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  1. suspect white stains on the drivers seat.............
  2. Welcome! What to look out for during inspection: 1. Timing and aux belt have been changed - due every 4yrs/100,000km 2. Check the idle of the car - if it feels rough could be engine mounts or injector/coil packs, though probably engine mounts in most instances. Its normally the top mount and you can see it in the left hand side of the engine bay next to the coolant resovoir - just have a look and see of the rubber under the steel frame of the mount has collapsed or not. 3. There were a few that had a rear tyre wear issue, think it was the left hand side from memory but can't remember exactly - not sure if there was a fix either. Can't think of anything else other than the other usual "common" checks that you would do at a pre purchase inspection. They are a good car, and there really wasn't that much that went wrong with them. My one which I had for over 6 years besides the engine mount needing changing was pretty damn reliable. Goodluck!
  3. are u plastidipping your whole car?
  4. brendans225

    808 8OY

    guess we know who that other guy on the forum driving his mum's jdm car is......
  5. brendans225

    808 8OY

    rob i'm scared to see your yearly rego, greenslip and insurance for your cars
  6. Maybe you can stick it back on
  7. Oh, it still has the NSW plates! Fuel consumption sticker finally gone after nearly 7 years Looks like she's having fun in her new home
  8. brendans225

    808 8OY

    WTF! TROLL! Sif not consider a JDM echo or the like, there's another guy on here who loves driving his mum's JDM cars...........
  9. But if you go past 3000 you might damage the engine or hurt the car, its not a VTEC you know! I'm pretty sure Joel said he wouldn't go past 2000 rpms
  10. Not the fuel consumption sticker! That things an icon over here in Sydney! Alex, whats wrong with being a granny driver you hoon
  11. Great Post! But where are the pics? (i know i know, i have heaps of them, but curious to see it in its new playground!) I'm happy the meggy found a good home, hopefully i'll be able to see it again sometime soon ......its so weird looking into my garage now and not seeing a bright orange car, instead a white little mazda 2 stares at me curiously Don't get too carried away with the other map, might lose your license (and all your hair) before you know it Funny thing about the ktec exhaust, i originally bought the ktec one to fit to the meggy, but then was heading overseas on holidays, so when it arrived, i literally put it up for sale straight away to get some extra cash! But try the back seats down method first, then pull the boot carpet out, it sounds amazing and free! Or if you're really harcore, yank back seats out and all the boot lining for an r26r like sound
  12. R26 gets the drilled discs. But to be honest, they are over rated, they crack eventually, especially if you give the brakes a hard time. There is no noticeable difference in performance. I changed from the cross drilled to the solid rotors after the drilled ones started to crack. R26 is meant to be a better drive handling wise as it got slight suspension tweeks to further improve its performance. As for leather seats, its really upto the individual, they will wear quicker (get that used look) than the cloth seats though, but probably look a bit more classier. No biggie. r26 is only 3dr, and 225 cups are 5 doors.
  13. Welcome! Agree with walkie, definitely check out Andy's 225 in the For Sale section, has lower k's and is cheaper! Goodluck, you won't regret getting a meggy or 197, they are a great car. Note, the meggy has a fairly high seating position, so not sure if you would actually find that a problem at your height. Can't remember the 197 as I've only sat in one once or twice, and that was quite a while ago. Best to drive and sit in both to get the best idea, but both are great cars, although I am biased towards a 225
  14. Great Story! Your wife is awesome aswell! LOL Loved how you guys left your neighbour hanging, like you were kids rushing inside to play a newly released video game, totally forgetting about the kid next door!
  15. Tighta***. Nah, you're the one that doesn't want to pay $30
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