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  1. Hey Andres lovelh to meet you today! Best drive in a while for me. such peaceful views and clear roads! Even gota clear run for most of the black spur yay! Will take note of your mobile and let you know next time there is a drivr day on. And yes so jealous of your exaltos.
  2. Hey I know that Dish is heading out tomorrow with another guy - who used to own a 182 - but has a BMW now - ? i am hoping to head out this weekend.. but definitely keen for the weekend of the 21st and 22nd I think ? lets go!
  3. jets4

    New RS225 owner

    Congratulations and welcome! ah yeah my 225 only seems to do the torque steer when wet or when my tyres are worn beyond 70% sometimes less if they are not the best tyres! hope to see you on a drive day! yay another 225 Jen
  4. Wow just found this thread!! how awesome We have the back seats out of our Scenic and I swear Dish drives it like it is an RS all the time.. I don't usually bother until we get to the twisties and then I put the foot in a bit haha tis fun bouncing around the corners haha .. I actually find that she gets up and goes pretty well just got to rev her and work her a bit but hey I do like the idea of putting a 225 engine in there! ha or a 172 engine.. BTW your Mechanic sounds like he is a sandwich short of a picnic or a beer short of a six pack.. or just damn insulting.. lucky he hadn't said that to me.. where do people get off saying such #$%%$ about that engine is beyond me They are awesome we have that block x 4 at our place and each one has been awesome (touch wood) haha .. could go off topic about how Dishs nephew told us that ah yeah once your cars get a 100K on them and are 8 years old you will be able to tell how unreliable they are.. lol we said they are already there and most of those kms have been drive days where they would get driven harder than any Toyota (the make he was telling us was reliable) and we have never had any issues.. Anyway that rant over! so curious to see how this ends as I would love a camper too! Dish has some weird idea about putting a V6 engine in the back of our scenic- which would really ruin any camping stuff room so if I can get him into a 225 engine at the front even better - although I do prefer the sound of a naturally aspirated engine! Now following this thread with interest- and sorry no valid ideas - other than upgrade the mechanic
  5. Hey Welcome! Just a quick note there is a drive day on the 8th - check out the social section! Welcome to the group I love them in Red hehe
  6. Wow what an amazing story .. sorry about the accidents.. but amazingly cool that you are hooked after one track day Look foward to meeting you perhaps at the Nats! ( I am based in VIC ) ! Enjoy the Clio! ah I still miss my 172 haha awesome!
  7. jets4

    Ladder RS

    ohh Welcome again! ah do get one! Will be great to have you guys along on some drive days! Happy to show you some nice roads out the back of Lystefield when you get the car too! take some pics of some liquid yellow! (if you still want the yellow that is) Great to see you guys on the forum
  8. jets4

    Ladder RS

    Welcome ! Looking forward to catching up soon! Great to see you on the forum! Great to meet you on the cup weekend!
  9. ohhh nice So jealous already love the R26.. would own one as well if I could Gone on any twisties yet hehe Welcome!
  10. ohh nice! congratulations! looking forward to seeing some pics!
  11. jets4

    Finally here!

    Nice! Welcome looking forward to seeing some pics! ah the Clios are very easy to fall in love with Enjoy the 200 as well
  12. jets4

    Just a quick Hello

    Hey Welcome! Yay another 225 owner welcome -
  13. Hey! Welcome to the forum! looking forward to seeing your Meggy and you in person Cheers Jen
  14. woohoo!! congratulations! I see a Feb Drive day in VIC somehow hehe
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