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  1. Seems a little odd, might be worth checking the mounts.
  2. +1 on Koya, I’m sure he’d ship to you, really great product. Also, consider taking the foam out of your airbox, that’ll give you a lot more induction sound.
  3. Definitely go the cup for the money if it ticks the boxes for you, $8K will get the monitor and stickers....long term probably not worth the money you'll save now. Alternatively get a 250 trophee and get it tuned by race spec tuning
  4. pricey

    New Toy

    Welcome! Plenty of advice and threads to check out.
  5. pricey


    Welcome! Great picture and glad to hear you're enjoying the car like so many others on the forum. Keep us updated on the next plans and check out the social meets/track meets. Cheers, Pricey
  6. ^ agree, have never redlined the meg, no need!
  7. Welcome! Look forward to seeing some pics!
  8. Congrats on the purchase! Car looks good, it not being a cup isn't a massive deal as long as you enjoy it! Plus a moon roof is a great think on a nice day.
  9. ^ the lights are a pretty easy change too if you have the old wiring from the ph2 lights.
  10. Yep washers. The xenons have a round silver casing on the headlight that stands out. The carsales ad looks like a cup, you wouldn't normally go to the effort to change the front headlights and wheels.
  11. Welcome! Great price and good to hear you're making it your own beast with those mods. Keep us posted!
  12. Congrats and good choice! Look forward to seeing some pics of it
  13. Congrats on the new addition! Black rims on a white car always looks good!
  14. pricey

    New Rs Candidate

    Looks like a cup to me with those xenons and rims.
  15. pricey

    New Rs Candidate

    $6k is pretty cheap, set aside a couple thousand for the rego and timing belt (plus anything else small) but hopefully will come in under that!
  16. Welcome! Streamline carbon do make carbon bits for our diamonds etc
  17. Welcome! Good looking car and nice collection of previous rides!
  18. The Ph1 cup isn't bad IMO with firmer suspension. Wouldn't go non-cup ph1 unless you had mods
  19. Welcome Dan! Nice choice of car and glad you're impressed with it. Some info on the forum here: http://ozrenaultsport.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/24590-megane-rs-225-front-lip/?fromsearch=1 Lots of info in the Megane 2 section of the forum, happy reading!
  20. Welcome! Nice purchase, look forward to seeing some pics
  21. Welcome and nice pick up! Colour isn't bad but BO is pretty good too The pod or change in filter will certainly be noticed, hopefully you'll love it like others that have done the mod. Start a ride thread so we can keep track and drool over the car!
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