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  1. Yeah lets wipe 2020 like the dirty cretin it was and show we are all in support of good things in 21' Ok it hasn't started off real good but there's still 11mths to sort it out. C'mon @Moosey we need a shining light...
  2. I can guarantee Australia will have the choice of manual or EDC. And I feel the same pain about the Recaro's mate. Our 250 Trophee had them and they are the best seat ever.
  3. 2021 will only see 1 RS Megane model come to OZ. That will be the Trophy in either manual or EDC. There will be the option of a Performance Pack which will add the Fuji wheels and also Recaro seats. There will no longer be a Sport or Cup available to us.
  4. HomerRS

    Hey hey!

    No drone at all I reckon. Just sounds way better then stock for a fraction of the cost of a full setup.
  5. https://www.broadyexpress.com.au/services/car-transport/
  6. A Man and his RS on an amazing adventure. The pics look awesome mate 😍 I agree with the Recaro comment and how comfortable they are on long journeys. We would regularly do Melbourne to Parkes and never once felt sore after arriving. Curious how many km you have on the silver arrow...
  7. Is that the same car? To me the top looks tonic and the bottom liquid... Could be the outside making it look different though...
  8. My advice is just do it 😎
  9. HomerRS

    New to Renault

    Welcome to the club mate and nice score. You better get some pics up...
  10. @RSky welcome to the awesomeness that is RenaultSport. The easiest way to answer your questions and I'm sure a nice fellow owner might offer once all is settled down there is go for a drive in a 3. They can be very addictive. We just upgraded without even looking at other brands. We have had our 250 Cup Trophee for 8 years now and it is an amazing bit of kit. For the money you can get into a 2nd hand variant nothing comes close for fun factor and community love. We regularly drove the 8 hours up to Parkes in ours and it was never a task or arrive being sore from the Recaro leather seats.
  11. Congrats and welcome to the world of RenaultSport Riley. Wow what a sweet choice for your 1st vehicle. There will be lots of P platers out there very jealous I'm sure. These cars are more then capable and as a mod with your budget I would just be making sure it has good tyres fitted. The RS chassis is only as good as quality rubber will allow. After that if you want it sounding nice the cheap mod of centre resonator delete and sports muffler would be my choice. Keep a bit of money in the kitty for a quality service schedule and being Sydney for you Reno Tech has a great followi
  12. Best motoring forum in the world... I ain't going anywhere 😎
  13. Hello Gang, Just a quick heads up on my new profile name of HomerRS. It was MM-RS250 but with the new addition to the family and numbers not adding up it was time for a change of name. Homer has long been my nickname and as Michelle isn't really into the social aspect of RS ownership I have given myself the privilege of public relations officer. And on the Gram I have 2 accounts for personal use Homer972 and for the toys HomerHSV. So it was an easy choice of HomerRS for the OzRenaultSport forum 😎
  14. Hi Toby and welcome to the crazy world of French vehicle ownership. You won't be dissapointed 🏁 1st thing with any RS Megane is make sure the maintenance schedule is up to date. Biggy here is the timing belt. 2 of Melbourne's top Renault specialists are Alpine Affaire and Virage Motors. Nobody takes an older RS back to the Dealer. Other then that as soon as restrictions permit fill the tank with some 98 and head up the Spurs. Reefton to Marysville for lunch then home via Black Spur. You can thank me later
  15. HomerRS

    Hey hey!

    The Trophee is the wife's car as well and she loves the subtle exhaust noise of the cut and tuck. We used to regularly drive the 8 hours from Melbourne to Parkes and there's no droning or annoying boom.
  16. HomerRS

    Hey hey!

    Welcome mate and get used to French quirks with owning a Megane. You don't have time to drink coffee when your bouncing from corner to corner at quicker then usual pace 🏁 As Dave said get the centre resonator chopped out and replaced with a straight piece of stainless pipe. For the best sound get a Magnaflow sports muffler to replace the huge chunk Renault fit at the rear. You will thank me later.
  17. I just want milk that tastes like real milk...
  18. Has something happened I know's nothing about?
  19. HomerRS

    RS300 Trophy

    Congrats on the new baby mate and welcome back for a 2nd round of exhilaration.. I'm liking the wheels. Where and how is the Renault Sport lettering attached? They would look even better with the RS centre caps....
  20. Welcome mate and love your choice. Beautiful combo. White Cup in EDC with black Interlagos. Another QLD owner is always a good thing.
  21. HomerRS

    BNE - R275 Trophy

    Congrats on the new family member mate and welcome to the brand. No shortage of QLD owners so you will no doubt get a few waves and nods 🤘
  22. Performance Exhaust in Melbourne did a number of Meganes with this mod. I just checked their website for the Magnaflow product and there are a heap. I know it is the SS oval type but not sure on exact model. If you ring them I'm sure they will help with any questions. Think Dave was the bloke that looked after me. I'm back home in a week so I will climb under the 250 and see if there are any part numbers.
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