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Hello everyone - I'm a Renault noob


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Hi everyone,


This is my first time on Ozrenaultsport forum.


I know nothing about Renault cars but I purchased an Angel RS200 early last year!

Late last year I received a present: personalised # plate AAA666!


Do we have a drive day once in a while to meet & greet?



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Welcome, we usually have a drive day every few months and some of us also get together once a month for an event like a hillclimb or supersprint, track days, etc. Keep n eye out on the active topics and maybe subscribe to the social and advanced driving threads to make sure you are notified. There is also the short notice drive thread, but I'm not sure how often that is used in Sydney at the moment.


BTW great A&D. beautiful looking car.

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Welcome mate.


Feel free to set up a member's ride thread, in the relevant section, for photos of your car and any plans you have fr it.

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Love the rego :lol:




Welcome along, cool car you have brought yourself.


Would love a matt effect car one day, how are you finding paint maintenance ?

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