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  1. Welcome, nice 275, for sure. Woonona beach photo shoot. Are you located in the Illawarra?
  2. Pez

    New RS200

    Congrats on the purchase Chris. I'm in the Gong as well, hope to see your car, might have to go for a spin together. Love the 200, and in LY, doesn't get much better. Went for a drive up Mc Pass on the weekend, but just got stuck in Holiday traffic both ways. All about the timing really.
  3. Welome mate.We have a saying here that it didn't happen if there are no pic's. Love to see the beast. I have spent a lot of time in Indo and have never seen a Renaultsport. Great to hear that they are making a presence up there. It probably won't be as reliable as the WRX but heaps more fun.
  4. Welcome mate, good to hear from others OS. We would all love to see some pics of your Renault's past and present.
  5. Well done Nelson. I saw an all black 265 last weekend and couldn't stop drooling. Top choice. Very Mafia Hitman
  6. Yes, does make it uncomfortable at work, and it's hypnotizing...
  7. Welcome, wheels look Hot, How is the offset on them? Dog is very cute too...
  8. Pez

    First Frenchie

    Welcome mate, hope your 265 continues to put a smile on your face. BTW, if there are no photos it never happened, so get to it...
  9. Welcome mate, love to see the new beast.
  10. Nice choice in cars there Ruby. I'm currently planing on maybe buying a series 1 or 2 RX7 as a restoration project. Love to see some pics of your car.
  11. Congrats on getting an awesome car. Tried buying a red one awhile back. Good luck giving it a good clean. It might take all day to get that fresh "my car" feel. Looking forward to some good shots.
  12. I have found Corban to be OK with servicing if expensive, the C4 I had extended warranty through them which cost a lot for not much. Kylie who works in servicing has always been helpful and accommodating, I've had a few issues and they seem to wash there hands of responsibility of the car, which of course can be frustrating. Choices in Wollongong are limited. I have been using a member on here who works for Renault and moonlights as a mechanic who has been coming to my house and doing the servicing in the driveway. Top bloke who I can send you his details if you like.
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