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  1. I don't think I have any yellow stickers left here in Melb either, but plenty of grey ones. We'll be looking into new merchandise in coming weeks/months, inc stickers, T-shirts etc etc, and the 2017 Supporters tag will also be discussed and implemented at some point soon. Lots going on behind the scenes... expect a reinvigorated OzRS in the very near future
  2. Can you please inform us about the organisation you work for, and tell us more about the event itself?
  3. Hi there, Yep, because of the confusion it could cause if abused, we have not allowed members to change their usernames themselves. Anyone wishing to change their usernames, please let me know via email what you would like it changed to... dishan@dmarikar.com IMPORTANT: If you send a message via an email address other than what you registered with, please mention what that is in your email so that I can verify it is really you Cheers, Dish.
  4. Danny, it may take some getting used to. I'm still feeling my way around. The changeover wasn't purely for the sake of it. The new platform brings some interesting features and ease of use in the backend. The e-store facilities are going to make our efforts to sell Nationals packages and calendars etc so much easier, just to give you one example.
  5. Yes, still lots going on behind the scenes. Bremund is doing his best to accommodate all our wishes. Please keep up with the feedback, and things will be added to his "To Do" list, of which some issues will take priority over others.
  6. There's still a slab of work to be done peeps - Bremund is working through the list during this transitionary phase. No point editing your posts if you have included links in the past as I'm sure these will be corrected as you suggested.
  7. wow, welcome and congrats Cameron! Hope to see you at one of our drive days or social events in the near future Cheers, Dish.
  8. Dish

    Ladder RS

    Was lovely meeting you guys on the Cup Weekend event. Glad to see you have both joined up... and that Anthony's username hints at something in particular All the best
  9. Welcome and congrats on the purchase. Odd spot for it no doubt, but your troubles will be two-fold if you decide to remove the plaque: 1. that plaque is unique to your car - removing it may damage it and you won't be able to replace it 2. there are 2 holes behind it, where the "Clio" script would usually plug into.
  10. Come to think of it walkie, I'll delete that thread since most of that info is well and truly outdated. apple3337, to answer your question, use the tags either side of an image link (without spaces) and it should then appear in your post. The link can be from almost any source. I now upload many of my pics to facebook and even if set to private they will appear here. Any further questions, please ask.
  11. Thanks peeps. Just a heads up that I don't have access to the PayPal account, so will have to wait for Moosey to confirm details.
  12. Avoid cams. Seriously not worth the grief that I have witnessed a couple of members having experienced. I can understand how you would miss huge HP like that, but Clios aren't about grunt. They are more about carving up the twisties at a great rate of knots, with momentum and torque. My advice would be to learn to love and appreciate the car's natural set up for a few months before you go looking at go-faster bits. Unlike a Japanese car that benefits greatly from the slightest of aftermarket parts, most find that the relatively small selection of aftermarket parts for these offer only
  13. Russell: Moosey may be able to coordinate that with you, failing which we can post to you. Maaad: walkie86 has them in Sydney. Danny: I have some spares from the 10th Anniversary edition, as well as the regular ones. Yellow/Grey stickers are $10 each, plus $1 for postage in Australia. Use the Donate button and give a detailed description of what you want etc. The 10th Anniversary stickers were only for those attending the BBQ, (and most likely for those attending the Nationals this year) so don't go begging for them if you didn't attend!
  14. Congratulations and welcome to OzRS
  15. via this link tezza: ucp.php Click on the 'profile' tab and you'll see further tabs on the left, one of which is 'edit signature', and below it 'edit avatar'. Hope this helps.
  16. Points noted, and we are discussing this behind the scenes to determine which course to take.
  17. Well Riley, I reckon you were kinda lucky in the end. Thinking back about how ozclio treated his car at Winton during the 2012 Nationals, and the numerous track days it would have done in similar fashion, it would definitely be a case of 'buyer beware'. But I'm sure that won't remove the sour taste left behind. Thank you for taking the time to share your side of the story. I'm intrigued to hear ozclio's side... if we ever get to hear it.
  18. Dish


    Hola!Thank you for joining us Your English is better than my Espanol hahahahaha Cheers, Dish.
  19. Dish

    Love the 265

    wow lurking for over a year? Welcome at last! Hope to see you at a drive/social meet soon. We are meeting on March 30 for a drive and also the April 13 for our 10 year Anniversary BBQ. Cheers, Dish.
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