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  1. Hi Mate,

    I'm looking for a 172-182 airbag control unit # 8200375763.

    Needs to have not been deployed

    Last hurdle to get registration.


    1. chiapoco


      sorry champ dont have one or a clio for that matter. goodluck on the hunt

  2. I'm sure Ace will chime in at some point about ECU topic
  3. chiapoco

    Old But New

    Tempe Tyres 'PS3 - $175/corner' .... Does the 172 and 183 share the same body panels, interior bits and bobs? im assuming the exhaust is at least different?
  4. chiapoco

    Old But New

    Brilliant. Thanks all! Got abit to look forward to now it seems
  5. chiapoco

    Old But New

    Tommo you're a champion, invaluable all of that! I've seen most of what you mentioned in the little trawling I've done but wasn't sure what it was like for everyone else. Right now, probably a 'refresh' of the dampers, top mounts etc you mentioned sounds like a good idea, any rough ideas how much they go for through dealerships? The knocking sound occurs for 5-7mins after I've switched the car off completely. Surely the exhaust shielding wouldn't be rattling for that long?! Next stop getting in touch with the Renotech / AP Automotive!! ps. Any common Clio II faults to keep an eye for? steering wheel is looking quite at the very least
  6. chiapoco

    Old But New

    Thanks Tommo, legend
  7. chiapoco

    Old But New

    Hey guys, Bought myself a RS182 Sport Cup in silver just last week, I've been giving it a proper run in of my own even though it's already got 120,xxx kms on it I've got a few questions since I'm new to Clio ownership. Hoping you guys can answer them while I trawl through the rest of the Clio forums in search answers! - Paint code. Anyone know a list of paint codes? if not all just the Silver so I can get some touch up paint made up - There's a knocking sound somewhere beneath/mid of the car when I turn it off. Normal French thing or not? - RSTuner a no brainer to have? From what I've seen it's mean't to help distribute torque better apart from the usual ability to be able to diagnose faults and what not. What sort of power increase does it have? - Much like the meggy, I'm seeing talk that aftermarket airbox/cai actually cause more powerloss than anything else. Is that right? any decent options out there? perhaps just making my own one our of supercheap auto hoses and filters might do the job - Roof Bars. My Clio came with Roof Bars but no key. Do genuine roof bars from renault have unique keys or are they generic? - What kind of mods do people generally do on their Clio IIs? I take it the Clio for sale in the ads section with ITBs/LSD and all the rest of that goodness aren't common mods most do? I suspect it wouldn't be all that different from what I've seen the Megane boys and girls doing Mr Clio handles better than my Megane. That's what I've felt anyway! thanks all
  8. Goodluck with the 808. Hope to get mine back soooon enough
  9. chiapoco

    First Post

    welcome welcome
  10. good to hear mate! funs times await
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