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  1. Treat the newbies with kid gloves. They soon sort out if they're here for an argument or will join the community - no flames required (save them for the marshmallows ) Ive seen too many communities centred around bullshit calling people out for different taste, that said I've had a fair bit of crap thrown my way for liking small underpowered cars. Play nicely thanks gents, and back on topic. If you don't want to help, save your words for elsewhere.
  2. You'll probably want to do more research, and come up to speed with the model names. We don't refer to cars by their model year, but their designation - The Mégane 3 RS came in three derivatives, 250, 265, and 275; all of these had further named trim levels, and special editions - with one in particular not having the LSD equipped in all others
  3. Welcome... back? Good luck with your hunt.
  4. This exchange has made my day, thank you folks! 😂
  5. Nice that the ARDC does this The Member must be a frontline worker or first responder. Proof of ID is required. The Renault Car Club of Vic recently increased their annual subs to $65... but the first responders' discount is pretty awesome. Might suggest the same happen in the RCCV
  6. I've had and run as a daily as well as used in competition a Clio 2, Megane 225, and a Clio IV. I currently run a meg 265 as a daily. The Clio 2 is getting older now, and I'd hesitate to recommend it for a daily when kids are involved due to its age and size. The 225 was definitely fun, and hugely rapid, but does lack the playful nature of the Clio 2. The meg 3 is again not as raw as the meg 2, but more capable again, and access to the rear for kids is fine. Unless you're in a tight park. 😅 If the priority is daily, go the meg 3. If the priority is trackwork then I'd aim f
  7. I find it interesting that you went with your heart on the sensible car. They're both exactly the same size, so the extra load area available in the wagon would have been a more sensible choice. 😋 Also a tasty wagon is nice. Hope you enjoy.
  8. Looks fine, and a nice even spread. You've worked them nicely
  9. You're not alone in having an R16 powered vehicle here although yours is probably a lot more fun than mine is.
  10. griffyn


    Welcome to the fold.
  11. I frequently receive tales from my girl of annoyed BMW and Audi drivers who have no idea what it is. It's fun. Would be better with an LSD, and the perfohub, but it's fun.
  12. ooooh - that's news. What are you keen on?
  13. Nah- it's just spanked whenever possible.
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