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  1. Hey Mikeee, welcome back - I walk past your cars pretty regularly so am just around the corner from you. 265 sounds very nice, mid box chop? I was the very loud silver 225 Cup a little while back. It’s now sold and you’ll see me in an Evora instead 😊
  2. I think this may have something to do with relaxing of the 'turbo' law. It used to be 125kW/tonne limit, then for a while we had a 'no V8s and no turbos' rule. This rule was subsequently relaxed when everything became a turbo!
  3. No worries I don't have a vid of my own car, but here are a couple I used to make the decision myself: If you like subtle, go for the Milltek system. K-tec takes this system and adds their own muffler for the 70mm cat back, but the Milltek muffler is bigger, heavier and therefore more liveable everyday. I do love how mine sounds, but it really isn't subtle. Also... be aware that it's just cheaper to cut the muffler from stock and weld in straight pipe. A cat back system will set you back easily $1100+. If it's just for s
  4. The engine mounts wear out after about 50k and cause lots of harshness, not to mention sloppy handling. So definitely worth checking. The exhaust comes stock with resonator and muffler (or back box), which makes the car very quiet. Many people get rid of one or the other, my personal preference is to keep the resonator which gives you the turbo whistle, though others would vouch for keeping the muffler instead to avoid any drone. A piece of straight pipe can be welded in for the removed component, I think people here have got it done at exhaust places for around $100-120. My original
  5. Welcome! Looks like a neat example. If you haven’t already, you can cut the backbox for a nice noise with pops and bangs (although beware the drone at 70 in third). And hopefully you have nice fresh engine mounts?
  6. I think this qualifies as “hate speech” against Clio IV drivers... welcome, Cameron!
  7. I wasn’t aware there was a factory version? i find its one of the easier bums to judge by sticking your head out of the window...
  8. Welcome! Big booty 225s are the true RS Meganes
  9. Cupra R front splitter is a common thing to do but requires some cutting to make it fit. Or ask @Wolf for a quote on OE part: https://www.wolfimports.com/
  10. It's not a Cup though, is it? As others have said, best to get a Renault specialist to do an inspection - Virage or Alpine Affaire are the main ones in Melbourne, I believe. I can't comment on the engine upgrades, though they do sound extensive so I'd be surprised if it wasn't originally a member on here! New clutch / brakes / timing belt / pump - definite positives in my book. These are wearing parts and need to be replaced at some point, the fact they've been done is good. Timing belt is 4 yrs / 100K kms, whichever comes sooner according to owner's manual. K-tec moun
  11. They look good. I had 17s on my Clio 172 too, back in the day. Btw, if you do get Koni Yellows and Eibach springs per above (the typical Clio aftermarket setup), you will find there's slight rubbing at full lock in one direction, right hand turns from memory...
  12. I would recommend chopping the rear muffler if you want bangs and pops, and want to keep the turbo whistle (but see below). Chopping the muffler does cause drone at a certain engine speed but it's not really an issue. From memory it was in third gear at about 70kph (when normally you'd be accelerating or changing to fourth anyhow, not just letting it overrun). My aftermarket K-tec system drones much worse as it's 1800-1900rpm in all gears, so driving quietly is not really an option for me!
  13. OMG your profile pic @tfdpny!!! Adding my 2c to the reliability question: - any car is unreliable if not looked after. Belts and scheduled servicing are the key - I like the fact RS seems to attract "enthusiast" owners - to my mind, this means they will be reliable due to being looked after - as others have pointed out above, the F4R and F4RT are well proven over long periods - and many on here have tunes / mods pushing much more power than stock through the internals - I owned a Clio 2 for seven years and now a Meg 2 for three - never any major issues. Minor ones, sur
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