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  1. slick

    New to the club

    Welcome to our mob. Most of us go to good "specialist" RenaultSport mechanics - there are a few around Melbourne: Virage (Carl) in Sth Melbourne, one in Box Hill (? Auto Paris) and another one I think out Bayswater way. Also The Renno Workshop in Frankston, where I recently took our 182 for a belt/water pump change. And several of us DIY simple stuff, like oil changes etc
  2. The Megane RS is a high performance car - RS car are renowned for their handling. One can only achieve very good handling with a suspension that is "firm". Soft suspension does not compute with good handling. So - if you want a Megane RS for performance, you will have a firm suspension. You cannot have one without the other !!!! (unless you buy something like a BMW that has adjustable suspension and 'comfort' settings for the cardigan brigade.) And you would be well advised to keep the standard factory size tyres on it (and get the best tyres you can - no cheapies). RenaultSport has spent mil
  3. Shows what I know about RS200s!!! Thanks chuckovski for putting us right.
  4. Check the handbook for the recommended change interval - I know with my 182 it is 100K kms. I would be surprised if it needed to be changed any earlier.
  5. slick

    My first Renault

    Welcome to the forum - nice car. There are a number of us, myself included, who are down Frankston way and we are looking to use The Renno Workshop in Frankston. I am going to book my 182 in for cam belts, water pump etc after this stupid lockdown finishes. Maybe you could try them ??
  6. There is only 1 way to buy a car IMHO - with the heart. SO the Megane !!!😆
  7. Hopefully somewhere safe like a racetrack !!!
  8. Engine failure - what happened ???
  9. Welcome - I trust you will enjoy this forum and being part of the RSC family.
  10. In 2005 decided to trade our Honda S2000 (a flawed car - pity, great engine) for a RS Clio that I had read about. Went into the dealer, saw the car and bought it on the spot. Every time I drive it, even after 15 years, I am still impressed at how good it is - especially at Phillip Island !!!!!
  11. slick

    New Clio Owner

    Anything is possible.
  12. slick

    New Clio Owner

    All depends on who you ask, doesn't it ??? And really what does it matter - as long as each owner is happy and thinks well of their RenaultSport.
  13. slick

    New Clio Owner

    Not from the people I know.
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