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ozRS Country Bakery Run - Sun Nov 15th - VIC - See Social Events section for details/RSVP


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  1. This is revenue the Site is missing out on. Nobody interested?
  2. Any news when the 2017 Supporters tags will be available to purchase on the Forum?
  3. Indeed. Alive and well and trying to ignore that their Lotus has a T*yota engine.
  4. Engine mounts, thermostats and clutch slave cylinders seem to be the only things I've seen repeated problems with on the Megane. None of these are "big ticket" items if they fail. The rest of the car seems to be pretty bulletproof. Oh....and they eat expensive euro rubber if you drive them properly. Disagree with Nick on the driving position. It was always a compromise with me and I was always an inch or two closer to the pedals than I'd like to get the steering wheel were I wanted it. I'm 180cm.
  5. Looks nice a fresh...but the YouTube embedding appears to have gone away which is very annoying. Avatars appear to be AWOL too
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