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  1. We should keep a tally of ex Clio II owners regretting their decisions to move on.
  2. Hey, I'm a local too. Keiren at DentFree Auto in the Mall carpark does amazing PDR work and I've used Mick Vescio on Winbourne Ave for panel beating. He fell in love with my car and treated it very well [emoji6]
  3. Great news, I can get my daily dose of OZRS goodness again.
  4. I say we go back to the good old Yahoo Groups! Paul and Deb would remember those days ? I'm in the Tapatalk camp, so have been offline for a while.
  5. Yep, that's Paul at AV, many folks on the forum have their cars serviced there. As mentioned Renotech are also an excellent choice.
  6. Welcome, and enjoy the 182.
  7. Paid with the pickup option last week. Should I be expecting an email with pickup address?
  8. If this is Rob's 808, then a massive congrats as you've picked up a superb car that would've had the best of everything.
  9. Which variants of the Meg3 come with xenons?
  10. Where is the car broken down? If you're not confident then best to get it towed to a reputable mechanic.
  11. Hey Will, congrats on the purchase and welcome to the RS fold. That was me that had a chat to you at the lights.
  12. That's a terrible start to RS ownership. Hope you sort it out quickly and get to enjoy your new ride.
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