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  1. Matt205

    Old fart BNE

    One way to avoid Corona and flight cancellations!
  2. It won't effect warranty, it's a plug in, change setting, reboot R-Link, unplug, job done. There's no physical modification done to the car. I dare say that the dealer could.do this change, not sure what they'd charge though.
  3. In the how to as well, if you're handy with a soldering iron it's pretty simple.
  4. It seems that's it's a bit of an unofficial feature, not listed in any updates, but with ddt4all software (free) and a modded obd cable it can be enabled, frankly it transforms R-Link into a much more useful platform. So much so that I retro fitted an R-Link into my 250. There's a "how to" in the ICE section.
  5. Sorry mate, wrong one! Let me see if I can find that one for you. Personally not been a fan of short shift mods in the past, but always willing to experiment if it's cheap and easily reveresable.
  6. Does require a specific or modified obd cable. I do have one, happy to help enable Android auto.
  7. Hey Mate, welcome! RS-Link, map updates probably depends on cost, other option is to enable Android Auto (if you're an Android user). No updates required and using an app like Waze gives you up to the minute traffic and speed camera info. Brightness of the instrument panel is controlled via an adjustment wheel to the right of the steering wheel.
  8. Hmm, there's mufflers and there's mufflers though, easy to get it wrong and end up with a horrible drony nightmare. Consensus seems to be removing the resonator alone gives more pops and bangs without extra noise/drone.
  9. Matt205

    Hey guys

    Is it worth the hassle though would be my question?
  10. Plus the gains from a decat are somewhere between 0 and f'all. This is another one of these viral 'must have' mods that seem to eminate from the old country, right up there with running smaller than stock rims "cause unsprung weight". Res delete, absolutely, decat not worth the effort or risk.
  11. There's a very simple DIY short shift option too.
  12. A few of us purchased the Nighteye, now called Novsight brand. Important to find ones with quality csp chips mounted in the Centerline of the globe body, 6000k or less anything higher will be too blue, look cheesy and attract unwanted attention I suspect. There'sa whole thread on this subject that got a little heated around legality, I'm not commentating further on that subject, but I know from my own experience that quality LED globes will not dazzle other drivers, the light pattern is identical in my case to a halogen, just better light output.
  13. Actually my advise would be buy some not so cheap LED's ~$50 for a pair, better than HID's.
  14. I suspect the update headlights would be much better with 'illegal' led globes. Steevs look better in all black, but that's a personal taste thing. I live with Pole positions everyday and have no complaints, had CS's and found them to be comfortable too.
  15. I have a set of rears, with springs, will get you half way! There was a set of fronts on eBay from a seller in France recently for ~$3 K for the pair. Having fitted Ohlins to mine, and also having driven a few TR's as well, they are impressive. Cool car the Trophy, enjoy and I if I can help out at all I'd be happy to.
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