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  2. Twisty roads ???? NOT - take it Phillip Island and get serious !!!
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  4. Could not agree more - the 182 is the best excitement machine this side of a Porsche GT3 !!!
  5. I’ve seen a couple of belts shred a few teeth, and a couple more with shagged idler or tensioner pulleys, all equally unhealthy and expensive!
  6. I'd be more interested in the state of the pulleys and tensioners....never seen or heard of a belt itself snapping.
  7. So this was my timing belt. Glad I changed it out. 10yrs old and original. Had been serviced regularly by Renault dealership. How's yours Chris? Had any replacement cambelts?
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  9. Nicely done. Those guys at Capalaba do quality work. I've been there for a few of my cars in the past. Reasonably priced and happy to work with you on what you want, and also explain the work that needs to be done.
  10. Adz

    BNE - R275 Trophy

    Its been a while, but the downpipe has finally been done. (Covid delayed it a little) Custom 3 inch off the turbo all the way down to sleeve onto the existing Akra system. After coming highly recommended by another Meg owner, I got the car to https://menatworkexhausts.com.au/ to custom make the DP with sports cat and new flex pipe. Im really slack and should have got some photos to show the size difference. The stock flex pipe shrinks down very small where it enters and exits the flex. The volume has increased a little as has the pops and bangs. My wife drove the car this morni
  11. I've not had the chance to experiment since i got mine done, but given how quickly 2nd gear disappears now, I can see how that sorta improvement is possible!
  12. Yes lad! I just took mine for a spirited drive tonight - got a 5.6s 0-100 compared to 6.7s stock!
  13. But wouldn't you rather have the truck carrying cargo on the way back west instead of driving back empty? I guess it depends on where the company/truck is based.
  14. My Bluefin just rocked up. I guess I know what I'm doing tonight.
  15. Rock, everything mentioned above by everyone is absolutely valid. But Ill keep it simple for you: Its the most fun car you'll ever own and they are an absolute joy to drive. Treat it well and it will be fine. Would recommend to anyone who is a proper driver to buy one. Take it on your favourite twisty road and never look back
  16. If you're tall then you will definitely want the lowered set base (if recaro), it makes a world of difference. These cars are getting on a bit and some will require parts, but IMO once you do the car will last quite a while and be very enjoyable! My experience my be a little different to some others but I have found the car quite reliable and not super expensive to fix but that may be because I like to do most work myself. Two biggest things for these cars (any 197 or 200): 1. Timing belt change. If this hasn't been done within 4-5 years or 100K kms then budget 1000-1200 for rep
  17. I've owned both 197 and 200. They're both fantastic drives on both road and track. Highly recommended.
  18. Not when you can fill the truck coming east against an empty truck going west where you pay extra for the empty spots.
  19. I would have expected it to be cheaper heading west if there is less demand for space, and more expensive heading east with more demand
  20. Might be of interest for some - I had our Phase I transported from Sydney to Brisbane on Monday. Was a door to door service, was picked up in the morning and arrived at night. Trailer was amazing and was allowed to put in a few things which was great as we are moving. Cost was very fair at $880 including insurance.
  21. We've actually been working on this for a January '21 kickoff. The plugin that was used for the site was no longer compatible with the latest upgrade, so we've sourced a new one. It looks like this is now installed (as the tags are now back). Stay tuned for the new tag (which is ready to go) to hit the store.
  22. Yeah lets wipe 2020 like the dirty cretin it was and show we are all in support of good things in 21' Ok it hasn't started off real good but there's still 11mths to sort it out. C'mon @Moosey we need a shining light...
  23. Well, not anymore, but it was. Cloth seats (non recaro), black seat belts, no front sensors, no folding mirrors, no proximity key, halogen headlights, 18's, absolute povo pack!
  24. I couldn't wait and drove down, the man just sold it to me so well.
  25. Now I'm super keen for mine to turn up! I don't think it's been shipped yet though. Sadface.
  26. Let me know if it's worth !!! I'll be shortly buying one after if so xD
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