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Old Member - New 172 purchase


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Hi all,


So have been notably absent over the last 2 years.. overseas work, property purchases and car sharing have all contributed.

Recently I decided there was something missing in my life, some car fun, looking around at used cards and BFYB, it was looking like another RS. :headbang: After narrowly missing out on the 182 F1 that Sluggo picked up ive have been lurking on 172, 182 and 225s on carsales and here.


Today pulled the trigger on a 172 - Ex Dweezle's car.


Whilst its had some track time recently - the amount of parts replaced including front geometry, suspension, brakes, engine mounts & battery meant it worth the risk.


Immediately on the horizon are some new boots and getting the steering wheel refurbed. Questions:

1. 195/50/15 - What is the go these days? What are some good prices on AD08R or KU31 - any thoughts? will read the thread.

2. Steering Wheel - will check the thread with the South Australia retrimmer - anyone had any awesome leather / stitching combos?


Besides that will get it over to Paul V at some stage for a good look over.


If anyone has any more thoughts or history on the car please shoot me a PM. Looking forward to the next social!

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It feels right to have you back again Chris. Good work mate.

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Welcome back,

I have a172,with ku31s,they are the noisiest tyres

I have ever driven on in 48 years.Mine are 10,000ks old

half worn and I would practically give them away they are

so bad.(noise wise that is). grip dry and wet they are


graham (possibly the oldest "hoon" on OZRENAULT.)

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all the boys are getting clios again…. except for coop!




Meganes are still cool too!

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Thanks All - Visited Matt205 today - very productive! also potentially dangerous!


All I can say is that I am in possession of several spray cans..


How many would it take to do a whole car..?

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50 shades? Or storm grey?!


So in the last week

New PS3

Steering wheel sent for retrim

Pax recliner cable fixed

Interior trim - in prep for respray

Headlining - WIP





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