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  1. griffyn


    Welcome to the fold.
  2. I frequently receive tales from my girl of annoyed BMW and Audi drivers who have no idea what it is. It's fun. Would be better with an LSD, and the perfohub, but it's fun.
  3. ooooh - that's news. What are you keen on?
  4. Nah- it's just spanked whenever possible.
  5. Thought I'd stick my nose in again and see who's about still I'm now in a 265 Cup, having moved on from an LY Clio IV 200 Cup, a 225 Ph1, and a BO 182 Cup. The family truck is a GT220, and I've an older toy in the garage too for those who are into vintage Renault.
  6. I think I last saw that plate on something very large and british at Rob Roy... Good to have you aboard.
  7. Dunno if it's related but I'm getting this in Chrome/OSX
  8. griffyn


    Welcome. For what they're capable of, they're an amazing little thing Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  9. I disagree. The pads on the 200T could be a bit more bitey - and I noticed a drop in dust moving from stockers to ds2500s in my old Clio.
  10. BOOYAH. Nice choice. Welcome!
  11. I've bought one car with my head, and never really recovered for the entire time I owned it. Go with your heart, it's more rewarding Welcome aboard!
  12. Welcome aboard. It seems the ph1 is enjoying a renaissance at the moment. Last RCCV meet it was the most populous model there.
  13. I MUST SEE PHOTOS! Welcome.
  14. Mike will be glad the Clio's still in good hands. Good to see you back. Mégane is a bruiser, particularly post-remap, but definitely point-and-shoot compared to the Clio.
  15. The word filter is a bit off c_o_a_r_s_e gets filtered because a***.
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