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  1. No prob, my understanding is that there's a few tuners around that use RS Tuner as as the interface into the Renault ECU's.
  2. Wow, that's an impressive Lurk! RS Tuner seems to be a logical choice.
  3. Might be one of things that was meant to be dealer fitment so could be a bit random. I don't remember them on 28.
  4. Ha, well there you go, I don't remember mine having that, just the plaque in the bay and the sticker near the interior light.
  5. Umm, right, now I get it.... I don't recall the door sill trims being numbered or anything?
  6. The 18-19 thing is a pet peev of mine, frankly if you're that soft buy a Camry....😉 There is a small trade off in ride quality but a much bigger benefit in steering feel and accuracy on proper tyres. Don't get me started about morons who fit 17's or crap tyres, saving money on tyres is NOT a thing on a performance car. I actually went from 18's to 19's and would never go back.
  7. Nice! For gentle track days the stock pads are just fine, just change the fluid to decent quality, I run penrite race fluid and have had no problems. If you have an android phone I would thoroughly recommend having android auto enabled on the R-Link, takes it from a bit pointless/gimicky to very usable. If you are an Apple fanboi you'll already be basking in your own sense of self supremacy so disregard me entirely.
  8. Matt205

    Hey hey!

    Can't help with the cup holder situation, proper coffee only comes in one size anyway, anything that you have to choose a size should be avoided..... Res delete will sort the pops and crackles, be careful changing mufflers, easy to making overly loud and boomy, a very personal choice.
  9. Filters, intakes, cams, exhausts, tunes etc are frankly a total waste of time on an F4R, there are gains but they are not value for money, plus more likey to end in catastrophic engine failure. What's telling is that you could easily spend 15k on throttle bodies, rods, pistons, ecu and find 30-40 HP. On a Turbo Megane you can spend $700 on a tune for the same gains. Stock brakes are more than up to the task for sprints assuming good brake fluid. Good rubber for sure, if you want to go mad on spending coin an LSD is a way better use of funds than cracking open the motor. The value from some proper driver training with good, experienced instructors cannot be understated. That does not mean a mate who's faster than you cause he drives a WRX and has done a few more track days......
  10. Welcome mate, I too like that colour! Resonator removal is a great and simple mod, wouldn't worry about a tune, make sure it's got good rubber and just enjoy it for a while. Looks like a French Highway Patrol car 😉
  11. What's the fix? Buy a Meg 3
  12. Too much cabbage?
  13. Assume it will come with a goo can and compressor? I am personally more than comfortable with that option, sure there's a chance of damage that goo can't fix but it's a percentage risk thing for me. I'd prefer that to unrestrained full size spare in the boot.
  14. Matt205

    Floor Mats for 265

    Not exactly cheap when you count shipping.
  15. At the right $'s I'd take a punt on a car with a sketchy service history. These things are pretty robust, if it drives well, has the features you want and is in decent cosmetic shape negotiate a price based on lack of history and go for it. At least if you have the maintenance carried out you know it's done.
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