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  1. Matt205

    New to the club

    There's a few of us that have done the retrofit so let us know if you decide to go that way.
  2. Matt205

    New to the club

    Down the Rabbit hole we go...... So you need the Screen, the Head Unit, the aux/USB hub. You don't actually need the harness, just bits of it. You could replace the entire harness but it's a dash out job and that's a much bigger job than just integrating the bits into the existing one without removing the dash.
  3. Matt205

    New to the club

    Yeah, no idea about updates, but generally accepted it's a bit crap. Good thing about the later one is you can run Android Auto for Nav and also media options. Plus RS Monitor of course!
  4. Matt205

    New to the club

    So it's the unit with the SD card next to the screen?
  5. Matt205

    New to the club

    Does it have RS Monitor?
  6. Matt205

    New to the club

    Which Nav unit do you have?
  7. Matt205

    New to the club

    Honestly I'd start with the centre res delete and see how you like it. But if you do change the back box I would strongly recommend a good quality muffler over a hotdog or resonator. Hahaha, red leds, good for the night vision! I did something slightly more subtle and fitted red led strips to the inside of my door pockets for something a bit different.
  8. Matt205

    New to the club

    Plus one to @walkie86 comment above. It's easy to make it louder, but even easier to make it sound shit. Unfortunately the F4RT is just not a engine that lends itself to open or smaller mufflers in my opinion. It's also a very personal topic, what some people will like many others won't. Res delete gives the increased pop's and bangs, but a smaller, cheapo muffler or deleting it altogether seems to remove it and just introduce drone. I'd also think long and hard about BOV's, not sure there's an upside there apart from the noise, which again is a personal thing.
  9. To be frank that version of satnav is pretty useless, and no RS Monitor functionality, which means no pedal map adjustments and other RS Monitor toys. At least the later RLink setup can be updated for Android Auto so can use Waze or Google maps and AA audio streaming. So if the satnav is one of the buying points this version will give you the shits I suspect. I'd go the 8:08.....
  10. Who needs mods anyway.....
  11. Nothing wrong with pearl white, whilst I appreciate Liquid Yellow I personally couldn't own it. Akra is a nice bonus but if you get lucky you can maybe find one and add later. As for Alcantara, honestly it's no harder to maintain than leather or cloth, it goes bad cause people never clean it, same for the steering wheels. It's super easy to clean with warm water and a small amount of detergent and a microfiber cloth.
  12. All Meg 3 RS's have aluminium control arms.
  13. Matt205

    New to the club

    Prepare to be harshly judged if you choose the wrong wheels! 🤣
  14. Matt205

    New to the club

    First rule of cupholders is; you don't talk about cup holders......
  15. Matt205

    New to the club

    Yep sounds like normal diff behaviour, welcome aboard!
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