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  1. Pokinacha

    JDM to RS265

    Don't you dare. That bait and switch was an abortion. An LS into an E30... honestly OP nice car mate. There are a few JDM fans lurking here. The change to the FDM (they probably call it the Fédération Française de l'Automobile) is a good'un.
  2. Mk4 r32 with r36 and turbo if you’re going to be silly, may as well be bonkers
  3. If you want an unreliable, not-so dynamic hatch that sounds amazing but is also rare? 147GTA Get the manual. I was at Wakefield with my 156GTA many a year ago, and being chased by a Mk5 R32 DSG. Through the corners, the R32 Haldex did the business and the R32 was close by, but as soon as we hit the straight, it couldn't keep up. The GTA was bone stock too.
  4. #metoo I'm only seeing some unread content
  5. Oh mate spewing! Did the 308 get a dud write off number like most of Canberra?
  6. sigh. I miss my 156 GTA
  7. Looking at your pics with the dents on the creases, it should be a write-off. colleague of mine had her written off due to hail damage on creases with paint peeling.
  8. That was @Haakons Giulietta. I wasn't silly enough to leave mine in a place where the golf balls could hit it.
  9. That could cost anywhere between 3 and 5k depending on the bravery of your mechanic. The 166 is a gorgeous machine though. My Giulietta QV needs a time and then it might be suitable for the OZRS forum
  10. Welcome! Sadly I also have the Italian disease but even more sadly have never owned a rwd Alfa. Have owned a Busso tho, so a good middle ground. I hope your intro doesn't throw the mob offside. I think your sense of humour will fit in very well here. Lend your hand to the bushfire thread for a night of frivolity
  11. Welcome Jayden! Inspirational story mate! Pretty great first car too. Mine was a Volvo 240 but I certainly didn’t overcome the struggles you have so far in your young life. Look forward to seeing you enjoy your new Clio and maybe even best our own racers.
  12. This thread needs more pics also, welcome!
  13. Hey fella! Glad to see you joined. When I get back to Canberra we’ll have to have a catch up. Maybe we can invite @act180to crawl over his meg4. Ive not seen it yet and being currently unemployed, got plenty of time to faff about.
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