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  1. beautiful Clio you have mate with an envious odometer! Love some team dynamics too
  2. Congrats mate, just saw this. Hopefully the new owner enjoys it longer than we did (including the owner between us)
  3. Just used CEVA in the last week. They were great to deal with and cheap. I did pick the cheapest transport option too mind you which was appropriate for the car in question
  4. @Lesault revisited your build thread and was reminded of the steering wheel. Pure porn. Think I better just pull the wheels from everything I have and ship em to SA.
  5. It's not even the right red door! Just a cheaply self sprayed silver door!
  6. I'm very much of the 'incremental improvement' school of thought. I first bought a 182, then when I saw one in my preferred colour sold the first one. Now I've done just that with a ph1. You can hang around and wait but generally they're all great fun and for some models (as mentioned above) it could be a very long wait! Renault's seem to have also become rather trendy with non Renault people which is both exciting and annoying.
  7. If you'd like to really talk the ears off a few knowledgeable guys I'm sure noone would be offended if you came along to the 2s on 2nd meet (refer events page). Just don't park down in the carpark! Haha
  8. Came here to say this. Just protect it. Heck clear ppf it if that's the sole purpose (and you need something more than ceramic). Say no to wrap kids!
  9. ah nice! was this the one with nice low km and leaves all over it sitting in a yard somewhere? Looked clean though and well priced. edit - finished reading and see it is black haha
  10. Yep screwed here too sadly. On Android
  11. don't bother mate, you won't beat your mate's golf r if that's the goal! call it 6 seconds and then go hit some twisties congrats again!
  12. lachlan8

    New member

    ah this was the nice QLD one for sale, looked a good buy! welcome
  13. Looks like a sticker to me. Is it?
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