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  1. Yep, I'll throw down for keeping it simple. Short shifter is a waste of time and effort in my opinion, owners seem to rave generally, but personally found it made the shift baulky and awkward, there's really nothing wrong with it, a mod for mods sale in my opionon. I would strongly suggest you drive someones car with the mod before you commit. I went down a totally different path with mine. Welcome aboard!
  2. Camry RZ all the way.....
  3. Honestly, as @Gambit, @Moosey, @lachlan8, @63x1092, myself and many others on here can attest, just buy anything that pops up for sale and convince significant other that you are doing to sell on for profit. They eventually lose track with careful shuffling. And the perfect RS is any that you happen to be driving at the time. Adding @rob 240 and @walkie86 to the above list of tragics....
  4. I still use e-go regularly, and have no major dramas with them. Comment I would make is when looking at reviews you'll only read the bad ones, frankly this whole 'rate everything' mindset we all have now is ridiculous.
  5. Ahh, Paul's old car..... Welcome Mate!
  6. Was going to same, is it really? So the 'expensive' timing belt service is not just a thing with these, every car with a timing belt requires changing, many mainstream boring cars have a lower mileage threshold with a similar expense. I really wish people would stop intimating this is a Renault exclusive thing and that it's "expensive" it really is no more than any other belt drive twin cam. Only comment here would be that you need someone with the correct tools to do it, but again most modern belt driven cars have specific tools to do the job correctly. The issue is exacerbated by many w
  7. Matt205

    What a car!

    Plus need to be sure the juice is worth the squeeze with downpipe and intercooler. Downpipe appears to be somewhat effective, but IMO too many people reporting higher engine and oil temps with aftermarket coolers.
  8. Matt205

    What a car!

    Be nice if some of those FB meetups were also posted up on here for those of us non FB types......
  9. Matt205

    What a car!

    Let me be the boring voice of reason. Assuming you've not had it long, just enjoy it for a bit, grow into it and wait and see what you want to do. Gives you the chance to decide for yourself what's effective from what's fashionable. If its got average tyres on it now that'd be step one. Res delete is also valid if not done already for more noise without drone.
  10. Like that muppet would know what he's talking about.....😉
  11. I'd be more interested in the state of the pulleys and tensioners....never seen or heard of a belt itself snapping.
  12. There's Clio IV front lips on Ali as well.
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