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  1. You're right, but I still wait around 20-30 seconds or so before moving off to ensure good oil pressure. The best way to minimise wear is to get the heat into the oil as quick as possible. In a cold climate it's not so easy, when its below zero I wait some time to move off, but I have a diesel and it's usually recommended to let a diesel warm up a little first compared to the advice above for a petrol.
  2. That's because the French will never get electrics right. I've had a few issues with my Twingo, which is on the current gen electrical and switchgear, so the French still assemble it all and you're at the mercy of their wire placement. I hate to say it but the Golf will be more reliable in years to come, but the driving experience of the 265 is incredible, it's not worth fussing over the details to end up in the boring Golf.
  3. Yep me too, I have the same problem. Bremund is the Tapatalk expert but PaulD is the expert on Invision
  4. ClioF1

    Rs250 Owner

    Nice colour, like the black wheels too. Welcome
  5. ClioF1

    New Twingo Owner :)

    Thought this was quite novel, a small parking mistake could be costly.
  6. Yep that was to keep the kms down on the Clio. I had a job at the time where I was commuting pretty far.
  7. Hey mate, welcome back. Are you tall? I think I remember talking to you back in the day, vaguely.
  8. ClioF1

    Cpi Tuning Must Read

    I'm going to import a Holden into Europe and take it to a local tuner just for kicks, to gauge their lack of interest.
  9. It's funny since leaving Aus I would never get a car loan again, it's just not worth the headache. Nice Clio and cool colour!
  10. ClioF1

    New Twingo Owner :)

    Tuurlijk! De enige manier
  11. ClioF1

    New Twingo Owner :)

    Maybe next time then! Tot de volgende keer dan
  12. ClioF1

    New Twingo Owner :)

    It's a bit mental now around town, you don't feel like it's going that quick, but I'm always doing 80 in a 50 without trying. Not good with so many speed cameras around. Have only tried it with my winter tyres on, which are pretty grippy. It's weird it hardly wheelspins because you don't need revs to launch it (1500rpm is fine). It drives like my cammed SS ute did actually! Just without power up top. It was a local tuner. Henk wasn't interested
  13. ClioF1

    New Twingo Owner :)

    Had my car tuned this afternoon. What a difference. It's a beast in gear around town and on the motorway, exactly where I use it and need power. It produced 88ps and 200Nm standard on the dyno, that went up to 111ps and 270Nm.
  14. ClioF1

    New Twingo Owner :)

    Twin run was at Goodwood two years back. Not going nuts with mods on this car, it's my anonymous daily driver. Really needs the stage 1 map though.
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