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  1. Rotten luck, mate. I’d post up stuff here and anywhere you can, really. Parting out will give you some return. Must be guys here who want bits.
  2. Can't say I have ever driven a Focus. They look great, but I don't like four doors. Just a personal thing. For me, the Megane is such a sexy looking car, and far more stylish. Are they outgunned by a Focus RS? Maybe, but you will only know when you drive it. For me, the Megane talks to me. It's exciting and expressive and it's not about how fast it goes but how it makes you feel. I have owned (and I really hate admitting it- over 40 cars in my lifetime and the only car that gave me that fun factor aside from a Megane was an RX7 FD. It is really the only car I can compare it with in the way the
  3. Congrats mate, nice ride!
  4. Man, I’m gonna read this thread again, but this time I’m making some popcorn. I hope you buy your car soon, cos the world has a finite oil supply.
  5. Yes, Rob, once you get out of the bottleneck that is Albion Park, it's pretty good. Couple of nice passes around here as well
  6. Thanks guys. I'm still at work, so kind of hoping it will be there when I get home
  7. First chance I get we're heading up for a spin. First picture sent from seller. Looks pretty reasonable.
  8. Thanks man. Hoping my fat butt is gonna ease in there okay or it's gonna be a bad look.... Black is a pain to keep clean, but oh well, that's the price we pay. They're creating a huge bypass down here and the dust in the air is incredible. Gonna be great when its done though.
  9. Similar thing ALMOST happened to us. Went to a car shop in Sydney. They had a 275 cup listed as a trophy. First impression was it definitely wasn't a trophy due to not having stickers and when I told them this they said sometimes owners remove the stickers which is fair enough. The other thing I noticed was the seats were not recaros and when I asked the dealer he said the previous owner took them out and replaced them with more comfortable seats. Hmmm. Possible, I suppose. The final thing I noticed (being a novice with this model) was the white stitching on the handbrake lever which was diffe
  10. Got my new toy booked for pickup tomorrow and should be in my driveway by the afternoon when I get home from work. Bought a 2016 RS Cup Premium and to say I am looking forward to getting in that seat is an understatement. I'm sure it's going to surprise the mrs, even though she has seen pictures of it. We test drove a cup edition on the weekend, but it was white and she loved the look of it. She is not a fan of black cars and this one is black, so there is bound to be some apprehension. Apart from the colour which she knows about, she has no idea quite what sort of car it is (that is
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