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  1. Thinking he is a ute driver. 😇😇 3 Doors and 3 kids would be a squeeze. Agree on the Megane 3, especially with Recaro's, there is plenty of room in the back, but its hard to access and rather cave like. My brother and I fit in my dads Cordia Turbo as a kids and my mum seemed to haul me and my two siblings around in various small cars in the 80's, Honda Civic, Ford Laser, BMW 320i etc. Both smaller than a modern Clio 4 RS. I think modern families are mad with their insistence that they need a massive car as soon as the have a child. There are two options, a Megane RS 5-Door
  2. I would say a 5-door is the best option. Unless both you and your wife are Pilates instructors. At 15k you could get a nice 07-09 225 Cup and save some money for maintenance... or a Quaife LSD and a new clutch/flywheel. But modifying cars does not add value and if you don't like the car and decide to sell it you will never get that money back. Best test drive one and see if you like it. Also test drive a mint Manual Golf GTI, Mk5 or Mk6 will do the trick, they are more upmarket than the Megane but will still have the same type maintenance costs. I would hazard a guess th
  3. I actually took the wife's Lexus IS the first trip because its an automatic and she isn't confident in a manual. We went down the east coast as far as Invercargill then took the west coast all the way back up to Nelson. Second trip was in the Jeep so we could do some more "scenic" stuff including a few trails. I enjoyed the trip in a car more TBH, a station wagon would be ideal as you could sleep in it if needed be to save some money and give you a chance to stay at some great locations. Where are you going to be based when you move? If you get stuck, feel free to hit me up f
  4. Here you go. Its called "Race Mode" apparently, I used it a lot on fast roads and track. This video shows how to engage it. Subtitles on if you cant understand French.
  5. Welcome. Great looking fun cars and yours is a fantastic spec with the leather seats! PS I found the trick with mine was to put in the most "sporty" mode, cant remember what it was called but I think you have to press and hold a button, this sharpens everything up including the aggression of the gear changes. The Launch control is also a bit of fun.
  6. Congrats Renault make it very hard to buy off them at the moment, its no different here in NZ. Enquired about the 2021 Captur last year, was given a bit of information but no conformation on delivery. Then I was given the price and specs and it just doesn't add up compared to other brands.. and they only offer a 3 year warranty here in NZ. The Auckland dealership has traded hands after failing twice in the time I have a Renault. Ended up with a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross VRX fully optioned, AWD and upto a 10 year warranty for less money than a Captur. Ironically Mitsubishi are se
  7. Thanks for the welcome (back) guys. NZ has some great roads, like Tasmania. We have some awesome un-sealed roads also with lots of camber. My wife and I have driven from top to bottom over the last 12 months or so, it has been great to explore New Zealand vs going over sea's where a holiday can sometimes be more economical. Haven't come across any more Mustangs thanks Dooook, the guy retired soon after that event thankfully.. After fitting the Mk3RS motor and cranking up the boost I can say I would have hit him a lot faster with that set up. Now that i'll be a noob on grav
  8. Hello, Graham here. Rejoined because I lost my old email address. Have had my (main bitch) Megane F1 since 2009 after purchasing it from a friends work mate who was going to trade it on a BMW, he was offered 16k for it at the time when they were still selling for high 20's. Plan was polish it up and flick it off but after a couple of weeks of driving it I feel in love and the rest is history. 12 years later I must have spent well over 100k on it in various states of tune or disrepair. It has spent most of its time with me as a competition car, mainly tarmac rally and a bit
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