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  1. SamR

    New GT 220 owner

    They're probably confusing it with the Meg IV GT which has the 1.6L Turbo engine like in the Clio IV RS instead of the F4RT 2.0L Turbo in your Meg 3
  2. SamR

    Clio Sport 182 Cup

    A lot of people have used a guy in Adelaide for their steering wheel refurbs. There's a whole thread here covering that topic: http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/topic/20548-steering-wheel-refurb-thread-all-models/
  3. SamR

    Clio Sport 182 Cup

    Welcome across to OZRS from another former Aussiefrogger and 205 GTi owner, and congrats on the purchase! I jumped ship and bought my Titanium 182 Cup almost 10 years ago and am still enjoying every drive in it As mentioned above, a quick pull (or push) on the driver's side window button should have it go up (or down) with one touch. For the steering wheel - the Australian sun is not kind to them - I guess you could try cleaning and treating the leather (not sure if it really is leather...). Mine really needs to be re-covered. I'm still on my original exhaust - haven't looked recently for any corrosion, and my car is almost at 160,000 km now. Haven't really heard of issues with corrosion. I had my clutch replaced last year as the pressure plate was going (was very stiff to operate), and Julian from RenoTech recommended I replace it to avoid another part in the clutch linkage (can't remember what exactly, but apparently no longer available new) from failing due to the extra strain. The clutch itself still had plenty of material and was in great condition otherwise - but I guess that depends on the operator.
  4. 172s came with a spare wheel, and "single exhaust" (hidden behind bumper). It's the 182 which has no provision for a spare wheel as it has 2 mufflers under the boot floor for its dual exhaust with twin exhaust tips protruding from under the bottom of the rear bumper.
  5. Welcome and congrats on the purchase!
  6. Fair enough, as a software tester I wouldn't have been expecting things to go smoothly so would have warned people of the possibility of problems... I've been doing this too long, so am pessimistic about these things 😜
  7. Was there a post notifying of the plan to upgrade? Would help if there was one indicating an approximate time scheduled for the change, so that we don't all go in to a panic and call 000 (not really, but apparently some people did when Facebook/Instagram were down yesterday ) when we can't get on to the site.
  8. Welcome and congrats on the purchase!
  9. JimiD

    Hi Mate,

    I'm looking for a 172-182 airbag control unit # 8200375763.

    Needs to have not been deployed

    Last hurdle to get registration.


  10. RHR Park Globe N/W = Right hand rear park globe not working. The minor water pump leak can be resolved by replacing the water pump when you do the belts. Engine oil leak - depends how bad the leak is, and where it's actually leaking from. Could it be a gearbox oil leak, as this tends to be quite common on Clio 2s? Power steering rack leak - not that common - See above regarding possibility of being gearbox oil leak?
  11. Welcome and congrats on the purchase! Still love every drive in my silver 182 Cup nine and a half years after I bought it!
  12. SamR

    Car Shoot Locations

    Depends how far you want to drive? Thredbo/Snowy Mountains? Or, for a bit closer to Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Megalong Valley.
  13. Have you been in a Meg 2? Lots of storage/cubbyholes in them!
  14. Yeah, 17" wheels are too big for a Clio 2. But if you like them, that's what's important.
  15. None of them made it to Australia - I'd say that speedfiend41 is right if it's the flat dark blue colour.
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