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  1. Should have offered a free haircut......😜
  2. So @FredV6is actually a MkIV Megane RS....
  3. Driven a few with the short shift mod and hated it. Plus you can literally do the mod for $5-10 if you really want it. I find it makes the shift a little vague and actually slower cause you have to be very mindful about which gear you're selecting. I think it's just one of those "was great on my supra" type dealios. Decat will for sure need a tune, will most likely throw a fault code without a tune and cause the ECU to throw tons of fuel to compensate. Even with the tune I'm not sure there's enough in it to justify the cost over just a tune with the stock downpipe. Might make more noise t
  4. Hahaha, I deleted it. However the short version is, with the exception of the res delete, I think all those listed are waste of money.
  5. Had written a long winded post about the other mods you're talking about, but your car, I'll just keep my opinions to myself for a change! 😂
  6. Hmm, honestly things like clutches it just doesn't pay to go outside the OEM option in my opinion. Price point may have been a factor in decision making process I guess, but there's no upside from what I have seen changing to a non OEM style unit and SMF, others may have a differing opinion. Finding this forum and asking questions, opinions etc will be a good start in improving the ownership experience.
  7. I have no idea to be honest about how air in the system would affect the bite point. The fact that you say it's inconsistent points more toward that being the likely culprit, generally vacuum bleeding should be fine. There's nothing oddball about the system. If it's shuddering on moving off from standstill that's not great, what clutch did you put in it?
  8. Hmm, leaky clutch slave? Assume the mech bled the system when the clutch was changed, but perhaps air is being introduced into the system and causing the issue? Just an FYI, my 250 is pushing on for 180k's, original clutch, no issues. I know another one north of 250ks which I think still has the original clutch too, not normally an issue.
  9. I suppose you could use something like the Can Clip tool or DDT4ALL to electronically disable the ABS. That would be a pretty hardcore solution though for just buying the wrong parts. It would be more likely (and way simpler) to open the cluster and physically disable the warning light. My final thought is, and it's been ages since I played with Clio rear brakes, does the early PH2 even run sensors/rings on the rear? Maybe the addition of ESP also added the rears sensors? ESP relies on a signal from all four wheels, perhaps the ABS is only worried about front wheel locking?
  10. Possible it's just been disabled, not sure why you would though.
  11. Is the ABS pump in the engine bay? Lives below the Expansion bottle behind the fabric/fibreglass heat shield.
  12. What makes you think it doesn't have ABS? Perfectly normal spec (assuming it does have ABS). The first series of Ph2's that came here didn't have esp and still had the gearbox speed sensor but did have ABS. I have a 2002 build here in that spec, just converted it to get the speed signal from the ABS computer instead of the gearbox sensor. My old 172, Dimples, was the same. I think the only non ABS equipped PH2 was the UK spec 'Cup', one could have snuck in as a private import I suppose.
  13. That's how we roll on OZRS, not like any of those silly facebum groups.....
  14. Love an excuse to buy tools!
  15. Rotate front to rear and see if it changes, if it's still the same then at least it rules out a wheel issue.
  16. I'd be checking obvious things like wheel balance or even a bent wheel before diving into mechanicals.
  17. Has been OK for me today.
  18. For me it's been pretty much random, not specific to a particular thread or activity.
  19. ARDC gives you benefits at SMSP including discounted track days. Renault Car Club gives you the necessary accreditation but don't think they have a discount track activity offering.
  20. Mine is up to 177 now, still rock solid, goes hard, uses no oil between changes. 86 is nothing.
  21. Matt205

    New to the club

    There's a few of us that have done the retrofit so let us know if you decide to go that way.
  22. Matt205

    New to the club

    Down the Rabbit hole we go...... So you need the Screen, the Head Unit, the aux/USB hub. You don't actually need the harness, just bits of it. You could replace the entire harness but it's a dash out job and that's a much bigger job than just integrating the bits into the existing one without removing the dash.
  23. Matt205

    New to the club

    Yeah, no idea about updates, but generally accepted it's a bit crap. Good thing about the later one is you can run Android Auto for Nav and also media options. Plus RS Monitor of course!
  24. Matt205

    New to the club

    So it's the unit with the SD card next to the screen?
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