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  1. PaulD


    Hi all, I chased Tapatalk a few days ago to ask for an update, and they advised us as follows: Not yet but will be soon. Please follow the changelog for your forum platform: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/tapatalksupport/tapatalk-for-ipboard-plugin-release-announcement-a-t4031.html We will post the newsletter on it when there is a new version supports IPB4.5+ I looked at the changelog link, and there hasnt been activity in many months. Its pretty lame, but its what we have come to expect from Tapatalk. The good news is the new forum software works very well on
  2. PaulD


    No news from Tapatalk. They say they are 'working on the required changes to the application'.... History would suggest these things take time for Tapatalk
  3. This has been fixed with the theme update. Apologies about the delay in resolving the PM issue.
  4. PaulD


    Hi all - I have raised a ticket with Tapatalk and they are looking into it. Sorry for the delay. The new theme has been completed.
  5. Ok all - please refresh your browsers.
  6. PaulD


    IPB (this forum software) advises us that the new version 4.5 is not compatible with Tapatalk, even though Tapatalk has new software which was installed a few days ago and caused lots of problems. For now, sadly we have disabled Tapatalk, and will look into this over the weekend. Theme issues caused by the forum update and custom skin will be resolved over the weekend. For now, to ensure that it works for all browsers and devices, I have deleted all custom skins and forced all users to use the default theme. Thanks for your patience!
  7. It is working for me now on the Default theme. Can you confirm if it works for you? Our IT consultant is taking a long time to look into the skin - sorry for the delays.
  8. Hi all - i have forced all users to go back to the default skin, and disabled Tapatalk, and PMs are working again. This is all such a hassle - clearly the skin and the forum software is not quite there. Hopefully out IT lead can get the skin rebuilt today, and I will hear back from Tapatalk about the broken plugin.
  9. Yeah, all good points. They arent forced upgrades, but the site keeps reminding us to update. We had planned in the past to use a beta test site to iron out all the bugs, but it didnt occur to me this time (always seems like a minor update to be done). I'm an engineer, not an IT master (and I dont even own a RenaultSport anymore lol).
  10. Thanks - we already pay for the custom 'deflection' theme, which is a 3rd party theme. So for each update, we need to 1. update the forum, 2. download the updated theme. 3 recustomise the theme, 4. test the theme, 5. get rid of the layout bugs. 6. complain to Tapatalk because the plugin stopped working again. Its tedious.
  11. Its a paid freelancer. We let go of volunteers many years ago. Main issue is caused by our custom skin needing to be rebuilt each time IPB does a major change to the forum software, and then Tapatalk cracking the s&^ts for each and every upgrade also. Really not sure why we dont just leave it as it was.
  12. Thanks all. These notes have been passed to the IT support focal point. This update has really cause numerous issues for the site and Tapatalk!
  13. PaulD


    Hi all - we had to disable Tapatalk, as it was causing all sorts of issues. We are trying to work through them with our IT Support. Thanks!
  14. Tapatalk have finally replied that our site is all functioning properly from their end. Only took a month for them to respond
  15. Hi all Our IT support has looked through the list of items in this thread and most issues have been resolved. Please check for your particular issue, and revert if any further comment. Thanks, Paul
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