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  1. lachlan8

    Unlikely Choice?

    Umm hi and welcome. Wasn't sure what to think after that challenging intro... If everyone here who considered a CTR could settle for its looks this would be another Honda forum (Oh ok a little extreme)
  2. lachlan8

    Must be yellow

    Oooo was this the one that was totally given away in NSW?
  3. lachlan8

    New member. RS 200

    Nice work mate ! Welcome
  4. Hard to think of a more stark contrast than a 98 land rover. Just do it (as others have said).
  5. lachlan8


    Superb. We demand pics!
  6. a testament to just how well these steer
  7. Ahh was wondering who bought this. Nice one!
  8. I'll vouch for all the above re good history. I got my 182 cheap but have spent 2.5k ish bringing it up to standard plus the faffing around really! But I will say 180km and she's strong as an ox as others have said.
  9. Ripper for sale in the sale section mate. In SA right now but that's nothing with a one way flight!
  10. Cheers ttimbo. Calling the service history patchy would be a compliment if that gives ya an idea...I've already assumed I'm going belts and whatever else constitutes a major service ! Could also use a new muffler at some point. Thanks also for the other thread links and will take a look!
  11. Well I collected her today. Confirmed a couple of things. Definitely a cup (yay) and secondly definitely a rear left wheel bearing (also yay). Otherwise had a nice run home and I see why you guys all like these little beasts! Not quite as clean as I thought unfortunately but not all bad, few chips here and there and couple small dings passenger side but otherwise lots of car for the money already hit the headlights with a restoration kit and certainly looking much better than they were!
  12. Thanks Moosey, appreciate the info. Will have a look when I go to pick it up in a few days as have told the vendor I'll take it! She's had a hard life so time for some pampering
  13. Thanks again Gambit! I guess that's one small win. I will know it's been done haha
  14. Cheers all, I'll come clean on price. It's $3.5k which h even with the km I think is pretty good for a 182 cup. Have priced the timing belt and bearing replacement at 1200 which seems ok and I guess had thought even if I spend 3k ok it given condition of body/interior should be ok. As always appreciate your inputs
  15. hi all, i thought no doubt you could assist here (perhaps i called myself an owner too soon...) the vendor of the car had an oil change and check completed by his mechanic per my request. The notes supplied say as follows: - rear exhaust muffler worn - RHR Park Globe N/W (no idea what this means haha) - minor water pump leak - engine has oil leak - possible power steer rack leak - suggest clean engine + rack and then recheck - rear wheel bearing noise -suspect possible clutch bearing noisy - needs further investigation - headlight lenses faded - the vendor also confirmed timing belt was done at 90k in 2011! so my current thoughts are most of this stuff, whilst fairly major, i suspected. This being the timing belt needs doing, bearings/discs need doing and muffler will eventually need doing. The items i'm mainly concerned about are the leaks. Can anyone offer some perspective here. Note: I can still walk away despite really wanting this car! thanks, Lachlan
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