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  1. They're a lot of car for the money and with a few dollars spent on a remap, they're close to a lighter, FWD, Golf R wagon.
  2. T4 has a timing chain, not belt.
  3. The GME T4 2ltr is solid. Forged crank, forged i-beam rods, lightweight alu pistons in a cast alu head and block. The ZF8 is solid too. The build quality of the new Alfas are a far cry from soviet metal from the 70s-80s. Reality is, the Giulia is a modern, reliable and attractive car that can be used for commuting and the weekend fang alike.
  4. Does it have to be an auto? The Giulia Super is a gorgeous car. the Veloce is the sweet spot though. Looks 90% like a QV but without the 6 figure cost
  5. Alfa Giulietta QVs are super cheap and have only slightly been affected by the Covids. The later models with either manual or tct aren’t a bad car, just suffer from the perception of poor quality. The 1750 in the tct is a cracking motor as the is the manual one(manual is iron block vs alloy). Not as focused as the other options but a cheap all rounder
  6. Pokinacha

    What a car!

    Welcome and congrats on the wheels. There should be a standard OZRS 'stage 1' package but I think the first few mods that most do are: if you don't have an Akra, resonator/mid box chop. If you do have an Akra, don't cut it. Intake - gives choo choo noises Tyres - you've got the 18's so plenty of good cheap options. My favs(despite not currently driving an RS) are PS4/s Brakes - DBA disks and DS2500 pads or similar street compound RSTuner map or similar. Superchip Bluefin and others are suitable as well, however there is contention as to A/F ratios and tun
  7. Welcome! Great colour combo and looks in great condition. The res delete and intake just gives it that aural lift that is needed. Will reach out for some DBAs at some stage im sure. Unfortunately the current whip(AR Giulietta QV), doesn't have a lot of options for brakes or anything really Can i suggest finding yourself down the rabbit hole that is the 'off topic' area of the forum. Also the RenaultBoi thread is a classic and mandatory reading for new members.
  8. Pokinacha


    hgnnn 🤤🤤🤤 The AD is such a sexy car. I've always lusted after one
  9. Pokinacha

    JDM to RS265

    Don't you dare. That bait and switch was an abortion. An LS into an E30... honestly OP nice car mate. There are a few JDM fans lurking here. The change to the FDM (they probably call it the Fédération Française de l'Automobile) is a good'un.
  10. Oh mate spewing! Did the 308 get a dud write off number like most of Canberra?
  11. Looking at your pics with the dents on the creases, it should be a write-off. colleague of mine had her written off due to hail damage on creases with paint peeling.
  12. That was @Haakons Giulietta. I wasn't silly enough to leave mine in a place where the golf balls could hit it.
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