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  1. Love it. Great photo diary! Always thought the 250 looked fantastic in silver as well as being relatively rare [emoji7] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Welcome! A very rare car that one. Love the colour! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. walkie86

    Floor Mats for 265

    Thank you. Emailed a few days ago and have had no response...
  4. walkie86

    Floor Mats for 265

    @Rene do you have an email address for contacting them? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Welcome mate! And how exciting to be officially on the hunt. I wouldn't necessarily say it's a "concern" until it goes bang, but I'd definitely be using it as a bargaining chip, factoring it into your budget and having it done ASAP after taking delivery of the car! Good luck with the search.
  6. Welcome mate, good to see you on here finally and can't wait to see your journey with the car!
  7. It's an 8:08 - IIRC LY was only available on the pre-facelift in 8:08 form... if this is indeed the Brisbane car that was for sale on facebook, it's missing it's numbered plaque.
  8. Very nice - from Brisbane? I was eyeing that one off... it's a 265 8:08 special edition!
  9. Welcome! That is indeed Arctic Blue (J41), a 182 colour. Mondial Blue (D43) was the 172 Cup blue, which we didn't get here. They're similar but different... loving what you've done with her so far and look forward to more updates Q: how did you mount the Renault diamond centre caps? Glued in?
  10. walkie86

    New Clio 3 Owner

    Welcome and congrats on both fronts! Please post pics of the pair if you can
  11. Welcome! And that 9-5 wagon is gorgeous, especially in the perfect spec of beige on blue with wood grain... i do love the idea of a fast wagon and currently own a cheapish 182... I'm also an architect so need to own a Saab at some point. Maybe we should talk
  12. walkie86

    Reunited at last

    At first I read, "still got the mullet?" and was a bit offended... Haha you might be thinking of Teki. I had a custom exhaust on my first 182. Since then I've had a 172 track car, 197, 172 ph1x2, 200 EDC (wife's) and now I'm back into a 182 (sold my Bimmer due to house renovations!). Keen to see what you do with the Megane
  13. walkie86

    Reunited at last

    Welcome back mate! Great to see you here again. I'm still here and still in Clio... hope to join you in the Meg 3 family soon though!
  14. walkie86

    Hey everyone

    Welcome! 16x7 ET40 over here (with 20mm front spacers on the front) and roughly stock ride height, no scrubbing over here. When I had a super low Clio previously, it was the rear inner arch that fouled (as pointed out by Moosey).
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