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  1. I traded my beautiful CLIO on a Forester Turbo diesel and my partner cried for 2 hrs.
  2. BUSGO

    First Renault Car

    Very nice and what I would be looking at for my next Renault. What tyres do they come with as OEM?
  3. BUSGO

    Clio 3 Rs 20

    Firstly, congrats on the Clio 3. I had mine for about 4 years and have lost track of it after it was sold to a dealer in Melbourne. Would your's happen to be a black 2010 with rear wing? Secondly, the exhaust is not needing any mods IMO. The suggestion to fold the rear seat if not in use gives ideal sound and if your front speakers are still the stock little ones, you should put in some nice JBLs if you can still find them, but if it is my old car, all four speakers have been replaced already. I had no issues with the bluetooth but I only ever used it to receive calls, not make them.
  4. The advice above is all good. I would stick to the handbook advised service schedule and remind the dealer that it is a SPORT and not a regular Clio. Many new cars do not need the early oil change and the CLIO is one of them. No need and don't bother IMO. Enjoy your ownership and watch your license points.
  5. Great buy. With respect to the syncro. You will find sometimes on 3rd or 4th gear that it is reluctant to slot in even if you have the clutch fully depressed. After a while you may start to hear and feel a slight grinding as it drops into those gears or one of them. If this happens, you should get it fixed by a gearbox specialist as soon as you can to prevent it getting to a costly gearbox replacement or overhaul. As far as your QLD rego is concerned, you obviously will need to get a blue slip for NSW rego and return the QLD plates for which you will get NO refund on the remaining rego if there was any.
  6. The same vintage as my old 200 and I suggest that you give the gearbox a very good trial to check for syncro problems on 3rd and 4th gear. Apart from that it sounds and looks ideal. My Trophee didn't have the RS monitor either but I didn't miss it. Black is beautiful. Cleaning something you love is a pleasure.
  7. I bought mine from Brisvegas when I lived in Newcastle. I flew up and the owner picked me up from the airport, took me home for transaction and then I stayed with a mate that night. Drove back to Newcastle via the New England Hwy and bonded very well with the CLIO on the way. All the way back to VIC is just more icing on the cake. lol Be aware that the QLD gov does NOT allow refund of rego to anybody but the QLD registered owner. I found out the hard way. I had to send the plates back to QLD after I got a NSW blue slip and registered it. (all over XMAS/New Year) a hassle but worth it. I lost about $700 on my purchase price.
  8. Those redbook listing are way over quoted. Believe me.
  9. If you can confirm that the Silver is in fact a Trophee model and has had the cam chain replaced. I would go for it at that price. Good value IMO at $13k regardless of miles because the miles really mean nothing if driven mostly out of the city. If it is truly an ex exec. car based in Melbourne, it may have had a lot of commuting on it though. As far as resale is concerned. The new price of a 2010/2011 Trophee was upwards of $40k and the loss on resale has already be done by the current or previous owners. (Listed trade price is as low as $7k at some dealers on those years)
  10. I wonder if your car has the Carbon Fibre dash inserts? (Not real CF but polished instead of the grey panels)
  11. I cannot emphasise enough that the 200 TROPHEE model has a huge range of extras that you won't find in a CUP or a Red Bull. The interior is much better finished, it has nicer wheels as well as auto lights and wipers, electric folding mirrors, climate control plus Bespoke 17" rims that really look good. I sold mine (traded) with extras and a rear wing for about $12k but it later sold for $14k+. It had over 80,000k and needed work on the 4th gear syncro. Something that you must test drive to check is ok. Many 2010/11 200s suffer from a syncromesh fault in 3rd and 4th gear. That is not a show stopper and as long as the timing belt has been done at 4yrs, any RS200 Trophee would be a good buy. I would offer $15k on the black one listed above and you "WILL" buy it! The Silver one in the ACT would be my second choice on mileage but 1st choice on colour> Another thing that is different about the TROPHEE model is that it does NOT come with the RS monitor in the dash. The 200 has 20% more torque below 4000RPM than the 197. On that basis alone but including the better turning circle and extra HP it is a much better car than the 197. Interestingly, the Silver "TROPHEE" advertised does not have the OEM wheels except for the spare in the boot and it does have the RS monitor in the dash. Very unusual for a TROPHEE model unless it was included in later editions than 2010.
  12. BUSGO

    Hello All

    Welcome to the forum. The first 250 Cup I ever saw was just like yours in Newcastle. I asked the owner about the forum and he wasn't interested. Wow 5 years ago already that was.
  13. BUSGO

    New Old Bloke

    No need to spend money. Just take out the parcel shelf and feel the difference.
  14. That 1st day is awesome. Some narrow roads there but very nice!
  15. If you read this before you arrive in Tallangatta, I suggest you divert from your plan and go over Granya Gap, then follow the Murray River to Jingellic. Then go direct to Holbrook. A much better road than your plan and a bit shorter.
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