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  1. ah nice! was this the one with nice low km and leaves all over it sitting in a yard somewhere? Looked clean though and well priced. edit - finished reading and see it is black haha
  2. Yep screwed here too sadly. On Android
  3. don't bother mate, you won't beat your mate's golf r if that's the goal! call it 6 seconds and then go hit some twisties congrats again!
  4. lachlan8

    New member

    ah this was the nice QLD one for sale, looked a good buy! welcome
  5. Looks like a sticker to me. Is it?
  6. ah this was the one for sale way up North VIC right. nice
  7. Ahaha agree with all of this!
  8. And here I thought woosh meant me! Haha (mine was sold though)
  9. Awww another thing I don't have! Thankfully I have the engine bay one and interior light one..
  10. Door sill trim? What's this meant to look like Dave?
  11. the big qn here! did we lose one haha
  12. This needs no work at all! Haha. Great buy Ariel and enjoy. As someone who just purchased one in much worse shape I'm envious, what a beauty Nice to have a kiwi cousin here (half my family out your way).
  13. Trying to give the Clio 4 guys a chance before the 2s brigade pile in...(me included)
  14. Yep usually around $1500 as they do water pump and few other items at the same time. There was a recent thread on here specifically asking about the cost of timing belt replacement
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