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  1. JimiD

    Hi Ace,

    Rob240 suggested I get in touch with you as a man with vast knowledge.

    I'm chasing a blue slip for my 172, Serrano, with a similar problem I think you had back in 2012 with The Silver Bullet.

    I bought it with Recaros and a recalcitrant airbag light. I've put the original seats in and traced the problem to the airbag control unit ruined by coffee.

    Part # 8200375763. Needs to have not been deployed.

    Any thoughts?

    Last hurdle to get registration.


  2. 275 Trophy if you get chance. It's such an exciting car and a nice improvement over the 265 in power and dynamics and the Alcantara seats are lovely.
  3. ace


    Disabling Cat errors is typically included in stage 2 tunes. Most stage 1 tunes don't include this feature. Usually it doesn't present a problem, but occasionally on long freeway drives the error can occur. Clear it and you should be fine until the next long freeway drive. Otherwise you should visit the tuner who did the tune and ask for the Cat diagnostics to be disabled. This can be done without having to change the rest of your tune.
  4. ace

    First Renault (RS265)

    Is that the underground carpark for Service NSW in Penrith?
  5. Welcome Arno, some very nice suspension kit on your website. Really nice to see some proper serious alternatives to the generic KWs, Bilsteins, etc, that are on offer.
  6. Yep, I've seen plenty of corroded ones come out. Make sure you use genuine, I pulled a non genuine off my flamer (fitted by PaulV according to the essay of an invoice included with the car) when we did the belts and it was all corroded, just on 4 years. You should also change the thermostat too. It's also not a "service" item but is faulty on the majority of all RSs.
  7. Thanks for clarifying Paul, makes more sense. Edit: Are your IT guys testing the new 1.4.4 Taptalk IPB plugin released last night?
  8. Not trying to tell you how to suck eggs guys and whilst I'm not a DBA/Webdev I have do manage an extensive IT infrastructure network across thousands of computers very successfully Is version 4.3 something that has been tested and supported by Tapatalk? Seems to me they (Tapatalk) have only tested as far as IPB 4.2.2 - was it really necessary to go all the way to 4.3? Upgrading is a b!tch, but following the release notes, checking compatibility and having an appropriate testing procedure (including plugins) is typically best practice. Is a roll-back to a publicly tested combinat
  9. Nice, thanks for dobbing me in Cam, but it is an area outside my expertise as an infrastructure engineer unfortunately. But I do agree there must be people with DBA/Web development experience who might be able to help. I'm sure some regular information bulletin would also go along way with some actual information on the problem and progress to resolve. There are a lot of people on this forum who'd love to help if they knew how.
  10. Really does feel like an episode of the walking dead around here. Hopefully we don't all get eaten by zombies in the interim while the forum gets fixed. Anybody thought about a rollback? The previously stated theory of needed to upgrade to allow for support doesn't seem to be working out.
  11. You can change most of the settings - see the screenshot I've attached. There's several other settings to limit the type of content, etc. Play with the settings.
  12. ace

    I'm Back!

    A Clio II is a nice way to scratch the itch without doing subsonic speeds ????
  13. ace

    Bought A Cheapie 172

    I might be able to help with exhaust and ECU remap, I'll send you a pm
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