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  2. Is that the timing belt change and major service for a total of 1700? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. MikeSK

    BNE - R275 Trophy

    I’d be keen to find out more about track days. Just bought a 265 cup premium with stage 2 tune and something done to the exhaust (loves to pop and burble in Race mode!). Previous owner didn’t explain the exhaust mods well (he bought like that).
  4. Mountain runs mate. Pretty sure can go into nsw no probs.
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  6. Thanks mate, will contact them.
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  8. Hi mate, welcome, as for tune in SA try https://www.facebook.com/HainesMechanicalAndDetail/
  9. Itcho


    renault megane 265 r.s gday guys,just wanting to know where i can purchase a cold air intake for megane 265 r.s,im in melbourne,thankyou.
  10. Hi, welcome. A lot of us have gone with off the shelf tunes. Four of my past six Renault’s have been plug and play. No issues, despite the horror stories you’ll hear.
  11. Thanks for the welcome. I noticed that, quite a few places said they had no experience with Renaults. Graham West motors did say they can tune the Megane, but I asked them a few years ago, so that might have changed.
  12. Hi and welcome Not a lot of tuning experience around Adelaide for RS models. You might also like to join our local FB group. RenaultsportSA
  13. Hi All, Just wanted to say hi as I've been a lurker for a while now. I've owned my RS 275 for three years now and the warranty is almost up, so I'm now starting to look at tuning. Been interesting reading all the topics you have all made, thanks for that.
  14. woosh

    Hertz brought me here

    +1, looking forward to open borders. Are you talking city lap cruises on a Friday night? 😅 or mountain runs?
  15. Check out the Social Events section. The SEQ guys are pretty active socially.
  16. More stickers now in the mail. Enjoy and thanks people 🤟
  17. Earlier
  18. Sorry to hear. Hope the rest of the year starts looking better sooner rather than later.
  19. So, I got surprised with a move towards a breakup, so I'm going to have to put the car on the back burner till I figure out what's going on. Just as I thought 2020 couldn't get any worse.
  20. How did you go with the new headlights?
  21. I also hired a Megane RS 265 from Hertz on the Gold Coast (I live on the GC) which helped confirm my need for one. It still took a couple more years to get around to it but it was worth the wait! Only had my 2014 265 Premium Cup for about 2 weeks but loving it as a daily so far and looking forward to the boarders opening up soon so I can get into those b roads in northern NSW as well. Anyone in this forum go for cruises in GC or Brisvegas?
  22. With a bit of luck, the fan might just need a bit of warmth and dry air. Otherwise, for the money if the history is there it could be a good buy. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  23. Well I procrastinated on the last one... Does anyone know this car? It looks like with a bit of tlc it could be a good option. 2011 Renault Megane RENAULT SPORT 250 CUP TROPHEE Manual Hatchback
  24. I’ve bought both my sons a RS Clio 182 Cup. Both under $5K, so not a big hit from my pocket, and I can service their cars for them. What would I want them to buy themselves is a different proposition. As a parent you want a safe reliable car. Also not an expensive car as they are more than likely to write-off their first car. In your case, if they were to blow $10-12K on a stock Clio they may as well get a RS. Though as a first car K’s, condition isn’t as much of a concern so they may as well buy the cheapest RS (or other) when the odds are they’ll prang it anyway.
  25. Ok, in Brissy with 53,000
  26. My daughter has a FRB Clio Expression. She’s been pretty happy with it - zero issues.
  27. Good point re km, but have a look at one close to budget and with reasonable km and make an offer. They are so good, it's worth a try if nothing else. For what it's worth, the current prices are what they were at a year ago, so it's worth offering, particularly given how slowly the car market is moving.
  28. That car's got 178,000km on it. No thanks.
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