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  1. slick

    No compression

    Sounds "funny" to me - running OK one day, then no compression on all 4 cylinders the next !!!. Who was the mechanic?? How did he measure the compression?? I would be calling the guys from Renotech and getting the compression tested again.
  2. Very succinctly put !!! The classic failed (for end-users) information system, principally not designed with a business goal as a purpose, and no means of assessing the IT new system's success.
  3. The developers can update/change security without changing the GUI.
  4. In your opinion - but where is the improvement in functionality?? It would be really intersting, and a measure of transparency to hear from the web designers explaining why they have stuffed up something that previously worked and pleased most end-users. So - come you developers - tell us why you changed it !!!
  5. Exactly - why do developers always feel they have to change something that works and the end-users are happy with?? This new site is very ordinary !!!
  6. Not sure what you mean by 'uncomfortable stretch to them'. Europeans tend to put smaller section tyres on rims than Ozzy/Yanks do - primarily because European cars have suspensions that work !!!!
  7. For high performance road tyres - the Pirellis you have, Bridgestone RE003, Michelin PS4. For extreme high performance - Yokohama AD08R, Hankook RS3/4, Bridgestone RE71R. STay with the standard fitment size - RenaultSPort have done lots of miles testing and they have set the car up to run on 205s - changing size could be detrimental to handling.
  8. OK - then, apart from the driving courses, some really good tyres. All of the RS models (mine is a Clio 182) are really well set up and, if you know how to drive, very fast standard.
  9. Depends on what you want to do with the car - ? road ? track. The best thing any P plate driver can do though, is a defensive driving course followed by a high performance course.
  10. slick

    Inlet manifolds

    Portmatched and gasflowed usually done only on race engines - not much benefit for an otherwise standard road car. It take considerable time to do and hence is expensive.
  11. Totally agree - and do a high performance driving course. You will pick up more time by doing that than anything else!!
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