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Finally decided which car... a 265 Cup!


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Hello all,


After months of incessant vacillation about which car I was going to get to replace my MY08 WRX, I narrowed it down to either a Renaultsport Megane of some description, or the new Focus ST. I had no doubts in relation to the Megane's sporting credentials, but wasn't sure how well it would manage the day to day peak hour trudge to and from work, and the Focus ST, whilst inevitably dynamically inferior to the Renault, seemed to provide a lot of bang for the buck and additional comfort and extras, with a high degree of real world useability, for a fair bit less coin.


My first test drive in an RS250 was an eye opener; I couldn't believe the amount of steering feel and feedback! Whereas my MY08 WRX has about as much steering feel as a hovercraft, the Renault tells you exactly what's going on, and the engine noise at speed is glorious! The Focus made a good case on paper though, and has been very well reviewed so far (unless on a race track), so I went out to make my final decision a couple of weekends ago based on what sort of deal I could get. After a test drive of the 808 through the Dandenongs a couple of weeks ago, an a 265 Cup last weekend, it became immediately apparent that I wasn't as concerned as I thought I'd be by the hopeless stereo, impossible rear vision, and logic defying controls on the steering wheel stalks.. I don't think there is a sports car under $100k that drives this well. I can't believe it's a front wheel drive! The vaguest hint of torque steer is the only clue. Add to that that this car isn't anywhere near as harsh as some of the reviewers suggest, might be firm, but the damping is exemplary. In short, even an extremely good deal on a Focus ST wasn't enough to turn me back.


But yes, massive ramble aside, ended up getting a surprisingly good deal on a black 265 Cup, and I pick it up in 9 days! Am quite new to this, having only ever had Japanese cars previously, but I can't wait! :hyper:

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Congratulations. It is an amazingly capable vehicle for the bucks. You won't regret your decision.


The controls will continue to drive you crazy (I can sometimes go a couple of weeks without driving mine and I'm lost again for a couple of days), but I agree with you on the ride. I've never understood criticism of it. Sure it's firm, but it could never be described as harsh. It honestly does a better job on initial damping than my last 3 cars (Volvo C30, Alfa 147GTA, Audi TT).



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Yay! Another victim of French passion. hehehe.

We here at OZRS all know your joy and excitement.

Where are you located James?

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Thanks guys! Am very much looking forward to delivery of the beast... only delayed it so that I had a chance to sell the old car privately... not getting many bites at the moment... might try to press ahead a bit sooner.


Nearly had a stack on one of the test drives trying to work the RS Monitor computer, I might have to dedicate a Saturday morning to a full read through the instruction manual.. :?


I'm in Melbourne, inner south eastern (Caulfield) and actually tried the Reefton run a few years back with the Subaru.... handling left a bit to be desired... I suspect the 265 will be a VAST improvement! Already plotting the first weekend's worth of drives... hehe

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Welcome James.


Hope to meet you at a drive day later this year. The reefton was made for renaultsports.



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As a fellow ricer converted to croissant luver, welcome mate.


Mines Glacier White, I couldnt justify paying the extra $ for the garden varierty options for the 8:08 hence I got the Cup too.

I would definately go the 8:08 if there were any mechanical, suspension or chasis imporvements.

Im so envious of you getting to appreciate yours in 9 days time. I ordered mine in Sept and mine gets here Jan the lastest

( due to me being fussy over options ).

Enjoy it!!! :headbang:

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This car is awesome!!!!!!! :D


The noise it makes when opening up the throttle was worth the entry price alone! It's probably still muffled and tight being new, much to look forward to. The whole feel of this car is magnificent!! The steering, the brakes, the balance, the unbelievable response in ESP-Sport Mode.... the stereo (well, maybe not). I did my shopping about 7 suburbs away on Wednesday night, I wonder if I will ever tyre of driving this car??


Ahh, I could write a gushing ramble for several pages, but I guess preaching to the converted! Suffice it to say, I am in awe :hail:


I will have to work out how to put up photos. Mine is just a base model Cup in black though, although I did get some Philips Essential Vision globes to replace the standard halogens (didn't have the dollars or patience to wait several months to get one with xenons) and they have actually been surprisingly good.

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