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  1. Matt205

    A Newbie

    Welcome aboard! Black on Black, great combo but I could be biased.
  2. Really sorry to hear about this. Was the day competitive? Not sure if you want to go there but I have seen Insurance payout on days deemed "Driver Training". Apart from that probably going to come down to being realistic about the value of the remains. If you have the inclination to pull it apart and flog bits yourself there's probably more in it, but if you want to sell as a whole it's likely less valuable. I've purchased a few W/O's from the Auctions so can probably give a reasonable opinion on values, happy to chat privately if it helps you out.
  3. Should have offered a free haircut......😜
  4. So @FredV6is actually a MkIV Megane RS....
  5. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/anstead/cars-vans-utes/2014-renault-megane-rs-265-trophy-6-sp-manual-3d-coupe/1280185425?utm_source=com.samsung.android.app.simplesharing&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=android_VIP_sticky
  6. Wow that went off on a tangent..... I've been off picking pansies, questioning my manhood, and repenting for my sins of having brands other than Renault in my current and past fleet. Sincere apologies. Again, sorry for providing useful information to a heathen, my only shining light of hope is that, at some stage, a true believer stumbles across my offering and finds it useful. The problem with 'wit' in a forum setting is that often only 'half' of it is apparent.
  7. I removed the Chick Magnet from mine, was dead weight.....😉
  8. Final point though, if you are the type of person that has your phone in a mount on the dash or (god forbid) windscreen, then the RLink, nav stuff is probably all a bit pointless. In that case I'd be looking for a 265 with Bi-Xenons and RSMonitor 1. Just to add confusion! My phone goes straight into the center console bin connected via USB to the RLink and stays there. My personal opinion is that phones shouldn't be visible or with in reach of the driver.
  9. I would say RLink is worthwhile especially if you are an Android user, takes it to a very useable place. I haven't seen anyone yet confirm if Apple CarPlay works or not? I started with a base model 250 Cup but have just added the stuff I wanted, including Bi-Xenons. I tend to keep cars for a while so I have been able to add the bits I wanted over time. The biggest advantage is I have the will and probably, experience, to tackle the work myself. Having someone do all the mods I have done would be a very expensive excercise assuming you could find someone that would even contemplate ta
  10. GPSv2 will be RLink. Bi-Xenons can be retrofitted, but it's not totally plug and play, you need to run HID resistors or get all the extra bits that go along with the headlight units, but you also need to find them. RLink retrofit is an advanced level wiring project but doable if you have those skills. The Recaro's are not at all uncomfortable in my opinion, a little more difficult to get in and out of, but once your seated they are great. I did plenty of Sydney-Canberra runs in mine and never felt they were too hard. None of the face-lift cars had Xenons, let alone Bi-Xenons.
  11. For me it was DIY, I honestly don't think you'd find an Autoelec willing to even take it on. I have done my Laguna as well, and helped a forum member do it in their 265. The upgrade for a Carminat equipped car is not that difficult. You need the screen, the head unit and the SD card reader, the existing joystick will work even though the labels are a little different. You need to be confident with cutting and splicing into wiring looms though.
  12. No, not quite. Let me clarify, there are 3 display options in the Meg 3 range. RS Monitor 1 - This is the smaller mono LCD display, shows time, radio/cd/media info and also outside temp. It also displays the RS Monitor info, lap times, g force etc. In Sport mode it also allows you to change pedal maps and a few other settings. Carminat Sat Nav I know very little about this apart from it's a larger colour LCD, 5 or 6 inch? Displays time, media, radio etc and also has SatNav function that is not highly regarded. Usually has reverse camera. Has the SD card slot next to the scr
  13. If you want Bi-Xenons and R-Link/RS Monitor 2 your only option is an RB8 (Red Bull special edition), but is has Recaro CS's and sounds like you want the standard style seats. If all you want is the bigger screen i.e. SatNav version then various 265's had that fitted. Just my 2c though, the non RLink Sat Nav is generally regarded as being a bit rubbish, plus you lose RS Monitor and therefore throttle maps and a few other toys. You will likely get reverse camera though. I wouldn't be concerned about K's if the service history is good. just about all have auto wipers/lights, excep
  14. I suppose you could use something like the Can Clip tool or DDT4ALL to electronically disable the ABS. That would be a pretty hardcore solution though for just buying the wrong parts. It would be more likely (and way simpler) to open the cluster and physically disable the warning light. My final thought is, and it's been ages since I played with Clio rear brakes, does the early PH2 even run sensors/rings on the rear? Maybe the addition of ESP also added the rears sensors? ESP relies on a signal from all four wheels, perhaps the ABS is only worried about front wheel locking?
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