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  1. Hey bud, hope the trip home was great, and uneventful! There are lots of wheel threads so I'll try to dig out a few good references for you. I'll post a message on my own id soon to link the provenance of the vehicle. Cheers, bozz
  2. Yes please! I could really use those on my daily commute through the possums and roos! Really wish the high beam was activated by pushing the stalk away from the wheel, with flashing done by pulling it towards the wheel.
  3. Not possible AFAIK. Same deal with just tapping to do a single sweep of the wipers. If you pull the stalk to the point if resistance without going past it, the high beams flash on. Can be tricky and I have high-beamed a few unfortunate folks who I was just trying to warn about debris or animals on the road, but the "feature" is there (on a 2011 250 anyway).
  4. I'm Barry, but the main reason I remember that is my email address I've been "bozz" to everyone outside of work for over 31 years so that's just it. "Barry the borrie. bozz for short". True year 8 logic, and it stuck! Oh yeah, also not sure I support arbitrary name changes, but I hope those in doubt will take the opportunity to get in touch with you and clarify their situation.
  5. Happens to me occasionally when in dress shoes, mostly when my foot is in the wrong position to start with (changing radio stations, winding down passenger window, you know, those things you do when the road isn't twisty enough )
  6. Welcome! Having said that, after the above comment I don't reckon you'll be here long if your lovely wife gets her own login!
  7. Back on line for me now. Seemed that my app had crapped itself somehow. Carry on...
  8. Thanks Brendan, Tried that and now it can't find the forum at all! Don't worry about it. I'll play around a bit more as it seems to be only me experiencing the problem.
  9. Thanks Deb. Still not working for me It's working for RSMegane.com, so must be OzRS related.
  10. Anyone else having trouble getting to the forum via tapatalk today? I haven't been able to connect all day, which is ruining my day!
  11. bozz

    Red Bull Clio

    Welcome & congrats! Great ride! Keep an eye on the drive day threads - we will surely have another SEQ drive day one day! Do you live around Mt Tamborine? I do, so let me know if you're up here on a weekend!
  12. Yep, two schools: driveitlikeyoustoleit, versus begentleuntil1000kays A mix of both, going from a bit gentle to a bit hard will see you right. Just get the oil up to temp before too much fun starts, and don't use cruise control or sit in the same gear/speed/load for too long as steve11 said. Most importantly, take the long twisty way home and avoid freeways!!!
  13. Welcome! Lovely specimen! If you're OK with non-Clio drives, keep an eye on the drive day threads
  14. bozz

    Shopping time

    Hey Mcbane, I've put nearly 87K on my 2011 250 in 26 months, and not a rattle or mechanical issue to be had, except for a 2 day visit to the workshop for a new fuel pump (covered under warranty). Scheduled services and a bit of extra tlc will see you right.
  15. Nice. Look forward to seeing you both on a drive some time.
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