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  1. I'm the good looking one. Jokes aside, ask for Nathan.
  2. Congrats on the new car! Certainly was good value. Pop in upstairs to the Renault showroom and say hi if you get a chance tomorrow.
  3. Got to borrow a PW Trophy from work for a day and now I want one. Congrats on your purchase!
  4. I have a 172 engine, ECU and loom if you decide on the less extreme option.
  5. Instant update for the '15 logo. Wow! Can we do something about the broken IMG link that was the '13 logo presumably?
  6. There's a global button in the mobile version. I've been using it frequently.
  7. I seem to have lost a PM conversation (started after the switch to the new format). The subject is listed in my Messages but there are no posts. Any ideas?
  8. For new content click on the date/time under thread name - you'll notice its a link. Says something like Last post on "date/time" by "username".
  9. Info here on steering wheel refurb: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=26021
  10. A member on here bought a second hand jack and, from memory, it fit into the space in the tool kit. Worth a shot... viewtopic.php?f=19&t=24257&p=374492#p374492
  11. nemz

    'Clio2.0' returns

    Congrats mate! M0nty couldn't tempt you with a 265 Sport?
  12. nemz

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome! That's quite a collection.
  13. There's a sweet looking 182 F1 LE on gumtree for $8K. Definitely worth a look IMO.
  14. I was watching the latest Chris Harris clip on YouTube and the RMS' "take the slow down pledge" ad popped up. Ha!
  15. Those things are a bit subjective so opinions could differ. The ride in a 200 is fairly firm and, to be honest, I weaved like a mad-man to avoid pot holes. However, it never got unbearable - even on the worst Sydney roads. The highway cruise is pretty civilised. It will be a bit noisier for you (coming from a Falcon) as the engine is sitting on 3,000rpm at 110kph. Having said that, I drove mine down to Melbourne and it was comfortable and easy to drive long distance. I would highly recommend taking one for a test drive and try to replicate your typical commute.
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