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  1. Tapatalk have finally replied that our site is all functioning properly from their end. Only took a month for them to respond
  2. Hi all Our IT support has looked through the list of items in this thread and most issues have been resolved. Please check for your particular issue, and revert if any further comment. Thanks, Paul
  3. Hi all, some work over the weekend should have resolved the issues of the formatting of the avatar and user info. I have requested form the IT support that the light default skin is updated with new logo etc so people can nominate the light theme if they prefer it.
  4. We have again been having issues with the Tapatalk plugin. Its hard to determine if the issue is with IPS or Tapatalk. Our IT consultant is trying to get to the bottom of the problem.
  5. Thanks for the patience. IPS has fixed the bugs, and the skin has been rebuilt to be back up to scratch.
  6. Are you volunteering to help Sam? We can always use the help these days!
  7. Typically, this isnt required. 4.3 to 4.4 is a minor type upgrade that is handled by our IT consultant, and normally happens almost instantly from the Admin CP. We werent expecting the upgrade to throw errors. If we knew it was going to cause errors, we probably wouldn't have done it 😂
  8. Hi, we had an issue upgrading the site to the 4.4 firmware, and our customised skin. Its been worked on overnight by our tech support, and IPS in the USA is trying to investigate why Tapatalk and our skin have had issues with the new software. Thanks for your patience :)
  9. Hi - yes I can do that - can you advise a new one you would like?
  10. PaulD

    Site theme

    Hi, yes, we have had to start again with the skin, as the IPS 4.3 upgrade was a major upgrade and IPS skins cant cope with upgrades 😓 We should have the dark grey/yellow theme up again in the next few days. Apologies for the inconvenience..
  11. PaulD

    Driving Style

    How are the springs? Smoother than stock? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. PaulD

    Driving Style

    I thought the same and happy to report that a Milltek non resonated solved the problem. Nice bark and quiet at normal speeds. No drone. Plenty of crackle in sport mode. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Sorry for the delay guys, we have the artwork and are taking care of this now.
  14. Hi All - Tapatalk is online! Thanks for all your patience.. It seems a change to the cloud setup for IPB and the current Tapatalk app for IPB are at last compatible, and we are online!!
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