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  1. Completely normal, as Chuck mentions, picked up from the track. Will be noisy for a week or two while it falls off.
  2. Just sent you a PM using Chrome on Android
  3. Covid hasn't been the best time to look for a RS, or used cars in general. Inflated prices and anything decent is snapped up quickly, usually at a premium. I started looking for my second RS just as Covid took hold and passed on a few early thinking the world was going to end and bargains were around the corner. I was wrong. In the end it took me 8 months to find the right one, and it was an off market sale, else I might still be looking. Hang in there, they're definitely worth the wait.
  4. Looks like a current promotion running on Bluefin. https://www.superchips.com.au/renault-megane-rs-250-ecu-tune-remap.html
  5. Appreciate the follow-up admins 👍 Android user here, and I do miss Tapatalk. Just works nicely.
  6. Does the web version offer push notifications like Tapatalk? That was a useful feature.
  7. Tipping there's no updates from Tapatalk?
  8. Hi Ben, welcome and congrats on the new ride. Suspect you'll have a few members take up your Brakes Direct offer 😉
  9. No xenons on the 265 Cup Premium, correct?
  10. no updates to the tapatalk change log linked above Any alternates people suggest? not a fan of the browser experience on the phone.
  11. Understand and appreciate the effort by admins 👍
  12. Doesn't appear so. I'm tipping a lot of members use Tapatalk and traffic to the site has probably been lower since the upgrade. I'm struggling without it.
  13. Hey Paul, any closer with Tapatalk?
  14. Yep, seems to be the same issues with every major upgrade over the years. How much notice are we given for the upgrade, is it a forced upgrade, and do we have a development site to test it all before going live? Can we as members do anything to help avoid this in the future? Contribute $ for better IT support?
  15. Paul, do we pay for external IT support or is it volunteered by members? I recall similar issues over the years with upgrades.
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