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  1. There would be very few free spinning engines these days given emissions v. performance requirements.
  2. Pretty sure there's a spare leather steering wheel that could be thrown in to the deal on that 275 Trophy..........just sayin 😉...... I actually find the Meg to be quite practical, good sized boot, seats that fold easily, plus with the seats folded my Akra exhaust sounds like the ducks nuts!
  3. Fair enough, just an FYI a steering wheel re-trim is ~250 from my experience....
  4. Personally I think if you are talking about a part time fun car you'll kick yourself for not picking up a car with Recaro's, ingress egress issues aside (and you have to be pretty soft to complain about that) I find them very comfortable even on my regular Sydney-Canberra run. As for Alcantara, assume the concern is around wear n tear? I had a wheel trimmed in Alcantara 2 years ago and it still looks great, I have cleaned it once with warm soapy water, a light bristled brush and it comes up looking new again. If you just don't like the look of it then that's a whole other thing. Blatant shout out to the 275 Trophy that @camsmyth has for sale on here at the moment, stonking value and more likely to retain value than any 265.
  5. Nice car that! DaveJay on here should be able to help, he's Central coast. Or just go and get a blue slip and see what happens....
  6. White console in the Monaco GP limited edition, so there's 2 F'ups from when marketing beats good taste..... Sent from my Redmi 3S using Tapatalk
  7. I'm never wrong, and pinstripes are for gangster suits not Megne wheels, they do that sh*t on Veloser's, nuff said.
  8. Yeah Mate, all good PM me and we'll work it out. You could even do it on site if it makes it easier for you.
  9. Probably enough of us here with stuff they could lend out if you ask nicely!
  10. Matt205

    I'm Back!

    Did you end up shifting the Meg? (sorry to bring it up!)
  11. There's your problem, I bought $20 ones and they work fine....
  12. Like Alex said, drive and you will know. The EDC in my limited experience is great. I'll wager problem boxes will likely be one's that are bought as and driven like a traditional Auto. You need to treat these dgs's, edc's, PDK's etc as a manual box, so things like creeping uphill to traffic lights, holding it on throttle on hills etc are a no no. These bad habits overheat and prematurely wear out the clutch and I reckon are the most likely cause of failures or issues with these gearboxes regardless of make. The problem is they are sold as 'Auto'.......it's a manual box with an automated clutch. Simple answer for the paddles not moving with the wheel, shouldn't be changing gears mid corner!
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