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  1. Totally agree - and do a high performance driving course. You will pick up more time by doing that than anything else!!
  2. slick

    Tunes and mods

    Or - you could do an advanced driving course and learn to drive it !!!
  3. Welcome to another 182. I have a 2005 Black Gold.
  4. Never heard of Borg and Beck brake pads and rotors - they are known for clutches and drivetrain stuff. A lot of people on this forum use DBA rotors and Ferrodo pads. Have you bedded the brakes in?????
  5. I would be steering away from the mechanics and not the European cars!! I think most on this forum would agree that our cars are reliable. I have owned a renaultSport Clio 182 for 14 years and it very reliable, economical and cheap to run - and great on the race track!!!
  6. slick

    Newbie 1st post

    Welcome - enjoy the car and the forum.
  7. Don't know why it was changed in the first place - nothing wrong with the previuos version. Now, with the wild colours I need my shades when I visit the site!!!😎
  8. slick

    New Clio 182 owner

    Just a thought - the limited edition (not for Oz) 182 trophy had a modified suspension with Sachs shockers and was lowered about 15mm over standard. It would be interesting to find out what RenaultSport did about adjusting roll centres - if anything. I know the Trophy had uprated hubs. You could try contacting Renault, although I doubt they would know anything about the Trophy, or you could try contacting the guys at Renotech in Sydney - who know lots about everything!! There is a roll centre correction kit available on the web from UK, I think. Involves changing hubs to Scenic ones and other additions in the kit.
  9. Interesting you are building an XJS race car - is it a replica of the Walkinsaw cars??
  10. slick

    New Clio 182 owner

    Go with what you know then would be my suggestion. We found the Konis great - no probs and reliable.
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