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  1. Welcome mate, Very nice car. The previous owner was also a member here and I remember when he had it up for sale. Beautiful example of a 250 in Extreme Blue no other variant of the Meg 3 RS came in that colour the 250s were the only ones. They are an incredible car and one of the best Best bang for buxck you can buy these days. Enjoy! Sam.
  2. Hi PaulD, looks like some PMs are now coming through. thanks sam.
  3. for me personally Tapatalk hasn't made it any easier then when i was using my mobile. This new site actually formats very well on mobiles.so for me anyways i don't think my frequenting this forum will depend on whether Tapatalk is available or not. It is the community spirit that gets me coming back and the great people that I've come across and met on this forum. Cheers, Sam.
  4. Hi Guys, I'm having issues with PMs not getting through i've sent several top people who would normally reply really quickly and also to the admin team and still no response. If you see this CLOUDY please send me a text 0448883538 your items are waiting shipping I've sent you the dimensions.
  5. Hi Guys, I tried to pm Administrators but i keep getting an error code 500? Anyways what i would like to do is run a Sale and or Auction of 172 bits that i have in my garage and would like 100% of the proceeds to go the the site. Could one of the admins please let me know how i can go about it please? i had already started a for sale thread but would like to either close it and start another or edit. please let me know Sam.
  6. I a torque wrench i got from Aldi for $25 and it has served me well for the last 2yrs. I even had a $300~ odd one that i used straight after mine and both were spot on. Cheers Sam.
  7. kaesh

    I'm Back!

    ouch!! crap luck mate, the important thing is that your on the mend and doing good by the sounds of it!! welcome back mate.
  8. kaesh

    I'm Back!

    was yours the yellow one? im just trying to remember
  9. If I'm not mistaken doesnt the 200 already have LSD compared to the 197 and 182?
  10. you can do the headlight your self using detergent 800 grit,1500 and then 2000 grit sand paper with a coat of clear afterwards to protect followed up with some nice wax to protect them. should cost you under $20 for all the parts needed and about 2-3hrs depending on how fussy you are about the finish.it took me about that for my Clio 172. Welcome by the way and yep! check out Ktec and Demon tweeks and a few other U.K places. Cheers Sam.
  11. thank you for the offer cloudy, I'll keep it in mind. if anyone can recommend best bang for buck transport companies that would be great.
  12. I've made a deal with walkie to hang onto her for a fortnight or so whilst i save for a transport back up here, SWMBO did suggest i take a road trip with someone and enjoy the drive back up but I've got a few projects due at work and i wouldn't feel right leaving her alone with both kids whilst she is working at the same time. Especially given how my little 2yr old son likes to run a muck when dad isn't around to keep him amused and under control and our 8yr old daughter isn't much help at the moment as she thinks she is 18! hahahaha I'll think some more on it though and get back you, appreciate the offer mate. Sam.
  13. It has been a test in patience with all things "grown up" and "logical" to do getting in the way. hopefully i can do it justice and enjoy the car. it is hard trying to not spend every cent i have on mods for the girl though isnt it?
  14. I will do my best to make sure she gets a good life in QLD.
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