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  1. Reckon once you've driven both you'll realise there is only one correct choice
  2. From what I can see it's really on suspension, exhaust and a tune. You may be hard pressed to find a car with all your read and no mods and at the lower end of the price spectrum. I'm being selfish really though, I want you to buy it to remove the temptation for everyone else here...ok me...
  3. Here too in case we need an eleventeenth report
  4. Always learning, weird it has the wheels which would be rather rare (unless just painted).
  5. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/renault-megane-2012/SSE-AD-7313824 This is surely an 808 just not listed as one. He's also curbed all the wheels so hard I'm surprised there is any red left and unfortunately vinyl wrapped the roof.
  6. The dealer jacked the price right...they've worked it out. They still have the same car $2k cheaper on Facebook though.
  7. My two favs, the guys above covered it all but just wanted to say good luck deciding!
  8. Hot off the press here. Nice low km, worth a look.
  9. Nice purchase mate. More pics etc when ya get it
  10. Haha yeah the black one, we've all seen it and talked about it. The price on it looks very sharp! I see it's now sold so congrats if you! Otherwise bad luck
  11. beautiful Clio you have mate with an envious odometer! Love some team dynamics too
  12. Congrats mate, just saw this. Hopefully the new owner enjoys it longer than we did (including the owner between us)
  13. Just used CEVA in the last week. They were great to deal with and cheap. I did pick the cheapest transport option too mind you which was appropriate for the car in question
  14. @Lesault revisited your build thread and was reminded of the steering wheel. Pure porn. Think I better just pull the wheels from everything I have and ship em to SA.
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