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  1. If its been properly looked after, any Meg will be a good price. They seem to depreciate at quite a scary rate. I find that all my cars have far more ability than me both on the road and the track. I have come back to wanting enjoyment at low speeds. Its amazing how the brilliant Megane is like a sledgehammer to crack a walnut, with 'only' a 2.0T in it.
  2. I reckon the 1*2's are truly hard core, in clever hands they slay heaps of things that are bigger and more powerful. At the Nat's 2017, it took a 275 Trophy R to beat the 172's flying around PI. As an aside, I couldnt keep up with the 172's in my ST either, but I maintain that I was a fault for driving like a pounce and not wanting to prang my daily.
  3. My best description of the FiST is a mixture of the Clio 3 size, (but weighs 80-100Kgs less I think), combined with Megane turbo rush and low down torque. The Fist is easily much faster than can be used (same with most cars) but its low speed fun comes from the steering and everything else. It also has a modern day 5 Star ANCAP rating. It is also hilarious through the twisties and on the track, partly due to its oversteer tendencies. It has a cheaper looking interior, I agree but the ergonomics are perfect and that to me is vastly more important. I am not sure why the Megane would be considered a more 'hard core' vehicle? I just cant believe the crap that I had to drive at the same age, look at the choices now!
  4. I always buy the lightest car that I can get away with. Weight is the enemy of fun. FiST will fit 2 adults in the back pretty well, just don't plan to drive to Perth.
  5. Both are great cars. I have driven both. See the thread I started in the non-Renault car section below on the FiST. It is a personal decision about what is right for you but I am absurdly in love with my FiST and would buy the 2014 car every day of the week. I had a budget of up to about $60K and this is what I chose. These things are German made and there is an amazing bond going on between a very stiff body shell, steering, power and brakes. I also have a 2011 Golf GTI with 300hp and go for the FiST keys any chance I get. The 2011 250 I drove felt heavier, older and a bit creaky. I highly recommend getting a FiST with a stage 1 tune and slightly lower suspension in your budget. These cars have excellent low down torque, perfect driving position and clean gear change and feel so light in everything it does. Perhaps better visibility than the Meg in your blind spot and perhaps better on resale. Drive both a much as you can to decide. Get on YouTube to see Matt Farrah of the smoking tire banging on about the FiST, that's what got me thinking. In terms of ride, it is easily improved with your lowering springs. Eibachs or mountune. I use mine as a daily. The recaros in the FiST do break in and soften up a bit. I find them ideal.
  6. Yep, all personal preference. I think any mod like this needs to be in the context of its surroundings.
  7. look at my ride thread for a steering wheel option.
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