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  1. Glad to hear you're enjoying it! Keep us updated with photos, please! Just a word of caution on the rear muffler replacement. Make sure you go for a quality item that actual 'muffles' the noise a bit. My car came with (fitted by PO) a very cheap (think I saw a receipt for ~$150) rear muffler fitted to the stock exhaust with centre-res delete and it was drone city. I was lucky to find a stock rear muffler to refit and it was muuuuch more pleasant to the ear.
  2. That's not an 8:08. Just has the wheels! Looks like a base 265 Trophy: - no xenons - no leather interior (has the 265 part-leather Recaros) - no stickers (guess they could've been removed) - looks to be Glacier White (8:08s were Pearl White) - no plaque at the base of the dash under the Start button
  3. Welcome mate, and great choices! The only suspension difference between all the RS Megane 3 Cup models is the Trophy R, with it's Ohlins set up. The 265 8:08 and 275 Cup Premium should have no difference in suspension. Good luck with the hunt!
  4. Yep, from all accounts as low as you'd want to go with the offset at 8.5" wide
  5. Not sure about this. I've never heard of a black 225 F1 team edition, and I don't recall ever seeing a blue 225 F1 Team edition without sticker pack, when they were new. Not to say owners didn't subsequently remove them. Do you have any official documentation about this? I've read about 3-4 black ones in the mix of 150-odd UK cars but never in Aus.
  6. Welcome to OZRS and welcome to Clio 2 ownership, which creates that grin that's hard to match by any other car! Suggest you religious check OzRS classifieds, Gumtree and FB marketplace for 4x100 wheel listings. Or have a look at online Japan auctions for OZ F1s (I've bought a set of 16" versions there).
  7. Megane 3 RS is the obvious answer. I've had a 130i too and it was awesome. Will be a classic in the future but feels slow compared to a modern turbo car and because the power delivery is sooooo linear.
  8. walkie86

    What a car!

    Welcome mate! As Matt said, get to know the car and how to drive it but I can understand the allure of some subtle mods. Maybe got and get the centre resonator removed and see how you like that for a while. When you're ready for a tune, go speak to eTuners at Prospect and tell them Alex from RAM Motorsport sent you! I'm going to be taking my car there soon and they tune our race car (non-Renault but still, they're good!)
  9. Welcome, Chris! Did you buy this from Alex? Look forward to the updates!
  10. Welcome and thanks for the offer for members re: brakes! I'll be hitting up up for some discs in the near future I'm sure I have a Bluefin (well, I'm pretty sure my car had it when I bought it but I don't have a reader/scanner) but am in talks with eTuners in Sydney re: dyno tuning, as I know them through our race team. Hopefully something comes of it and we can have another local option as they seem pretty big in the VAG/Mercedes market in Sydney. Cheers, Alex
  11. Welcome! Is that the 250 Cup Trophee that was on carsales recently? If so, it's the perfect spec! Love them and Capsicum Red and they're rare too. Enjoy!
  12. Welcome! Best colour, very jealous Enjoy!
  13. Hi Tia - can you shed some more light (perhaps photos etc) of what you thought you were getting and what you got? A Cup Premium and a Cup Trophy are essentially the same thing. There was a name change circa-2015. The Cup part of the name refers to the chassis, whilst the Premium/Trophy name refers to the spec (interior etc). From 2014 there were 4 options in the Clio: - Sport (base model) - Cup (base model with black 18s and Cup suspension) - Sport Trophy (top spec model with Sport chassis) - Cup Trophy (top spec model with Cup suspension) Later on there was a 220 Trophy w
  14. Glad I could help in the conversion. Now hurry up and bring the Trophy home!!!!!
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