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  1. SimMelb

    New toy.

    Enjoy. And what out for those kerbs especially blue stone ones. No.355 here. What suburb are you located in. Saw one in Mulgrave near the Pancake parlor there. Also a lot in Richmond, South Yarra area. I'm in Brighton. Also post your number in the RB8 car list post.
  2. Congrats put your number up in the Rb8 thread.
  3. SimMelb


    Enjoy and welcome to the RS world
  4. Get it looked at sooner rather than later.just so it soesnt become annoying
  5. Enjoy your new RS experience. Im sure youll wonder why you didnt get one sooner.
  6. I think at the moment we have to click on posters avatar and then send message through that.
  7. Dont let the Holdens beat you up. Welcome. The RS265 is a weapon.
  8. SimMelb

    Buying a rs265

    Trophy here was the premium spec here.Ours had the fixed glass moon roof. Leather recaro and auto seats I think.
  9. 95ron is fine, but works better on 98 or higher. Others can go on about the benefits. Dont worry about reliability. The car will be fine and its still under warranty anyway.
  10. SimMelb

    First Post

    No retrofit only full upgrade to a current model.
  11. SimMelb

    Buying a rs265

    Youll get spoed limits shown as you drive. No speed camera alerts unless paid service, but if car brought new yiu should get a 3mth trial if thr tomtom service. Theres still some RB8's available. Learher recaro, satnav, start stop, xenon directional headlights.
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