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Hey hey from the UK :)


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Hi I'm Dom just thought I'd pop on here and have a look around and see how you guys I'm Aus are?!


Anyways for those who want to know I own a Liquid Yellow Clio 200 FF :)



Liquid Yellow I.D paint

Renault Sport Recaro CS seats

RS Cup Chassis

Cup Spoiler

Satin Black Renault Speedlines

Yellow Interior Pack


Couple of photos









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Welcome mate. Think I've seen your car on clio197.net. Very nice!


Hope you like what you see over here 8)

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Great to see another overseas member join up 8)

Welcome, and thanks for sharing your tres cool ride with us.

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Thanks for joining us Dom... I love the Clio RS and it would probably have been my prefered colour if I didn't get my car at a super cool price. You will probably get jealous of our ability to drive 12 months of the year with no fear of being snowed in, unless we venture up into the ski fields.

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Thanks for the welcomes :)


I'm from nottingham mate :wink:


Your guys have some fine ass looking Renaults and I'm jealous that you pretty much get to cruise in the sun all year round, although give them some stick in the snow does get interesting.


Oh and the ITG filters not really any noticeable differences tbh just a smoother flow

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Just to explain for our members who don't have the "pleasure" of watching Aussie TV; our local channel was airing the episode of TG with the DS3/Abarth/Clio 200 and the ad that preceded it went something along the lines of "The boys drive around Monaco in 3 girlie cars".


There's a thread here on the discussion and outrage that ensued: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=20130 (Ignore Clio 2.0 and fastestlaps.com data :wink: )

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Welcome aboard.

Love that snow shot... as mentioned above, just not something we are used to seeing.

Anyways, keep those pics coming, and see you around the forum.



ps: would be interested in knowing where you (and others) get your parts in the UK. You can PM me if you prefer. :wink:

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Hi Wolf,


I've tried to PM you some info' but it won't let me so I'll email it to the address in you sig' instead. :)

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