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  1. Welcome - I trust you will enjoy this forum and being part of the RSC family.
  2. In 2005 decided to trade our Honda S2000 (a flawed car - pity, great engine) for a RS Clio that I had read about. Went into the dealer, saw the car and bought it on the spot. Every time I drive it, even after 15 years, I am still impressed at how good it is - especially at Phillip Island !!!!!
  3. slick

    New Clio Owner

    Anything is possible.
  4. slick

    New Clio Owner

    All depends on who you ask, doesn't it ??? And really what does it matter - as long as each owner is happy and thinks well of their RenaultSport.
  5. slick

    New Clio Owner

    Not from the people I know.
  6. slick

    New Clio Owner

    Welcome Nik. Interested in your comment 'obviously you hear from everyone they are unreliable, they break down etc' - don't know who "everyone" is in your statement - you will find that most owners on the forum would strongly dipute that statement and offer an opposing opinion. As for tyres (the eternal question) the car has been designed and set up by RenaultSport to use a particular size tyre in concert with the suspension set-up, if you change the size you are likely to upset the cars balance and handling. Use the standard size tyre but get some quasi R specs, such as Yokohama AD0
  7. Welcome from a 182 owner - great cars. Plenty of info for you here on this forum.
  8. Twisty roads ???? NOT - take it Phillip Island and get serious !!!
  9. Could not agree more - the 182 is the best excitement machine this side of a Porsche GT3 !!!
  10. The RE71R are in another league compared to RE050 and S007A - RE71R are an improvement on AD08R's performance on the track (based on experience and testing at Sandown in a BMW M2). They may be relatively 'expensive' but (IMHO) worth every cent if you want the quickest tyre on the track . They make a very good road tyres too.
  11. Welcome to the forum. Best track/road tyres are Yokohama AD08R, Bridgestone RE71R and Hankook RS3/4. Semi-slicks are a little focused for every day use.
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