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  2. RSI97

    Clio 197 [BNE]

    Hey @Apu! Not much news, although I did take her out for the first time on a track over the weekend. Addiction confirmed! haha I have a long list of things I'm chipping away at but basically I'm looking to keep it pretty standard, it's a very fine machine as it was from the factory, although I might look into mapping out the flat spot in the low end of the RPM. I don't have truck loads of cash to spend unfortunately so my long list is basically just servicing costs and restoring things like the steering wheel and drivers seat bolsters for example, also not happy with the paint job on t
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  4. Apu

    Clio 197 [BNE]

    I know it’s not been long but any more news? What are your plans for this little thing?! I happen to have a silver 197 as well, so keen to compare notes.
  5. Welcome. Great spec, the Gordini!
  6. I've been amazed at how simple and cleverly designed the engines are. I've played with other 70s engines in the past and they're way heavier, larger and more complex for not much benefit. Now the important question, what's your engine in?
  7. Still in Melbourne? Gotta love a big butt 225. Yumm
  8. You're not alone in having an R16 powered vehicle here although yours is probably a lot more fun than mine is.
  9. Last week
  10. Ah bummer, I doubt I'll have it ready in time. The list of stuff to fix is sadly pretty long, and spare time is short. If I can get the basics sorted I'll be there.
  11. Nice one. Bring it along this Sunday! The first ever Clio 3 only day.
  12. Howdy All, I'm the proud new owner of a Gordini Clio 3 rs200. It was the one from South Aus that was advertised on FB marketplace. It needs a few bits and pieces. I've already sorted the dead wipers (seized mechanism), and its booked in for timing belt this week. Apart from that I know I'll be needing to do engine mounts, front strut top mounts and probably 100 other bits and pieces I find along the way. It's my first foray into Renault cars, but not Renault engines. I'm almost finished with a COVID project that's powered by a Renault 16 engine which I enjoyed rebuilding..
  13. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and what you are doing.. I gave up trying to going any further with the AUTEL due to lack of any experience with Renaults. I ended up buying a Cheap OBD Scanner called a TonWon Pro BLE 4.0 from Amazon for $25 and bought OBD Fusion (one time) from Appstore for $15. Played around with it this afternoon with the megane, Still working out all that the App will do !
  14. has anyone done this to there megane just want a heads up of procedure how to do before i do it cheers
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  16. I have been looking at these pay for subscribing obd 2 services. They seem okay but cannot find one review of someone using them with a Renault. Carly is the other version I was looking at. Problem is that I am unsure if they can really diagnose well enough with the Renault's. I have a generic OBD2 with torque app that can clear codes and do basic stuff but does not explain deeper as to what is wrong. I did find this obd scanner which does have Renault reviews and can do what Renault CLIP can do. It's more pricyand I am unsure if it works with other cars. http://www.diagnos
  17. I am looking for a Entry level DIY Scanner to be used on my RS Megane. I was thinking of buying a AUTEL AP200M OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner that works with a Android Device or Iphone. Anyone using one of these , or any other Entry Level OBD2 Scanners that work well with our Renaults ? https://www.amazon.com/Autel-Bluetooth-Diagnostic-Throttle-Services/dp/B08BJR7RW3/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=AP200M&qid=1617523488&sr=8-3
  18. Yeah, I like it! The 19s make a bit more harsh on the road (and tyres probably a lot more expensive!), but they go well together. Not sure if you had a choice with the Monaco GP when purchasing new, but they certainly suit.
  19. looks smart in white and black rims
  20. Thank you very much!. Now have to get the old WRX ready for sale. Crap photo, I know, but I stopped on the way to work 237. Do you want a pic of that too
  21. TBH, I haven't had a close look in there, but it looks like there's not much room. I have a bugeye WRX which is a PITA to bleed the cooling system. Are the RS easy to bleed? Looking at the expansion tank, the coolant looks quite diluted since the water pump was replaced. I'll have to put the litmus paper in there to check. Just found out today from the dealer that no parts are available from Sydney/Melbourne because Renault have shut shop for 2 weeks. Not sure what that's about, but it's bloody inconvenient!
  22. Yep pictures and edition number or it never happened.....
  23. Welcome. Great choice!
  24. congrats on the purchase! you will have a lot of fun with your car.
  25. Yeh the termostats go at around that time. I had 2 x 265s and both needed to be done. i did 1 myself and it was straight forward but a pain in the knuckles lol
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