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  1. I think so. Plus it is easier to justify to the missus, and I found the 225 cup too firm to live with everyday.
  2. Thanks for the advice Xeno182 ... The one I'm looking at is a 2007 also. I like the spoke pattern better on the Cup wheels - the standard ones are just too chunky. Anything I should know about the interior of these, or other things to look our for?
  3. Having now driven a 5dr 225 & Golf Gti, I'm quite liking the extra room. Still feels too big compared to the Clio though... Decisions...
  4. I'm also in the same boat. Out of interest, what year does the phase 1 to 2 transition? I'm particularly looking at cars after 2006 - so I assume they are all phase 2? I note that the non cup has less attractive wheels as standard - but I assume the cup wheels could be fitted instead? Also - anyone can advise how much softer the non-cup is? I have just taken a mates cup for a spin - it is rather firm. He came from a Golf GTi and it is one of the things he misses most (every-day comfort). Thanks!
  5. Thanks drdrei - most helpful. How do you go with the pram in the boot BTW? Any troubles fitting? Or just selective about the size you got? My other car is a Camry... So have acres in there, was just concerned that a Clio won't be a great back up if needed. However, have just looked at the Clio III - surprised by the extra rear seat room over the mkII. Could actually work...
  6. Q - perhaps off topic - has any one fitted a baby seat in a Clio III (ie 197) & can tell how it goes? Congrats on 265 too. Wish I had the $.
  7. Ah - sorry to hear that. Thanks for your appreciation - my Clio has a non-stock exhaust. All it needs now is a clean. You going to join us for a coffee and cruise on Sunday morning? Can say g'day in person. viewtopic.php?f=10&t=27495
  8. Um, was that me? You had the missus & munchkin on board? I didn't see Mr plod anywhere...
  9. Yep, the tool is required for the centre cap which covers the nuts on the 15" wheels. The socket is this one: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/8mm-Square-Oi ... OU:AU:3160
  10. Sorry - I've not had them do basic servicing as I can do the majority myself. I have used them for the more complex stuff such as water pump replacement, air con regas, drive shaft boot replacement, etc.
  11. As suggested, Manta Automotive at Richmond (Mile End) are very good, but tend to charge a lot. I have returned to Main North Renault. Prices there are pretty reasonable (for a dealer) and actually cheaper than Manta (for the same work to be done). They have a number of enthusiasts - from Dame in the showroom (forum member) to Barry who turns the spanners who is super knowledgeable, and is always helpful - it's hard to fault them. However, DON'T go to Unley . Enough said. (PS - MNR will also help you find parts, and even let you BYO I gather - so imported parts for the win. Speak to Todd in their spares department - he was very helpful for me getting my part numbers, pricing, etc recently).
  12. Hey, I'm also in Adelaide, and drive my '03 172 to work every day. Do around 50km per day. Regular maintenance is the key. The engines are strong if well kept, however other items will wear out just as much as on any other car. Rubbers on a car of that age/mileage will probably be up for replacement. Think Engine mounts, suspension bushes. Suspension may also need to be done as the shocks might be worn out. Also, the rear wheel bearings are known to be a weak point on these - but that is a pretty minor issue. Probably the biggest ($ value wise) issue likely to come up is the clutch. If it has already been done then you should be right, but at 200k, it will be nearing the end of its life. Fairly big (time consuming) job - which is where the cost is - parts aren't too expensive. However, if you are willing to do some of your own maintenance, or keep a service budget, that will be handy. What you save on low purchase price you can spend on keeping it running. Oh - and running costs - I use around 8L/100km fuel (95/98 RON) going across town (NE to Airport). 15" tyres are around $120-135ea, so pretty affordable.
  13. Nice. I need to do my headlights too. What tools did you use??
  14. Looking good. You need to join us on the next drive day
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