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  1. I can believe this. Plus if you happen to buy a LY Meg, it’s really hard to be incognito. And of course there is no “I’m sorry officer it wasn’t me. It was one of the other 6 white/silver/grey/black Golf/Polos immediately near me” defence... 🤔
  2. That is a pretty subjective question for sure as one person’s fun could be meh to another and great roads will be fun at any speed in a great car. That said, I found the Meg to be a very fine road driving compromise with substantial urge from low to mid range giving satisfaction at both above and below legal speeds. Plus the sublime handling means twisties are great fun at all speeds (and the more wicked you take the corners, the more wickedly exciting the fun). The turbo urge is a big part and the LSD another. Great balance and huge fun even at legal speeds, but also if you nudge above that. Restraint will help you keep your points - go full stick on the track.
  3. Quick mods, capture this moment - @speedfiend41 being the voice of reason... 😱 Back to the OP. The biggest differences between the cars are age and price between a 250 and a 275 (kinda obvious, because they span the gap of selling new from pre 2012 to 2017 ishh) That said, there are compelling reasons for a pre-facelift (250 or 265). Firstly, only the pre facelift has bi-xenon lighting options in some variants - typically the higher specced ones that also have the Recaros and some other fruity bits. The lights on the facelift ones are woeful. And I mean woeful... Secondly, being a bit older, if there is a good service history, a pre facelift 265 is a remarkable value proposition, with low km examples often selling for significantly below $20k. There is a higher km example 250 AGP on the forum here for a little above $10k. BTW, the 265 is a 250 until the Sport button is pushed, removing the auto-stop function and releasing the extra ponies. Many earlier versions will already have a tune or a piggy back device, all of which add greatly to the performance and driveability of the cars, which if looked after tend to be bullet proof. So it doesn't really matter 250 or 265, as a tune cures any minor difference between them. All except a very few blue Sport versions have the Cup chassis with perfohub and LSD. You need one of the LSD versions (luckily they almost certainly will be) unless you like wrestling with your steering as a sport. For my money, I'd pick an 8:08 pre fasce lift as a first choice (these have all the fruit except reversing camera) but include the bi-xenons, RS monitor, full leather Recaros and are a limited run of 100 Australia only vehicles that were made in pearl white or Liquid Yellow. Look awesome in each, but especially LY, which is pretty much the hero colour for the Meg 3. The 250 is not available in LY, but a canary yellow flat colour which, if you had bought just before LY came out, you would probably have already shot yourself by now, so maybe available in deceased estates...? Second choice would be an AGP, which had similar fruit to the 8:08 but was based on the 250 (I think). Also limited to 100 examples, and was available in black or white IIRC. Not sure if they were available in other colours. Third choice would be an RB8, which was the last of the line of the 265s and had ALL the fruit - leather Recaros, full RS Link 2 with reverse camera and RS Monitor, and come only in a really dark blue (virtually black if not in sunlight), but a well- kept example of this is a stunning car if you love washing cars. When clean, they look amazing!! Price no option, then go for a 275 Cup Premium. You will not get decent headlights (ever - in the facelift) and you will need to search aftermarket for bulbs if you prefer your lighting not provided by candles, but you will get potentially warranty remaining (many had 5 years), low km (depending on how often driven but generally lower cos newer), and they are remarkable value for a near new performance vehicle. Go for a Premium (they ALL have Cup suspension), which also has the panoramic (fixed) glass roof, as many hire companies ran the standard Cup models, and you maybe don't want an ex hire car as your pride and joy. Maybe you do, but I wouldn't. Oh and all the higher spec Megs have 19 inch rims. Some folks complain about ride harshness compared with the 18s on most lower specced ones. I never found this an issue, and loved the "connected to the tarmac" feeling you get from the 19s and the Meg steering. Oh, and good rubber is a must. Michelin PS4S highly recommended, but so are lots of others at better price points. Don't get Chinese crap brands, though, and you will be rewarded with an amazing handling car. I hope that helps, but any Meg is a wicked piece of road going yeehah, and you are almost certain to donate some points and funds to the State coffers in one. Don't say you weren't warned!! Failing that, you could follow the various voices of reason, and get a Clio 3 (197 or 200 as suggested by others) which is like a Meg, but at a much lower speed (in most instances). Sorry Clio fans, but having had both, that was my take on it. Having the Meg first spoiled my Clio experience. Oh and you sit on a Clio compared to zipping a Meg up around you. Depends what you like there... To the OP, I hope that helps, and if you get a chance to drive a Meg, take it through some of your favourite twisty roads, don't back off, pick a line, hang on and smile... They are remarkable things to drive. Good luck with your search. Oh and if I have offended anyone (or maybe everyone...) here, tongue was intended to be in cheek, but with some serious points for the young lad to consider with his Meg purchase.
  4. No152

    Unlikely Choice?

    Hey @RedFrog welcome to the forum, congrats on the new Rat Shit and a great intro post. You will definitely fit in around here. Like some others here, i managed to bypass the RWD Alfa thing - partly because they seemed to rust away faster than I could save up for them, and partly because watching mates with them suffer financial and emotional pain I thought better them than me... I recently bought a 147 for my daughter to learn on and so she can say for ever more her first car was an Alfa. Cruel, I know... I loved the rationale upon which the Meg arrived, so enjoy. I look forward to more posts from you! 👍
  5. No152

    New to forum

    I can vouch for this... 😳
  6. No152

    clio rs200 sport mk4

    Yep, the RS18 is what he would have meant. The RS16 was the teaser Unicorn, Clio with the f4RT running gear... Magically appeared for a little while and then we were told we couldn't have one... To the OP, if the intended use is a daily driver with occasional track days, the Clio IV is a great compromise. Some on here have modded them significantly and reports are good as to handling all that.
  7. What are you saying? It's straight out of the Naughty But Nice catalogue... 😝 Agreed the car looks to be well cared for. The 200 with the Recaros (listed as a 197) could be hard to go past as well. a lot of value in that spec.
  8. Apologies to the OP I accidentally posted in the other similar thread to this one.
  9. Compared to the little robotic Luigi changing gears in the Selespeed in the Alfa, the EDC will feel like a Ferrari in the gear changing department... 👍🤣
  10. Like others have said, they are a well-sorted and feature-packed small car that has few peers in the price point they can be had for. And they are almost without doubt the best looking small car in the hot hatch fleet. At the age you are looking, there are two variants and two trim levels. Variants are the Sport and Cup, distinguished by the Cup's black wheels and red brakes where the Sport has silver for both of these. Cup suspension is a little lower and firmer than Sport and it has 18 inch wheels instead of the 17's. Trim level are the base model and the Trophy (which later became the Cup Premium). This version has the leather seats with seat warmers, climate control and a better R Link system in the infotainment plus a number of minor other changes. The Cup Trophy is the pick (in my view) and is a terrific place to sit and has all the sportiness that you will need in a small family-friendly hatch. You will not pay much more for the full-fruit version, so go for that. Liquid Yellow is the hero colour and is amazing in the shape of these great little cars. Achilles heel in them are the EDC which can have transmission ECU issues, so check it isn't doing anything that seems odd when you drive, and especially has no shuddering or warning lights on the dash appearing anywhere. Make sure the battery is in good condition because the EDC controllers are electrically operated and a failing battery can make it seem like EDC issues, and if there is a gearbox issue, it cannot be diagnosed properly without a very good condition battery. The other issue, which is a much lesser problem, is the turbo inlet pipe which is a strange two-piece design that fails without warning when it goes. Nothing catastrophic, but you will be limping along with no power when it happens back to your dealer where the replacement part is circa $700 to fix. Aftermarket options exist, but doesn't help you much if the car is undriveable until you source a new one. Overall, they are a very fun and economical car toy drive and have an exhaust growl that is up there with the best out of the box. I'm not sure what Trophy 220's are going for, but one of them is a notch up again, with little improvements everywhere in the drivetrain (more punch, quicker gear changes and slightly more sporty suspension again), and more is always more, right? Enjoy shopping, welcome to the forum, and we look forward to seeing you posting about your new ride soon!
  11. Best of the Mk 4 Clios in the best paint colour ever! Enjoy... 😁
  12. No152

    Probable new owner

    If you thinking the 208 GTI perhaps check out an Edition Définitive- lots more kit in them including LSD over the normal 208 GTI and no more weight. Lower and wider (by a bit) and more mid range in the tune. Clio is good but if you hanker for a manual, you are fresh out of luck. Gearbox it’s achilles heel for sure.
  13. No152

    Probable new owner

    I had a 2005 Mini JCW and it was a cracking drive for its time. We also had until very recently a 2014 Clio Cup Trophy. I have to agree with @rob 240 in his eloquent assessment. The Clio is more modern in pretty much every respect (if that’s what you are seeking). Is your Mini manual or auto? If it’s manual, the EDC gearbox in the Clio May take some getting used to as it has its own quirks. Lots of info on the forum about that. Ride wise, my Mini was a bone rattler. Clio Cup chassis is stiff but not as harsh as the Mini was especially before the run flats were binned
  14. No152

    Delivery kilometer

    If it was a demo it would have a record of the registration of the vehicle by the dealer in the papers for the car. If you are the first owner in the papers (normally pasted in the front of the ownership/warranty book) then not a demo. It is possible they may have allowed someone to drive it on dealer plates between when it arrived and when you took delivery (i have been to dealers that allow this) which may explain a few extra kms. But not a demo car as such probably.
  15. And Ohlins suspension I hear. Both would be great additions to the Sport LE
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