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  1. This is revenue the Site is missing out on. Nobody interested?
  2. Completely agree. And did you see BMW M Division's announcement he other day? They are dropping the use of DCTs entirely and are following M-B to torque converter autos only,
  3. Any news when the 2017 Supporters tags will be available to purchase on the Forum?
  4. Updates on 2017 Supporter tags? I'm itching to give you money!
  5. RBH58


    Hi. Welcome. Going sailing in your part of the world in August
  6. When are the 2017 Supporter Tags going to be in the store????
  7. Sounds like my companies transfer pricing!
  8. 2017 Supporters tag coming? I'm ready to cough up
  9. I buy a black car every 10 years. That's about how long it takes me to forget what a nightmare the last one was. Next one is due in 2021.
  10. RBH58

    New Toy

    Girlfriend sounds like a keeper Congrats.
  11. I know of someone who copped a $2.5k fine in Victoria, and I believe the EPA can impose fines of well over $10k! Definitely not worth the risk!
  12. And a highly illegal pocket rocket. Do you what the fines are for decatting?
  13. The BRZ is a sweet handler for sure. It's up there.
  14. One of the very few things that's a bit of a bitch with RS Meganes is finding aftermarket rims with an offset that's legal in Australia. Meg 3s run a high 65 offset so, to be legal, you need to find a rim with a greater than 52.5 offset....and the choices are pretty limited. It is why you will see most Megs still on factory rims.
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