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  1. It's not worth anything to me as I'm not looking to buy a Meg 3
  2. Mate, he's lying. As others have said, put a time-bound offer on the table for what it's worth to you and be prepared to walk away. If I had a solid offer on the table from a dealer which was acceptable to me, I'd simply take so as NOT to have to deal with ppl... it's a friggin' circus on carsales, for performance cars you get 4x time wasters for every one genuine buyer
  3. Hey, don’t worry about being flamed. Most ppl on here are great and you can just ignore the others I can’t help you with the cars but you can transport interstate for <1k in most cases. CEVA is one of the main carriers, there’s one more but the name escapes me. Just beware that many others are agency services which still use CEVA, so if anything did go wrong there might be accountability issues.
  4. Personally, I wouldn't downgrade on headlights for better in-car audio (but I recognise this is a personal choice). For me, HID or LEDs are non-negotiable in any new-ish car I buy, as otherwise I feel like I can't see s--t driving at night and especially dusk/dawn. But then again, I may be slightly biased against in-car audio as I rarely even use it... engines and exhausts are my music.
  5. ^ This is also true of Cup models, TC stays off above the set speed (thought it was 50kph?).
  6. Personal choice, but I won't ever buy a car without HIDs or LEDs ever again (well, maybe I'll make an exception if I can afford an old Ferrari one day or something...). I'll never understand why Renault took them out, considering they were standard in my 2002 Clio and 2006 Megane. You don't have to take it to track. But of course, please don't do anything stupid on public roads! When buying a used performance car, it's usually a good idea to get a feeling for what the seller is like, i.e. whether they are telling porky pies.
  7. I take it it was a DSG? I couldn’t find a manual anywhere…
  8. I'd be worried about what they would do in the event of a claim though :S
  9. Used and demo car prices right now are nuts. I'd love a 280 for a family car, but there's no way I'm paying 90% of the new price for a 3 year old car out of warranty. One consideration might be the type of auto gearbox? People who've never driven a manual might have bad habits like creeping or letting the torque hill-hold - both obviously horrific for dual clutch gearboxes, very expensive repair bill.
  10. Ok first things first - all the examples above unfortunately mean nix to you. You specifically need to know the rules for the state you are exiting and entering SA rego because all of those permutations will differ in some way, e.g. understanding NSW to VIC or VIC to QLD or QLD to SA will not help you at all for VIC to SA. For this, I recommend you consult the relevant state's website as well as your local SA road authority, and be prepared to try and work out what they are saying. Then, you will find it's productive to call one or both authorities to clarify any questions you have - I called
  11. Hey Ben, Welcome to OzRS and congrats on the purchase! RS Tuner is definitely the "road more travelled" in terms of non-dyno tuning - it can be done on a budget and I've never heard of any concerns about tune safety (i.e. AFRs). With no other mods, you'll typically see a 5-10% gain across the rev range, and minor improvement in fuel economy. This is for a Stage 1 tune but if you want a tune custom to any other mods, there is a bit of back-and-forth with data logs and the like. The only tip here is you will get much better after-sales service from Henk in the Netherlands if you are th
  12. I guess you can feel free to pass onto them that OzRS is the only forum I check via Tapatalk, therefore I’ve since deleted the app! (And I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one...)
  13. Hey Mikeee, welcome back - I walk past your cars pretty regularly so am just around the corner from you. 265 sounds very nice, mid box chop? I was the very loud silver 225 Cup a little while back. It’s now sold and you’ll see me in an Evora instead 😊
  14. I think this may have something to do with relaxing of the 'turbo' law. It used to be 125kW/tonne limit, then for a while we had a 'no V8s and no turbos' rule. This rule was subsequently relaxed when everything became a turbo!
  15. No worries I don't have a vid of my own car, but here are a couple I used to make the decision myself: If you like subtle, go for the Milltek system. K-tec takes this system and adds their own muffler for the 70mm cat back, but the Milltek muffler is bigger, heavier and therefore more liveable everyday. I do love how mine sounds, but it really isn't subtle. Also... be aware that it's just cheaper to cut the muffler from stock and weld in straight pipe. A cat back system will set you back easily $1100+. If it's just for s
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