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  1. He did say he was competing in 2017
  2. Sorry R182. Isn't tapatalk not free? Anyway this forum version, no matter whether it's ozrenaultsport or the other forums I visit, sux for mobiles.
  3. I'm not paying money to have functionality that we used to have before the "refresh". It's not just this forum but a few others which used to be great but with this new format have been lost. I don't even get emoticons!
  4. This new forum is not very mobile friendly. There is no advanced post option shown on a mobile device even when viewing the full website. I personally think that mobile useability has taken a big step backwards for the sake of being pretty. For example it is now impossible to post a youtube link from a mobile device.
  5. No moving Gif Avatars? Can we fix this? And how can I permanently turn off my signature so I don't have to uncheck it with every new post?
  6. Perhaps but a simple fix would be a "view mobile site" button at the top or bottom of the page. Plenty of websites do this.
  7. Another issue is on a mobile if you "view full site" there appears to be no way to revert back to the mobile site.
  8. Welcome Cam. So if I have an RS250 with a Macan on the way would I have the best of both worlds?
  9. Sweet! I just love France, I've travelled throughout a couple of times and I could easily live there. Enjoy the forums, u must be pumped to get your new car, oh yea!
  10. What a lovely journey to commence RS ownership. I see you have the best colour as well
  11. nice...best colour as well
  12. Hey welcome....beautiful part of the world you live in....loved driving there last year!
  13. Actually the deal was still on while it was being tracked at Bathurst. The lie was it was in the shop. The change of mind didn't occur till after. Bad luck, as I'm sure you've heard plenty of times by now, there will be others.
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