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  1. Yep usually around $1500 as they do water pump and few other items at the same time. There was a recent thread on here specifically asking about the cost of timing belt replacement
  2. That's quite a range of cars. An 86 is cheap as chips to own.
  3. They're great cars and very reliable if proactively maintained. Belt per above is fairly expensive and every 4 years. Buy Jap/Korean if you want cheap (again per previous comment above). Edit - but hell I'd take an RS every day of the week over a VW for both reliability and driver enjoyment!
  4. Hey the QLD one! Congrats mate, beauty
  5. lachlan8


    First car? Clio 182 is best 😆
  6. I'm pretty sure the 2014 cup premium 265 came with the steeves, and it wasn't until the premium became the 275 that they came with speedlines Ah my bad! I actually keep forgetting there is a 265 cup premium. Very few out there! Cool car
  7. Sounds beaut mate, love that mode myself! Did he swap the speedline wheels off it or they come with it too?
  8. This has the be the Brisvegas one!?
  9. If I wait a bit longer it'll be in Melbourne and on route to my essential supermarket visit surely...
  10. lachlan8

    Unlikely Choice?

    Umm hi and welcome. Wasn't sure what to think after that challenging intro... If everyone here who considered a CTR could settle for its looks this would be another Honda forum (Oh ok a little extreme)
  11. lachlan8

    Must be yellow

    Oooo was this the one that was totally given away in NSW?
  12. lachlan8

    New member. RS 200

    Nice work mate ! Welcome
  13. Hard to think of a more stark contrast than a 98 land rover. Just do it (as others have said).
  14. lachlan8


    Superb. We demand pics!
  15. a testament to just how well these steer
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