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  1. I recall mine doing odd things and noises sometimes on the 1-2 shift, even when new and after the flywheel/clutch were replaced.
  2. Can anyone who had issues with Tapatalk please let us know whether they persist? We've made the changes to the Tapatalk console, which appears to have fixed @PaulD's own issues with Tapatalk, so hopefully fix all the others too!
  3. Bear with us on this. I've asked PaulD to update the forum url in the Tapatalk console (separate from the forum software) - hopefully this resolves the issues. From what I can gather from an old thread on Tapatalk support - the apps periodically clear their caches relating to the URLs and what not, so hopefully the issues will end up resolving themselves.
  4. Can you let us know whether it's working now? IPS enabled SSL on the forum yesterday which I think caused a few issues with access. Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  5. Rob, thanks for that. Can you let me know which browser you're using? May help as fault find. It is a weird one though as it's fine on all 3 browsers I have (Chrome, Firefox & Edge). Regardless, there is a new update available from IPS (4.4.2) that fixes the issue with the html code showing in the the profile, so that will help significantly.
  6. Are you referring to the stuff under your username where your location, posts # etc is shown? That should be a fixed with (it is for me anyway, both mobile & PC) The latest upgrade to 4.4.1 of IPS really stuffed us around with our skin. We've managed to make it work again but I've noticed there are still a few bugs. That being said, if you scroll to the very bottom of a page you should have a 'Theme' drop down where you can change themes. DO NOT use 'Front Default' or 'Deflection 4.3' as they're broken. The 'Default' theme is a light coloured theme but has little to no customisation on it.
  7. Hi Mate,

    I'm looking for a 172-182 airbag control unit # 8200375763.

    Needs to have not been deployed

    Last hurdle to get registration.


  8. What's the issue exactly? Any error messages etc?
  9. It'll be back as soon as it can be! We're at the mercy of Tapatalk and IPB working the issue out together - until that happens, there is nothing we can do.
  10. I think you shall find the below will help you!
  11. We do appreciate the patience from everyone (ours is being tested) but unfortunately this has been a pretty painful process as we're effectively stuck in the middle relying on IPB and Tapatalk support. Biggest issue is that as the forum is hosted on Invision's cloud service (i.e we don't host the forum ourselves) it means we don't have direct access to the server and can't poke around and see folder structures and adjust permissions etc (which I think may be part of the problem with Tapatalk currently) Believe us - we're not sitting around doing nothing!
  12. Issue has been noted, hopefully we can deal with it pretty quickly!
  13. Yep - it's been noted in the forum issues thread. It appears to be an issue with the Tapatalk plugin not playing nicely with the latest version of IP Board - Tapatalk are also quite slow to respond to support tickets (we're waiting 1-2 days per response)
  14. Nothing to fix unfortunately - our current hosting/plan does not have SSL certificates. We will look into this once all the changes and issues with the forum have been sorted out. All sorted
  15. Yeah, bit weird. I selected your post and clicked reply and it didn't do anything. I thought previously that would quote that selected post? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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