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  1. A few of us purchased the Nighteye, now called Novsight brand. Important to find ones with quality csp chips mounted in the Centerline of the globe body, 6000k or less anything higher will be too blue, look cheesy and attract unwanted attention I suspect. There'sa whole thread on this subject that got a little heated around legality, I'm not commentating further on that subject, but I know from my own experience that quality LED globes will not dazzle other drivers, the light pattern is identical in my case to a halogen, just better light output.
  2. Actually my advise would be buy some not so cheap LED's ~$50 for a pair, better than HID's.
  3. I suspect the update headlights would be much better with 'illegal' led globes. Steevs look better in all black, but that's a personal taste thing. I live with Pole positions everyday and have no complaints, had CS's and found them to be comfortable too.
  4. I have a set of rears, with springs, will get you half way! There was a set of fronts on eBay from a seller in France recently for ~$3 K for the pair. Having fitted Ohlins to mine, and also having driven a few TR's as well, they are impressive. Cool car the Trophy, enjoy and I if I can help out at all I'd be happy to.
  5. Personally the 18 v. 19 thing is a bit of a beat up, I went from 18 to 19 and sure the ride is a little firmer but far from harsh, and frankly if that is a problem you're looking at the wrong car. Also tyre cost, meh, I think "way cheaper" is a stretch. Only valid reason in my book is more availability of semi slicks in 18's. Tyre for tyre a smaller sidewall will always win in the handling Dept. Rant over. Echoing the positive comments above a solid choice for sure. Service history is always nice to have, as is knowing who looked after it. Belts are key of course, but equally them being done properly is too. They really are pretty bullet proof if looked after, my 250 has ticked over 170k's and going strong, I know of at least one that is north of 200 and tight as a drum and goes hard with a tune. Slightly rough running will likely be plugs, sometimes wrong plugs installed or just not replaced on time. Engine mounts are known to fail, but easily resolved. Beyond that it's just the regular niggles that come with a car thats a few years old, the horror stories you hear about French cars are just not true.
  6. Matt205

    Hey everyone

    16x7 FTW, anything in that 30-40 offset range should be fine. Have run 16x7.5 on a previous car with an et of 30 on coilovers and had very slight rubbing on the rears on track. Clio looks way better on 16's and I still maintain handles better as well.
  7. Gent? That ages me a bit, cheers mate!
  8. Much better here, that FB thing is for weirdo's! 😁
  9. Matt205

    RS 250 trophee

    Mines at 170 now and rock solid.
  10. Matt205

    RS 250 trophee

    Mentions Renotech service history so that's a bonus! The gauge should be easily removed, may just need a new a pillar cover, easy to source from a wrecker.
  11. Another welcome and another vote for Nighteye's! Brake Pads, OEM Brembo or Genuine Renault (TRW I think?) are all you'll ever need for anything up to track sprints.
  12. Matt205

    Hello! Clio 2 PH1

    Did you sort the intermittent starting issue yet? Dollars for doughnuts it's the starter. My old Dimples used to do exactly the same, I got into the habit of lifting the bonnet reaching behind the engine and giving the starter wires a wiggle. Once the starter was swapped it solved the problem.
  13. I tackled this as well, in my case I ended up integrating it all into the factory 250 loom. Details here....
  14. There would be very few free spinning engines these days given emissions v. performance requirements.
  15. Pretty sure there's a spare leather steering wheel that could be thrown in to the deal on that 275 Trophy..........just sayin 😉...... I actually find the Meg to be quite practical, good sized boot, seats that fold easily, plus with the seats folded my Akra exhaust sounds like the ducks nuts!
  16. Fair enough, just an FYI a steering wheel re-trim is ~250 from my experience....
  17. Personally I think if you are talking about a part time fun car you'll kick yourself for not picking up a car with Recaro's, ingress egress issues aside (and you have to be pretty soft to complain about that) I find them very comfortable even on my regular Sydney-Canberra run. As for Alcantara, assume the concern is around wear n tear? I had a wheel trimmed in Alcantara 2 years ago and it still looks great, I have cleaned it once with warm soapy water, a light bristled brush and it comes up looking new again. If you just don't like the look of it then that's a whole other thing. Blatant shout out to the 275 Trophy that @camsmyth has for sale on here at the moment, stonking value and more likely to retain value than any 265.
  18. Nice car that! DaveJay on here should be able to help, he's Central coast. Or just go and get a blue slip and see what happens....
  19. White console in the Monaco GP limited edition, so there's 2 F'ups from when marketing beats good taste..... Sent from my Redmi 3S using Tapatalk
  20. I'm never wrong, and pinstripes are for gangster suits not Megne wheels, they do that sh*t on Veloser's, nuff said.
  21. Yeah Mate, all good PM me and we'll work it out. You could even do it on site if it makes it easier for you.
  22. Probably enough of us here with stuff they could lend out if you ask nicely!
  23. Matt205

    I'm Back!

    Did you end up shifting the Meg? (sorry to bring it up!)
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