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  2. Bought a Renault

    There's the new GT which has an RS badge, the Clio IV RS, and the Megane II all have 4 doors. Good choice though!
  3. Bought a Renault

    Serious? I musnt have been looking hard enough I'm at Blue haven up the northern end of Coast, and when I say bought myself I mean bought for my wife, but she hasn't really driven it yet, I've been to busy "testing" it out. I drive an amarok so playing in something that handles is so much fun
  4. Bought a Renault

    Welcome! There are four door R.S.s. Whereabouts are you on the Coast?
  5. Bought a Renault

    Hey there, Thought I'd introduce myself, names Scotty from Central Coast nsw, just bought myself a 2015 Megane gt line as a run around. Would of loved an RS but the 4 doors are more functional with a toddler! Thought I'd join up see if anyone is doing anything with these, first off I'll be changing the wheels, not a huge fan of the stock alloys
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  8. Banner selection / source

    Hey OzRSers, Simple query - Trying to work out how the forum is selecting and displaying the top banner these days - and how to find where it came from? Thanks
  9. Finally Did It! New R.s 275

    How/where does it attach ? In the Clio iii I added some eye bolts but can't see where to do something similar in the meg.
  10. Finally Did It! New R.s 275

    Cricks might be getting a lot of orders for cargo nets on Monday. Thanks for posting.
  11. Bought my first Renault! Sport 225

    ^^ twins
  12. Finally Did It! New R.s 275

    Picture of invoice gents. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Finally Did It! New R.s 275

    My 172 has a cargo net and it's really good (most surprisingly). My son just bought an RB8 Megane and I was thinking a net might make a nice present for him.
  14. Finally Did It! New R.s 275

    +1 if you can please get a part number for the cargo net [emoji4] It was very useful when I had the 182 back in the day. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  15. Bought my first Renault! Sport 225

    Nice, great colour!
  16. Bought my first Renault! Sport 225

  17. Bought my first Renault! Sport 225

    Wow that looks good for a 2004 car.
  18. Bought my first Renault! Sport 225

    Nice entry into RS, beautiful
  19. Bought my first Renault! Sport 225

    Great colour and nice wheels. Welcome.
  20. Bought my first Renault! Sport 225

    Welcome... looks great!
  21. Finally Did It! New R.s 275

    Got it from the Renault dealer, was $100. I can probably get the part number from the box? It came with like 5 sets of attachments to fix Mk2 Meg’s and Clio’s. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Bought my first Renault! Sport 225

    Hi all, finally fessed up and bought a 2004 Renault sport 225. New to this scene and keen to attend some meet ups next year with some Brisbane owners!
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  24. Becoming a Trader

    Definitely get them on board, awesome products.
  25. Becoming a Trader

    Thank you!
  26. Becoming a Trader

    That's awesome, CGR make some magnificent looking exhausts and aftermarket parts for Renault's!
  27. Becoming a Trader

    Hey there. Thanks for getting in touch. I’ll flag your interest with the admin team and we will get back to you soon.
  28. Becoming a Trader

    Hi there, I've sent a message via the "contact us" button a few times but I don't think I've had a response. I'm Rachel from CGR Automotive and we're interested in becoming a trader on the forum. Could an admin message me to let me know how we'd go about this please? We seem to be taking a lot of orders from Australia at the moment so it'd be a good place to be able to answer questions and advertise products. Thanks! CGR Automotive https://www.cgrautomotive.co.uk/
  29. 2013 Megane Air-Con Problem

    It’s a bugger of a job so no ones probably willing to get visual access to the vent controls to check they’re working. When you start the car do you get any weird whirring or clacking noises from under the dash? Likewise when you change A/C settings, Problem will either be mechanical relating to the movement of shafts and flaps or in the control module. Only way to check is to strip out half the underside of the dash and see what moves and what doesn’t.
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