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  1. 12v doesn't necessarily indicate a good battery.
  2. Really unlikely that the diag would have hurt the ECU. More likely that the OBD isn't setup correctly. Is the battery charged and in decent shape?
  3. Matt205

    No compression

    When was the timing belt changed?
  4. Ride quality of course is better on 18's but no way is 'handling' better. People really need to stop pushing that line. It's OK to prefer 18's, but its not ok to say it improves handling performance.
  5. Guess who's back, back again.... Hey man, good to see you back in the fold!
  6. Had to run outside and make sure mine was still in the drive! Looks the same from that angle, mines a mere 250 though.....same wheels and an Akra, from there we diverge! Nice one!
  7. Its not a problem, infact many modern cars do this to aid cooling and reduce heat soak after shutdown.
  8. I can see myself in one of these at some point....just need one to pop up at Pickles, repairable, in Grey please, manual or even EDC, but must have diff, am I asking too much? Nice thing @Kev!
  9. For what its worth, I mainly use the site on my mobile, in a browser, and this default skin seems infinitely more readable on a mobile browser!
  10. Those diamonds just don't quite look symmetrical.....maybe its just me being a little picky though.
  11. Looks like a 275 Trophy, so will be Liquid Yellow, Turini's and an Akra exhaust.
  12. Jeez, we're leaving you hanging here! So yellow is obviously not going to be to everyone's taste, and the yellow in the 250 isn't the hero Liquid Yellow of the later cars. Resale will be more to do with how you price it at the time as much as anything. How is it priced compared right now against similar cars? If it's way cheaper and been for sale for longer then that should tell you what you need to know. Ultimately do you like it? If so just buy it and enjoy it, if you feel you're comprising just move along. Not really sure that was even vaguely helpful! 😁
  13. Surely having to live in the UK deserves a reward such as this? Nice, Capsicum Red FTW!
  14. Compromise and do a sleeveless hoodie? 😛
  15. It's potentially a free upgrade assuming you have R-Link already. You just need the compatible OBDII cable and a copy of DDT4ALL which can be downloaded. Or a friendly forum member with the above to help you out. I guess you could ask a dealer to enable, but as far as I know it's not an "official" option. The reality is the MFD unit is somewhat generic and used by many manufacturers which would explain why it's there but perhaps not offered as an option by some. It definitely works on AA, I use it everytime I'm in the car.
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