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  1. Buy it! At 14K it's a good buy even with the flaws. Paint's easliy fixed if you choose to. It's getting hard to find the low klm examples now.
  2. Try Budget Direct. I'm paying $562 annually. No drivers over 40. Comprehensive.
  3. Nice one. Bring it along this Sunday! The first ever Clio 3 only day.
  4. I've used ceva 3 times. All good. But do a thorough pre trip photographic record.
  5. I love the "3 years later..." message on the thread
  6. I'd go over the terms and conditions again to see if they are liable. I'd be surprised if they are not liable for a lost fuel cap.
  7. Grey car from NSW by any chance????
  8. Unread content appears to be working. 👍
  9. My "Unread content" button is not working. PC and Android tablet. Weird.
  10. Safari on the iphone was not working. Now OK. Firefox on an old Windows PC is OK.
  11. I sent a PM to @timbo Is the PM working? I thought @timbo would like this https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/eagleby/cars-vans-utes/peugeot-rcz-r/1257419500
  12. Congrats. Great car. You might want to think about exporting it to Oz if you can one day.
  13. Very nice! What number is it? I had one just like it
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