couple for sale and have a drive. The first thing you need to decide is if it's too stiff/firm for you to daily. That is 💯 a personal opinion, asking others opinions is no substitute for the reality. As for the tracking thing, I would say perhaps 10% of the Megane 3's sold here have seen a race track, wouldn't put me off buying the right car, and potentially will have had a more pampered existence than one that's just been a daily commuter, un
  12. This. I have 2 kids and 2 dogs. I do school drops. It takes child seats. It has a big boot. Doors are big so getting into the back is easy. Lots of room. It's quick, fun and I didn't think it is expensive... Unless you go to renault dealership for servicing. From a practical point of view, its not much worse than our suzuki Vitara 4 door. But a thousand time more fun to drive. I have an RB7 and had it for 5 years. Great cars.
  13. 1 White hail damaged from qld I sold to my nephew as his first car 2 LY front damaged that I fixed and son now owns 3 LY rear damaged to fix 2 4 Black, bought first week of Jan and flipped back at auctions for easy profit 5 White stat write-off from water, undamaged otherwise waiting for an easy fix car to use it’s parts or just part out, or perfect as a trial manual conversion car undecided still so it’s sitting at my ol’mans along with a Meg lll wagon parts car that I’ll either part out or do a clone RS 265 wagon.
  14. You've had five Clio IV RSs? Why?
  15. 100% The only thing I would do is change the valve caps to some metal RS ones. Otherwise I wouldn't change a thing.
  16. Yes there’s something comforting about using your daily as a track car. All that familiarity then take it up a notch
  17. Meg 3 has seen more track use in the last 18 months than my dedicated Clio track car... The best track day car is a standard car with pads and fluid. Fight me.
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  19. Assuming you get the car for free and can find a cheap engine builder or DIY....and the LSD was fitted by the Previous owner.....and horrendous ride quality on coilovers, sounds like a Mega daily.... Your experience with Renault parts availability is clearly different to mine as well, finding a spare Meg 3 is way easier these days is way easier than a spare Clio 2. I get most parts ex Europe in about 5 days, sometimes less. But as you say, back to OP, many assumptions being made about the situation, like he has space for a 'spares' car. Back to reality..... hands up all of you t
  20. I would say a 5-door is the best option. Unless both you and your wife are Pilates instructors. At 15k you could get a nice 07-09 225 Cup and save some money for maintenance... or a Quaife LSD and a new clutch/flywheel. But modifying cars does not add value and if you don't like the car and decide to sell it you will never get that money back. Best test drive one and see if you like it. Also test drive a mint Manual Golf GTI, Mk5 or Mk6 will do the trick, they are more upmarket than the Megane but will still have the same type maintenance costs. I would hazard a guess th
  21. But..,back to OP’s post about best Renault, I can only advise that if this car needs to be available at all times, then consider a Renault that is plentiful as parts can take a while to get. To some extent, that would mean the 182 would be a good choice as it’s almost cheap enough where you can pick one up as a spares car. 197s on the other hand…
  22. Not difficult. K-frank (160kW at the wheels), coilovers and a good set of tyres. With $15K you’d like have change to tweak gear ratios and add an LSD. The thing about Hondas is a lot of OEM parts can be swapped around.
  23. 10s is possible in the Accord Euro but a lot of work would need to be done. There was one on Ozhonda with some head work, intake, suspension etc that did a 1:13.9(148kw atw). I agree though, the Meg 3 would be the option to go for.
  24. An Accord Euro doing 10's at WP, must have missed something. If you can get past the 2 door thing Meg 3 is the correct answer. Beyond regular maintenance it requires nothing for track day prep assuming you are not chasing a lap time. Even stock pads will be more than up to it.
  25. They get knocked for a reason as that auto is shite. Ive bought five and would only ever keep one if I could cheaply do a manual conversion.
  26. Dont knock it til you drive one
  27. I’d probably get a Clio iv if it came with a manual
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