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  1. Hey Mate, Just saw your post. I Previously owned a standard Red 197. It didn't have an exhaust but it did have a K-Tec intake that I installed. Not sure if it gives any true benefit but going off the old bum/butt dyno, the sound makes it feel faster. I sold the car for my current 182. A mate of mine (@Phillyphil) used to own a 200 Gordini as well. He has been on Barbs many times with the Clio. So if you want any tips i'm sure he'll be happy to help. His main thing is Motorkhana that is run by teccwa http://www.teccwa.com/khana, much more suited to the 197/200 characteristics. If you
  2. Power to weight ratio for the Megane 225, 165kw / 1326kg(tare weight) is 124.4kw/t. So you should be fine with that 130kw/t limit you have in QLD. Orrrrr......you move to WA and drive what ever car your heart desires. (this info was obtained from carsales, so if you need legitimate documents/paper work i'm not sure where to find these)
  3. PerthRS


    Welcome! Another Clio 1*2 owner in Perth is always a welcome site! Looking forward to what you get up to.
  4. A lot of people run DBA brakes for street use on many Renault models as an alternative to genuine Renault/Brembo rotors. Find here: https://dba.com.au/products/catalogue/online-catalogue/ RDA brakes may make rotors for the Megane as they do for the Clio. They don't have a catalogue that I can find. Website: http://www.rdabrakes.com.au/ Both are Australian brands so in most cases shipping is not required depending on where you buy it from.
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